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  1. Thanks Adam, it's kind of amazing to watch the jump to bad assumptions with little or no information.
  2. Respect for claims is kind of the square one of our hobby. Even if one does not know or fully understand claim law, doing what is right is something we all understand.
  3. Thank you Cobill for posting this. One of the least known aspects of metal detecting is the most important; Taking responsibility to understand boundary lines, claimed property and what your obligations are when working around claimed ground. It's part of the responsibility we all have to each other to understand these laws and rules regarding mining claims. Land Matters is a great place to begin.
  4. Thank you for taking the time to post this wonderful story. When good detector operators consistently come up with gold, it seems like "of course, you get a metal detector and go out and find gold." However, as most of us know, it is not that way at all. It takes a big commitment of time given to learning the detector, to learning how to do real research and most of all, time and patience for learning yourself. One of the hidden aspects of success is attitude. It's something you either have or you don't. It seems pretty clear T-Bone had that quality front and center. Anyway thank you again.
  5. Really nicely done Rob. Your video has a healthy and warm tone and makes it easy to understand our love of the hunt. Thank you for posting.
  6. Prayers and support going out to Sandtrap, one of the really sweet people in the So. Cal. region. Jerry if you read this, there are lots of us pulling for you. Hurry up and get better, the mountains and deserts are missing you.
  7. Obviously you have never seen how quickly a bear can move…

    Very fun to read about. Thanks for posting…
  9. Can Someone Please Help

    I read your initial post, and read Mikes comment back to you then I read the impatience and rudeness of your reply to him and it told me right away why your questions on other forums were not answered.
  10. Have a great one Slim.
  11. Roger Dyer

    Keeping Roger in our prayers. He is a good one.
  12. Pardon my slow-uptake Clay, I realized clicking on the map brought up the coordinates as soon as I finished my post. It a very good idea and well done. Thanks for taking the time.
  13. it worked on Safari for me. It was a touch slow and a little blurry. Is there a way your can have the gps coord's show under the mouse? That would help a lot for understanding where one is. Nice effort, thank you.
  14. what are you missing gpz

    I like the idea of a piece of ferrite taped on the shaft just below the handle to neutralize the collected static on the shaft. Good one Whitebutler.