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  1. Rob I've got to stop reading this great price on a 7000 just because of a damage box. The reason is because I keep salivating all over my key board . I too would love to have it but it's just a little more than I can afford. Minelab You need to step in and offer the 15 % discount plus don't forget another 5 % for the damage box. On a deal like this I'd tell Rob the check I sent him for the Equinox 800 just put it on the 7000. This is what you call wishful thinking. I think I need to rug that Lamp I found just a little more. Great buy for someone but not for me today. I need that Equinox because tomorrow is the day I find that treasure. Chuck
  2. I can't help myself when I start thinking. A 1000.00 off then add a military discount of 15 % if Minelab will let you have it. With both they almost paying you to take it. I wonder if they give a discount for old goats? Chuck
  3. I wouldn't care if the box was trashed as long the detector isn't harm. But it starts me thinking how much would it sold for if the box was trashed. Well either way it's a great deal for anyone. For me if I never use it that would be okay. The pleasure of owning one would be enough for me. A friend said this about a gun he may buy. Chuck
  4. Rob I know first hand you do anything possible with in your power to help a customer. That is the main reason I come back to you when I want to buy another detector. I'm thinking now about the new detector that Minelab I hope will hit the market soon called Equinox. When I do buy it will be here that I put my money down for Equinox. I been doing that now for years and I see no reason to stop now. Thanks Rob! Chuck
  5. Some may say Chuck you just trying to get something for nothing. Oh that is far from the truth ! I'm just wanting to up the sales of Minelab in any form I can. I got this bridge for sale with bird poo or without. This is just another great deal and maybe Minelab will come out with a great offer too. Chuck PS Too late the bridge sold.
  6. Rob have I got a deal for you and Minelab. I order a Equinox 800 and the 35 new Minelab pin pointer with all ship free. I was going to say that the 35 would come in a package with a Equinox 800 free and a 15 with the 600 free. I like the ring of what I said last the best. This is just to give you and Minelab something to think about before the Equinox hits the market. Like I always told my kids and that's it don't hurt to ask being the most I can say is no. Chuck PS You know I'm good at asking Minelab in the past.
  7. Hi Lou Do you have any warranty left on your 5000 and have you always had the cover on it? Chuck
  8. Hey Chris I think you done a great job and I'm looking forward to the next one. Chuck
  9. Gold Monsters heading to new homes!

    Rob I had look later and found where you have to go on line but I thank you anyway. I know you sent it right away but the trouble comes from what you don't have control over. When I need something else I will be knocking at your door. I too will let you know how well I like my GM 1000. Hope to be in gold country by the end of the month. I've got different weight nuggets to test my GM 1000 ahead of time. Chuck
  10. Gold Monsters heading to new homes!

    Well I got home and all is right in the world of Chuck. My Gold Monster 1000 was here and the box looked good on the outside. When I open the Minelab box I could see the wait was worth it. I put the battery supply on charge and then put the GM 1000 together. I found that the stand fit me best at about half way on the end shaft. I checked the GM against other detector I have and found they all fall in about the same. The only trouble with this is I have half of a shaft that I don't need plus it's in the way.. One thing I didn't find a warranty card. I guess what I need to know should I had one? Chuck
  11. Gold Monsters heading to new homes!

    Well I looked later and FedEx had changed the delivery date from 6-13-27 back too today I called my wife to see if they came but just got home. Lucky they didn't come yet. She text me a short time later and my GM 1000 had come. FedEx oh oh boy before I couldn't spell it and now I R one. Chuck
  12. Gold Monsters heading to new homes!

    Now they being FedEx show delivery date of 6-13-17 I didn't ask them to change it but I guess this is my punishment for not being happy with their service Chuck
  13. Gold Monsters heading to new homes!

    You have a great dealer like Rob and when he gets your detector in he ships it. The trouble starts when he hands over your detector to a shipping company. He gave mine to FedEx and from day one they show delivery date 6-09-17. I had a place I needed to go then but change the day to Saturday to leave town. I sit here all day long because I needed to sign for . Oh they were still saying it would be delivered by the end of the day. When it came to the end of the day I call to hear it won't come until tomorrow. I go back on line and now they say they don't have a delivery date plus at 6:55 PM it was in Fort Worth Texas. I guess one day whenever that is I'll get it. If it does come tomorrow my wife may be here. Right now being FedEx don't show a date then how am I to know. Chuck
  14. Mother's Day find

    That is a great paper weight you found. it was good you found a nugget that will hold down all the paper needed to be held down. Even if it didn't I don't think I would throw it away. The best to you on the next time you're out hunting paper weights. Just maybe luck will come your way and you could find some gold too. Chuck
  15. It's said Things Come to He Who Wait. Well I've been waiting on the Gold Monster 1000 from day one more or less from the first I heard about it. About 8:15 Texas time I got that call I've been waiting on from Rob's detectors sales. It was the man himself telling me he had a lot of Gold Monster 1000 will be going out tomorrow and what makes me happy is one has my name on it You who is buying a Gold Monster 1000 from Rob if you will please keep track of the smallest nugget found. At a later date I'll give away a pick I made for the smallest nugget found. This pick has never been used but I can assure you if you win it you will be happy with it. I'll start this contest maybe by the end of July if not later. I just want to give people time to get out and find gold with the GM Just remember the Monster has to come from Rob and the nugget has to be the smallest. So keep track of what you find. On your word will be enough of the size of nugget you found. You will have to know the weight not a ball park guess.Haha Chuck PS I'll ship free to lower 48.