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  1. 99% of the fault occurs where the wire enters the ear cup, this is caused by improper slack in the wire when folding the phones or folding them back wards and crimping the wires. Tug the wires out from the headband to create more slack and be careful how you fold them up.
  2. All those on the wait list and in the current queue are invited to our Rye Patch Nevada, outing Sept 25, 26, and the 27th. Bit of a lag in processing the app's, as our treasure had the cheek to take a two week vacation to Fiji! contact wspapres@gmail.com
  3. UPDATE, Ill keep sending out app, but its likely the few spots are taken and this will be reserving your spot in the wait list Que.. Matt, Only members that left in good standing do not require a membership vote of acceptance.
  4. These will be gone by tomorrow! Im a bit overwhelmed with the interest and will stay at it to answer all inquires.
  5. We have a few Western States Prospecting Association openings available. PM me with your email address and Ill send you information and an application. Were a limited membership capped at 100 paid members. Dues are a family membership for $135 a year, seniors pay $100 after the first year. The claims are proven to hold detectable gold with locations in 3 western states CA, NV and AZ. Like big gold? This one came from one of our NorCal claims!
  6. Nice coil, perfect for tight ground! https://youtu.be/m2SBiXL-Id0 https://youtu.be/tfKAuGw-6V0
  7. Yes, The Gold fields program and a custom (in the next slot) that shares opposite settings. No iron discrimination on program 10 with 0 reactivity and just enough ground notch to quiet it down. Then program 11 with full (5) discrimination, reactivity @ 3. What nice is its ability to customize the coin/ relic modes to suite hunting small conductors. It's deadly on cut hammies in the iron choked medieval sites. This translates to success for coins and nuggets in our "modern" sites.
  8. I don't pay attention to VDI numbers, as much as the tones. What Im pushing XP to do is expand the GB, a corse and fine adjustment and quick access to the x y screen. Its ability to "notch" hot rocks is a huge step in working hot ground. Sorry for the late reply. Out in the field swinging.
  9. It's my secret weapon for the iron littered gold patches that other detectorists walk away from.
  10. Accurate ground balance is the key. As it's a near silent search when properly GB'ed. My unit came with the 9", but have and like the bigger coils. In gold fields mode try reactivity @ 3, iron discrimination @ 5 and sensitivity at 85% Moderate fast coil speed. You can put the big coil on and whip it patch hunting.
  11. Impossible to beat the recovery speed of the XP DUES in the trash! With its unique ability to notch hot rocks its my go to detector for gold nugget discrimination. Ive got the CTX and have tried other top names.
  12. nvchris

    Info on Rye Patch?

    Several of the Newmont RP sections are under lease.