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  1. Mike, My sincere sympathies to you on the Gout issue. Excruciating pain and inability to walk when a flareup occurs, as you probably know. I've had it for 20 years and fortunately, allopurinol is a relatively inexpensive, and effective control regimen. Cherry juice or supplements (Swanson's 2 for 1 sale on Tart Cherry supplements), also work well by preventing your protein intake from converting to the Uric acid that creates the dagger like crystals that cause the debilitating pain in the joints. I appreciate the feedback about the boots and your observations regarding the fit. I prefer a 4 E size when using a Gel insert, but can usually get by with a 3 E so I will take it under advisement and see if I can try on a pair before I buy. Thanks, Mac
  2. Hey FlakMagnet, I'm glad that Rob posted the article so it can be preserved in the records of the forum as an inspiration to anyone that might have self doubts, or question the possibilities that are open to the modern day electronic gold prospector. At first glance, it might appear to be a story about a lucky nugget hunter who just went out and happened to make a great find. But the back story, as related in the older posts of this forum and the numerous magazine articles, stories and personal testimonies relating to T-Bone's nugget hunting success, reveals, as you suggested, total dedication and commitment. And he perfected his craft, not only through the use of a VLF metal detector, but because of his willingness to actually mine the overburden when necessary. Pick, shovel and rake. In the finest tradition of the old school Arizona nugget hunters. Mac
  3. Jim: That is interesting . . .and I'm sure you would know what he used. The reason I referred to the V-Sat is, I am sitting here looking at a White's ad in the Feb 1996 issue of ICMJ page 17, which shows T-Bone posing with the nugget and holding a White's detector. The caption below his photo reads, "Terry "T-Bone" Bone shows off the 27 1/2 oz nugget he found in Nevada with the White's Goldmaster V/sat." Now you got me thinking . . .Did you know Tom Iveson who lived in Imlay? He was a friend of Dick B. and passed on a few years ago, but way back in the day he was a Black Rock Desert Cowboy out of Gerlach. I hunted gold a few times with Tom, Dick and some of the folks thereabouts and greatly enjoyed their company and good stories. Tom told me that when White's "awarded" T-Bone a new detector after finding the big nugget, Tom bought or traded for T-Bone's old one, the one he found the nugget with. So I am wondering, if maybe the White's ad just happened to "accidently" promote the v/sat since it was the newest, "hot" model or what the explanation might be. I thought maybe you had gotten wind of what happened to the detector that T-Bone found the nugget with, because it seems there ought to be a Nugget Hunter's Hall of Fame and Museum, and that detector should be in there. BMc
  4. Jim, Just to keep the thread going and . . . speaking of T-Bone, do you happen to know what became of his Goldmaster V-Sat that he used to find the famous 27 1/2 oz. nugget with? Bill McLaughlin