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  1. Nugget puzzle

    Sometimes the line of gold shedding down the slop can be very narrow, or non existent on steeper slopes. Im in the CA motherload, and many creeks just dont have a source you can identify. The enrichment on the local veins/seams was probably only precipitated on the surface of the vein and then it was washed down by massive water action leaving no trace.
  2. They have a small coil. Its called a SD2300 Unfortunately thats what you got to do if you want a small coil. Makes good business sense for Minelab, as they have you buying 2 detectors. So I kinda doubt they will ever release a small coil for the 7k
  3. Very Cool story Rob! What a joy it would be detecting in there!
  4. Sounds like this mine: http://www.northbayresources.com/ruby/nuggets.gif
  5. what are you missing gpz

    The bum deal with owning a 7000, when out prospecting, is being stuck with only the big coil. I used to just toss an extra small coil in the backpack when using the GPX, but now I have to bring another whole detector to get that small coil. At least the 2300 folds up nicely in the pack.
  6. what are you missing gpz

    I agree, if you can run in Normal ground setting, that is where you will see the nice depth increases on targets. Difficult setting runs a quiet threshhold, but clips your depth punch for sure.
  7. GPZ 7000 down loads?

    I have an idea the update is targeted to some specific ground types more associated to the Australian gold fields. I could be wrong though
  8. What to do???

    Why would you talk to usfs and fish and wildlife for a trespassing issue?
  9. Hey Matt, I thought that wd40 can felt a bit heavy, last time I was in your garage. haha Joking
  10. Some Odd numbered sections = Newmont land, they dont seem to mind detecting. Even sections = claims, they may not like you detecting Have fun!
  11. Its because California is just awesome. Dont question it Fred. It just is what it is Seriously though I would say its the provenance of the nuggets that make em more valued here.
  12. Gone with the wind. Finally sold! Golf ball still available