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  1. I would have made a lightbox and done a complete photo shoot for hours..haha Come on Rob wheres the glamour
  2. Dibs on the dry
  3. Holy smokes thats huge!!! Wow ....breathtaking nugget
  4. Finally a good day!

    Nice batch of gold!! You got that Z figured out and dialed perfectly from the looks of it. Congrats!!
  5. 16 to 1 wash

    Looks like great times had by all, thanks for sharing. Off roading alone looks like a blast plus gold, oh man you guys got it good!!
  6. Thanks and a great New Year to you all!! Here's to more gold in 18 than 17.
  7. Gotta love getting the sound of a deep one!!
  8. Here's some holiday nugs.

    Oh my thats nice, someone's enjoying digging the good color!! I see some interesting shapes, shark tooth
  9. Eye candy is right!!! Nice!! Congrats to the finder. Truly inspirational.
  10. Huntin the Yeller

    Beautiful rough stuff Wishing you more nuggets in the patch!!
  11. Really good day

    Good bunch of nuggets, very nice heavy day!!
  12. Bedrock nugget 3-1/2 gram

    Way to listen to your detector!! Super nice looking nugget
  13. Super nice bunch of gold!! I see someone spends a lot of time detecting, well done.
  14. Finally some meat

    Thanks, 1/4 oz nugget is good motivation for me to keep hunting. Nothing new yet.... Wishing you all much success on your detecting!!