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  1. First one was found at Rich Hill, about cross the road from cemetery. Close to where Oreo nugget was found. A couple of years ago, I donated it to PLP for their auction. They thought better to ebay it; was sick how cheap they gave it away for. Was a beautiful piece!
  2. Merry Christmas to you and you're also!
  3. Hope the phone is still nearby when we need you! ;-)
  4. Doc, Trip next week to Q and then to LSD will be first trip of season. Wearing an Arizona hard ankle brace. Going to have to wear at night for those trips up and down the ladder which sucks. If brace doesn't effect hunting during the day, I'm gonna look for a TH w/ a low bed.You going to make Billies get together?
  5. Tortuga, quality of life doesn't have to be that expensive, just need to know it's and your limitations. Don't know your age or health. I'm 66 have some issues with hip, knees, ankle and foot. Have a 16' FunRunner TH. Ankle and foot have been the lastest issue. TH I have, you climb a ladder into bed. Headed for Q in a couple of weeks, may not work climbing up and down ladder at night with brace. and if not, I'll be looking for TH with low front bed. Something to think about. I am not gonna sleep on the ground again. Showers are nice, cold beer and ice are nice, I like my TV. I have Dish for cowboy shows and Nascar. 225 watt solar panel on roof would eliminate any need for generator except for Late night TV. Might be available, if I need the low bed.
  6. You're just starting! Much worse than a fishing boat! Buy a good truck, buy a Toy hauler. Then need a bigger truck. Then want a sidexside or bigger quad, so you need a bigger toyhauler. Have fun sir! can't take it with you!
  7. If'n he gets $70k for that specimen w/ quartz, I ought to get $40K for my 12+ oz'r! Just say'n
  8. Haven't been attacked yet, but think close, had them flying around. Always always, before shutting quad off, point out so to be ready to go. Just a suggestion
  9. Another point to consider; bought a 12" EVO last spring and haven't been able to use it yet. First results won't prove anything particular. After 5-6 nuggets, I'll go back to NF 14E mono and let you'all know. ;-)
  10. Rob, not yet. He's constantly doing mods to his mods. Saw a Utube last week with him out in the field. When I get it, I can play in yard, but first real test will be at Q, Sept or more probable October. Will let all know. I'm hungry!
  11. 2013 Honda Foreman for sale- 500cc. Setup for prospecting 2500# winch, storage box, Minelab metal detector box, front Cabalas rack w/ Kolpin rifle clamps. Price includes 2- 9’ folding aluminum ramps. Has 740+ miles on it. Serviced twice with Synthetic oil. Valves were adjusted last fall. In excellent shape, plastics have some scuff marks. $6000. Want a dog and gonna get a side x side.
  12. Tommy, I'll be there with bells on my toes! (rubber). I am so ready for Q again. Some cooler weather, some gold (haven't seen any new in several months) and some old friends.
  13. Slim, just my opinion but I think the 4500 is a better machine. I've found some pretty small pieces with mine, but prefer the larger ones ;-)
  14. Just sent my 4500 off to Woody for his latest mods. Can’t afford the 7K, didn’t like the 2300, so here we go. When Minelab ‘couldn’t fix’ my detector some 6-7 years ago, Woody did and made it a lot quieter. Have read every report and think this is the best way to go. Have a brand new EVO 12”. Sincerely hope I can find something the Ol’ Marine missed, this fall. Will see you this fall, stay cool and safe!