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  1. This is an old post, but interesting... jim straight
  2. Rob... just a thought. Check out 15A Micrometeorites on pg 106 and also 8A : The Old and New on pg 96 (appendix A more on and aaaa meteorites) in ADVANCED...
  3. Rob and All... Tomorrow is Easter... A great time for the little kids looking for the ever elusive Easter Bunny and his cache of colorful eggs... A day of reflection and going to Church for others and to briefly "touch the hand of our Lord Jesus." ... It is also just another working for others. It is also day of extended family gatherings... Thankfully we still have the freedom of choices. Tailgate Jim Straight
  4. Hey Guys... (Hey Ray... jim straight here). I have been going to the 'Knob' since about 1957, first with an old style hand-crafted bellows drywasher. The eluvial gold is spotty and likely by now all of the obvious areas are well cleaned up.... But during the Great-depression years the Knob yielded pretty good gold by drywashing. Then beginning with the development of gold-specific "VLF-type during the 1970s by metal detecting. Gosh, since I once worked as a forman-controlman at the Eagle-Picher diatomaceous earth plant during the late 1950's-early 1960's, I have been still going there for many years; but "father time" has finally caught up with me and now my trips to the 'Knob' will just be one of my memories... Much of the bedrock is about a foot below the surface and if'n your detector can "make the trip' and you are in one of the goldbearing channels, you will find yourself in a pay-streak. My Best Wishes... tailgate
  5. Rob... Here I be... O'l jim straight. 'Dawn' is doing a great job... We are both so lucky to have (past tense for me as my love has gone; but I still have 60yrs of memories as she died in my arms). She was only 79 as she was a freshman at UN Reno) and it was my senior year. Nearly 4years older then she... Then off we go, Kernnecott Copper McGill where due to a rapid employment turn over I moved up through the ranks from the crusher to the flotation floor and as a fast learner I floated copper and also 'molly' and even operated the lime plant... so each day was a new adventure for me. Then to Ft. Belvoir to complete my ROTC commission and then to Ft Leonard Wood Mo as a platoon leader (Combat Engineer) 6th Armored Division. Due to a shortage of officers I moved up fast... Company Ex. officer... then still as a 2/lt I was now a company commander.. To summarize: From August 1955 to January 1962, Gloria gave her heart in putting up with my constant moving from one 'job' to another.... Now with 4- young children... stability as I was now employed at Kaiser Steel (Fontana) and a roll-shop foreman... rotating shift work.... Thus Gloria was able to continue her schooling and in September 1967 she was employed by the Fontana Dept. Education as classroom teacher. Now 33 and a mother of four children, all going to school... But for me, 'mywanderlust' continues...But a 84, Father Time is now trying to catch me... But no rocking chair wanted... No thank you. I will solder-on with my boots on the ground as Straight's Publishing Company since 1982.. Rob and Dawnie I now have finished the July 2013 update. I will send You, Bill and Chris a copy each... The typos fixed, the illiustrations and photos are much better... more later jim
  6. Doc... Question Please... if'n I had either the iphone or android the Paper Artest would be available atomatically?
  7. Rob ol' friend. You look great. I'm just now sorta getting my 'sealegs' under me and I have been thinking about all you have done for me over the many years. Jim
  8. hey everyone... I will get better!!! I will be walking again... Keep positive. jim (ps...smoky named me tailgate...) more later. (dutch john a mountain north of Pioche where as a youngster I spent much of my early years in a depression day primitive mining camp in the early 1930's.)... jim
  9. Wow... what an great post... New information and thoughts... I thought I would add a bit more... First Steve H. has used the GB-2 from the beginning and really is great with it, so listen to what he sez.. Before the GB-2 hit the hills it was bashed by experts... it was panned, due to its advertised frequency, about 71 kHz... {Hey the experts love to bash machines and others will join in with an echo (the Fisher Gold Strike and Garrett Stinger, both good detectors... in the hands of seasoned gold prospector... are just two of the many detectors that have been bashed"}, However Ol' Jim L. had faith in Dave J., and full speed away Fisher went. The early bashers were soon embarassed and with their tail between their legs skulked away, There is absolutely no detector that can equal finding the bits of goid that has been lost in easy to kick down and to re-work both header and tailing drywashers tailings (an the overburden piles too). Especially the piles that have small bits of placer that has not free'd from a sliver of quartz or still in a clay particle or even a chunk of caliche or another hardpan. Today as I write this there is a group of seaoned fulltimers out detecting old considered worked out and now abandoned or forgotten small epithermal placers, mostly electum. They are finding the bits of shallow electrum (with the GB-2) which quickly add up into a nice poke and and even finding a larger chunk of vein and small pods that has been overlooked. Where?... the Great Basin and Range. Also the Mojave and much of British Columbia and some of Arizona and other metallogenietic areas in the Cordilleran of North America. Hey... books and articles have been written about epithermal hardrock precious metal deposits and associated placers... Many of them are now being drilled and found to be a Carlin-Type at depth... But again... it could be said that the full-timers with the knowledge and permission of large companies are the pathfinders. Most are still using the GB-Pro and the small 3x6 inch coil.... Ol' tailgate
  10. dutch john

    RIP Barbara Eileen Fant

    Terrible news... My thoughts and prayers are with Bill, his family and especially Mikayla...
  11. Well a most happy update to my last post!!!!!!... The update is posted in Valley's newsletter soI feel to summarize this most happy news... To summarize; Both Steves got together. The $298 chex was canceled and and the Steve who originally bought the ticket... with his name on the back of the ticket.. now has the prize... And both Steves are "happy campers" and now good friends to boot...
  12. Dawnie... Happy Birthday ... They get better... and faster too... as time goes by. Make sure Rob takes you out for an evening to remember the rest of your life. You will find as you grow older memories such as this become become sweeter; that I know for sure... Jim
  13. Gosh Bill Mc... Terry was still using the Goldmaster 2 when I met him at the truckstop. This was after he found the nugget. As I best remember the v/sat was later. ???? Dakota slim and "congress... man" .... I first met Dick Bailey while he was a tireman at the truckstop. We became friends and I hunted with him several times. Before he passed away he could be reached by contacting Dusi at the Star Point Trading Post...150 Hwy 400 Imlay NV. 89418... ph 775- 586-7677. Dusti still sells Fisher detectors and other "general store" supplies.
  14. dutch john

    I'm Back up on the internet

    Gary 'ol buddy... I have been sorta in contact with you through Jerry. Thus I knew that Dorthy tumors were non-cancer.....Prayers do work.... Also I now wish you a belated 64th birthday. jim