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  1. Todd Hoffman's new Gold Show

    Well tonight was the first time to turn Gold Rush off and watch something else. When Todd made that bet with Parker on something he didn’t have showed he didn’t have too much going for him. That show that will start up with Parker that’s another I won’t be watching. Maybe the people who makes theses shows think it’s great to make them more on the line of a soap. We could come up with a new name but I’m at a loss to come up with one . I like to see Bering Sea Gold come back if they could drop the soap. I don’t care if this old man married a girl that could be his daughter. Then they show him stealing gold from his sons. They show him doing that on TV like his sons won’t find out. I had a guy that went with me on some trips I made dredging but he wanted to play cards. I wasn’t on a pleasure trip. I came to find gold and if you didn’t come to do that then it’s best you stay home, That was the last Of him. This is my opinion and only mine alone. Chuck
  2. Hey Jen I just put myself up for adoption so the money you have will just cover the cost . The good side I’m house broke. This is the best deal you’ve had so far.haha Hope you find what you want and the price you want too. Chuck
  3. Rob Thanks so much for the great service I always get from you. FlakMagnet I’m going camping on my front door until that Equinox I’ve been waiting for gets here. I’ve cancelled going to the gun show with three friends this weekend to have time with my new toy. Chuck
  4. Gold Seeker What Cabela will do post them when they have something to sell. So you have to keep looking until they post again . They don’t take any pre-orders but been selling off and on for over two weeks. Chuck
  5. If your name is Cabela you don’t have to wait in line to get your order of Equinox’s. The dealers that’s going to be there after the sale is having to wait for their order in a very long line . Guys like Rob is just one of many dealers is wanting to get your Equinox to you. Sorry their name is not Cabela. Chuck PS With Rob you got a name.
  6. Minelab has posted that it will be another shipment going out this coming Monday the 19th of February. It will be interesting to see how many Equinox’s the dealers receive this time. I think the last shipment went from a few to none for some dealers. I’ve been wrong before but I just don’t remember when but I don’t think Minelab knew it would ever be such a great demand for this detector the Equinox. Now every dealer is over run with orders that it will take a while for Minelab to over come the demand that is before them. Chuck
  7. Hey Rob Thanks for keeping us posted. I know you and a lot of other dealers have a long line of people waiting for their Equinox but good things come to he who waits. Just think of the guy building your detector right now. He’s saying &&@):’ . I can’t give you the true translation but in short it’s Americans I’m working as fast as I can. What I’m about to tell you is true. I have a friend in another state that calls be and tells me to come and dig up some silver. Got that ? Now this silver just us two only know where it’s at. Then tells me he wants me go buy that 7000 I been wanting. I tell him I can’t do that but I’ll dig it up for him to buy it. He ask why not and I said I can’t take advantage of a friend . like I said this is true . Chuck
  8. Rob Thanks for the update . That question on the number just came automatic but covering all the Minelab dealers across the U S adds up to a large number. Maybe not here but over on Steve H. forum it’s one hot subject this new detector from Minelab called the Equinox. It’s been talk about coils for the Equinox but Minelab has yet to post a price on anything other than the detector. Chuck
  9. Nobody is saying a word about how many Equinox they receiving but it’s known some are on the way to the buyer. This will be the first round of Equinox and as time goes by we’ll see lots more until things get back to normal. Nothing will be normal until all who has been waiting in that long line gets their detector, I’m just one of many in said line and I’m here to that day my name comes up. Chuck
  10. Rob's Detector Sales Arizona Outing

    way2cool I know what is the problem with Rob. The first thing he got in a bad habit of eating and wanting a roof over his head. He wants the same for that beautiful wife and daughter that makes up his family. We all know it takes a lot of money to keep a family going. So with both working it makes little time for each other and let’s not forget that Daughter. Now you tell me would you want to spend the weekend with a bunch of hairy leg guys or him with that beautiful wife and daughter of his ? Chuck PS Maybe next year
  11. Hey Rob Gerry in Idaho said his first shipment of Equinoxs should get to him by Tuesday of next week but he didn’t say the number he’ll receive. Chuck
  12. Hi Rob Has Minelab said a number you can expect to receive in the first shipment? I’d say this one will ever be the highest in demand that Minelab has ever had in a detector. Chuck
  13. goldfind Oh yes big time on Steve H . Forum. He started a Equinox fan club just for it. This is the major place to hear all about the Equinox. Steve was one of the testers for Minelab on the Equinox. Chuck
  14. Modded 4500 review

    Way2cool Thanks for the quick replay. I can see depending on the cost and what one can afford if you would want to go that route. I’ve heard on here if a mod made it equal to the Minelab above it. I say I just want to make it better than it was. If I wanted it to out do the next then by not buy it. This way I’m not paying for the mod, shipping and taking the chance of it getting lost are damage in the mail. I’m sure Rob will be more than happy to sell us a up grade to the one we have now plus a nice long warranty. Don’t forget that great field training that goes with it. That’s one thing I have yet to take advantage of. Chuck
  15. Modded 4500 review

    When you ship your detector for a mod do you have to send the whole unit ? I have yet to find anything free in this world, So can you are do you wish to say your cost for the mod you had done ? I was wondering too if by doing this if it’s still in warranty does that void it ? Thanks! Chuck