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  1. Bedrock nugget 3-1/2 gram

    Way to listen to your detector!! Super nice looking nugget
  2. Super nice bunch of gold!! I see someone spends a lot of time detecting, well done.
  3. Finally some meat

    Thanks, 1/4 oz nugget is good motivation for me to keep hunting. Nothing new yet.... Wishing you all much success on your detecting!!
  4. Finally some meat

    Really liking the two detectors, now I am having trouble deciding which one to take No detecting today here in smokey CA, sooo smokey.
  5. Finally some meat

    Thanks Was quite surreal to see the big nugget pop out of the dirt clod. Old timers were shoveling too fast and missed this one. I sure like the wireless and light weight aspects of the Deus.
  6. Monster gold!

    Looks like a great time, love the pics of the wash, so different than what I work here in CA. Sure looks like the Monster is extra extra sensitive, nice gold!
  7. Just recently picked up a XP Deus from Rob and all I can say is wow, I love it!! Thanks Rob for the screaming deal and great service you always provide. Lovely 7 gram nugget on the 1st trip out with my new XP Deus. Was a super great day out with my original gangster nugget buddy who put me on my 1st nugget ever. Seemed only appropriate he was there for this first nugget as well. Hope you all have some fantastic nugget adventures and big gold to you!!
  8. 3 grams

    Great looking score!!
  9. super fast service

    Rob keeps me going , everything from power cables to better after market coils to sniff out the elusive gold nuggets better. Great service and pricing!!
  10. Fun hunt

    Looks like gum , not so
  11. Fun hunt

    Thanks Always fun getting out into the remote places where only the sounds of the woods live!! The gold just adds to the fun and keeps me motivated to keep hunting.
  12. Fun hunt

    Hello all, I always enjoy reading about the adventures and seeing all the great gold pictures. A fellow prospector invited me out to his claim to detect with him for a day. Perfect day to be out seeking the gold and the gold did come. Great day socializing over nuggets in a deep canyon in NorCal!! We banged on the chisels and hammered some gold out of the bedrock. Two Minelab detectors at work a GPZ and GPX5000 Great day out and hopefully more great days to come. Wishing you all much success getting those coils over some nice gold, happy hunting.
  13. Big Cali Nugget Found

    Smells funny to me too!! Hotel owner holds the gold, found prior to holiday weekend and the creek is all claimed or private minus about 100ft at a bridge. Sounds like someones plan to turn 25k in au and try an sell for 75k.??
  14. Commander 11" Mono

    With the new coil configurations is there going to be a small super sensitive, maneuverable, light weight coil, like the Sadie?
  15. Fridays hunt

    Great gold, must have been quite the rush!! Thanks for the pic and description of the hunt. I hope you missed a for next time