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  1. Ok...Jennifers comment deserved a biiiggg LIKE...but the dang like button aint working! Sooo, God bless ya girl!
  2. What is it

    I dont know, but that is cool as hell.
  3. Rye Patch Gold

    Nice job Brian!
  4. Plumas County

    Thats some beautiful area Brian. I bet Jerry C could point ya to some good area. Have fun man!
  5. Show me your Pick

    Damn nice Ivan. I know where my next pick will come from.
  6. sadie coil ?

    Right on, thanks Brian.
  7. See ya then Ray! Btw a buddy of mine named Tom , just moved up your way...he joined uour local club, and mentioned you are extremely helpful to him.
  8. Saturdays hunt

    Dam! Great job on the nugs dude!