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  1. Looks like gum , not so chewy..lol
  2. Thanks Always fun getting out into the remote places where only the sounds of the woods live!! The gold just adds to the fun and keeps me motivated to keep hunting.
  3. Hello all, I always enjoy reading about the adventures and seeing all the great gold pictures. A fellow prospector invited me out to his claim to detect with him for a day. Perfect day to be out seeking the gold and the gold did come. Great day socializing over nuggets in a deep canyon in NorCal!! We banged on the chisels and hammered some gold out of the bedrock. Two Minelab detectors at work a GPZ and GPX5000 Great day out and hopefully more great days to come. Wishing you all much success getting those coils over some nice gold, happy hunting.
  4. Smells funny to me too!! Hotel owner holds the gold, found prior to holiday weekend and the creek is all claimed or private minus about 100ft at a bridge. Sounds like someones plan to turn 25k in au and try an sell for 75k.??
  5. With the new coil configurations is there going to be a small super sensitive, maneuverable, light weight coil, like the Sadie?
  6. Great gold, must have been quite the rush!! Thanks for the pic and description of the hunt. I hope you missed a bunch..lol for next time
  7. We need some kind of re-stocking system or at least throw the small ones back to get big..lol
  8. Just happy I got something good to share. Who knows when the next big one will be..lol Thanks for looking.
  9. That's a good one SanDomingoJim, unfortunately I had to gather the gold bugs, they don't seem attracted to my spinach. Thanks for all the great comments!!
  10. Thanks for the tips on settings. I will play around with them as soon as I get my GPX fixed. Sent Minelab an email about my power plug stripping out and coming loose from the control box. Hopefully a warranty issue, as it must have vibrated loose after all the left right, left right swinging of the unit. Have any of you gone through similar issues with warranty and minelab? Happy hunting, more au than iron to you all!!
  11. Thanks Tom, I know the feeling about digging loud ones and being beat up from too much swinging and digging. Hello AZNuggetBob, I returned after my 9-5 yesterday, dug a bunch of louder targets= nails and wires and brass. I did manage a point 9 gram bit in sensitive extra, next to a few other dig spots. Always feels good to walk away with some shine. Low and slow was the trick to the point 9 piece for sure!! Question to all, Working a known patch in fine gold mode with a GPX5000 and a mono 14 elite coil, what other timings have you found useful and is there other settings you play with after working in your regular settings? I have tried switching my audio tone from dull to sharp sounding to give myself a different tune. I do this as I get used to the same sound and my ear becomes less sensitive after hearing the same sound for hours. Thanks for all the great replies, hope you all have a golden day!!
  12. Great gold guys! After hearing about idler arm hill I was waiting for burro wash story..lol Always enjoy reading about your father son adventure, so cool your dad enjoys your hobby, or visa versa!! Many more to come I am sure, you guys have a knack for the gold.
  13. Mine was a horse for sure. Oxen shoes start off looking like a half a shoe, sort of.
  14. Thanks, yes I think a hanger soldered on is a good idea. Makes me think about some of the loud targets that don't get dug. Had a screaming target after this nugget came out, was half a horse shoe. I came home with the horse shoe and told my wife, this was supposed to be a nugget..lol
  15. Was out last week doing some detecting and managed a 2/3rds ounce nugget. Dug it out of about 10" of red clay with a mono elite 14" coiltek and GPX5000. Really surprised me to see a big nugget as my previous ones were all a lot smaller..lol Big nuggets to you all!! This gold fever is no joke, gotta go dig some more...