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  1. FlakMagnet

    Lode claim & nuggets??

    mmmm you are not looking in the right area. Try Last Chance Canyon if it's not all claimed up. I have literally found hundreds of flakes and small nuggets on the slopes. Best of luck.
  2. FlakMagnet

    MinLab Equinox Firmware Update

    I've done it. It's easy.
  3. The Equinox is the first detector besides PI's that I have owned in over 30 years. It is really fun. I hear the 3030 is a great detector and he seems to like them too, he often brings in his experience with them even in the Equinox book. I have hundreds of hours now with the Equinox 800 and feel as though I have a pretty good idea of what I am doing - but I also really like that there is always something more to learn. I have only used it on the beach and in a park, can't wait to see how it does in the gold areas. Best to you Rob.
  4. I have the book, it's helpful. Like the Equinox instructions, it needs to be read more than once. Clive knows what he's talking about.
  5. Auburn certainly puts you on the bullseye for gold but it is also surprisingly hot in the summer and pretty crowded, the road systems have not kept up with the growth. I look forward to hearing of your decision. Best of luck with it.
  6. FlakMagnet

    Rye Patch ?

    I think the bedrock is something like shale on edge. Whatever it is, it is sharp and always wins in a battle with bad or cheap tires - especially if speed is a part of the equation. Luckily it is so beautiful out there it isn't hard to slow down (just a touch), and enjoy the view. Also, if it's warm it's probably super dusty and sometimes there are potholes that are entirely filled with facepowder-like dirt that isn't visible until you hit it.
  7. Don't continue the "break down" Rob, you sell HipStick's don't you? There is a reason many of us use it. Best...
  8. FlakMagnet

    Equinox Coming In January 2018

    Hi Mark, I hope you know a lot of dealers give a 15% discount to military people. Best wishes.
  9. Yeah Chuck I completely understand. I had to laugh at myself as I waited for the delivery of mine. It got here late yesterday and now in hindsight, it came right on time. I wish you well with yours I am sure you will have fun. Best...
  10. I don't think people need you to do anything more than you are comfortably able to do. Up til now, it's been just fine.
  11. Finally! Chuck is doing a happy dance - we all know it, right?
  12. FlakMagnet

    Prayers Needed - Off Topic

    We're with you, your dad and your family Rob.
  13. FlakMagnet

    Prayers Needed - Off Topic

    We are with you and your dad, Rob. Please keep us in the loop as you are able. Anything we can do to help would be a privilege.
  14. Nobody, most especially Rob, owes anyone here anything. He's always been out front about being a detector dealer. If someone chooses to post a pic or a video - great. If people feel like talking about what they are doing - great We all miss the earlier days of 'how it used to be,' but it's pretty clear that's not the way it is now, and there are reasons for it that are clear too. It doesn't do a lot for getting back to those good old days to get after the guy who is running a site for free along side his day job and having a family. And, there really are lots of very smart folks here who can tell right away, or figure out pretty quick where things were found down to a few feet. And I'm not interested in a pissing match either but why would anyone who is out there finding things on their own feel they have any obligation to talk about it in the face of an aggressive and rude post like that? What kind of communal feeling does that engender? Yeah yeah I missed your point - which you expected to happen. But if you expected it to happen why did you put it that way?