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  1. Remember the big quake up in "Gay Bay"? They brought in a private company and told them there was a big bonus the quicker they "got 'er done". Well, they "got 'er done" in quick time. It's amazing what money will do when there's a problem.
  2. paratrooper

    Killer Bees

    Bob, if that was the folks in Valle Vista east of Kingman one of them died from a heart attack probably caused from the trauma of hundreds of bee stings.
  3. paratrooper

    Killer Bees

    I have heard things about the Africans. It seems that they are more defensive than offensive. If you are making any kind of noise near the hive they rush to force you away. I have heard that if you can get 1/4 mile away they stop chasing you. I would have to think that if you find yourself in this predicament drop your pick next to your coil with the sound as high as you can get. I would have to think that they would amuse themselves with the detector until they find it no threat and move on. I wouldn't guarantee this but if I were in that situation I would think that it's worth a shot.
  4. paratrooper


    Thanks for the heads up TROOP!
  5. paratrooper

    Medal of Honor - Please Help!

    Grubstake is right on. There are those that try to BS people after securing one in one way or the other. The biggest mistake they make is not realizing that there is not just ONE MOH. There are actually several and if their story is bogus the Medal might just prove their BS. There is a square field of blue covered with white stars. There is the Star itself. In between them is the symbol indicating the branch in which the winner served. I've seen people get busted over this. They deserve to be shamed for LIFE!!!!
  6. paratrooper

    gpx 4500 went swimming

    It is my understanding that if you dunk it in fresh water it will come back after it dries out COMPLETELY. If you drop it in salt water .......... NOT good.
  7. paratrooper

    Big changes at GPAA

    The GPAA and the LDMA was bought by Tom's stepson.
  8. Never put your hand or foot where your eyes have NOT been first!
  9. I got the same letter. It talks about a "disruption of service" (or some such verbage). First of all we have a written CONTRACT!!! Not to mention that in the years I was paying for my membership they never ONCE asked me for anything EXCEPT money. The way I feel now if they wanted to refund my money I would anxiously await the check and sever ties with them. Not for the act but for the arrogance displayed. As for the club being run different by the Buzzard you are RIGHT ON!!! Remember when he passed? Miss Wilma still ruled the roost in a good and solid way. When she passed the club went all to Tom and new faces started showing up with wierd ideas. Kinda like a graduating class from some third rate business school. It would seem that all the bozos that didn't get hired by obama signed on with the GPAA.
  10. Whenever I can I take my buddy MD'ing. He is a retired lawyer. Snakes never to bother us. He said it was professional courtesy.
  11. paratrooper


    There is a short jingle going through my head as I read this. "Three Hour Tour".
  12. paratrooper

    Aussie Bush Humor

    3 blondes walk into a building. DAMN, you would think that ONE of them would have seen it.