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  1. Tom I have been, finally. Greaterville was a amazing, about 60 degrees out. I'll be back again next week I think too.
  2. Tortuga

    Mine shafts

    Damn and any one of those first responders could be hurt or killed trying to get to that guy.
  3. That's a smoker! Beautiful gold. And you proved this year there's always some left. Sometimes WAY bigger.
  4. This ones better with the pics. South of Phoenix?
  5. Gold or trash your videos always fire me up for the winter detecting season. I gotta get back out there!
  6. Hey where did Border Boy come from? It's been awhile!
  7. Well jeez Rob, once you compared the two specimens I knew right away where the big one came from 😄 It's awesome to see the exposed gold in the smaller piece. Shows you exactly where nuggets come from. Weather out of veins and continue eroding away until they're dust.
  8. Dang makes me not wanna sell my GPZ. No takers yet, it's still for sale. Too bad I could use the cash. Just so damn hard for me to find good areas to hunt. Would have to get back into it hard and spend a lot of time hunting for new areas that I just don't seem to have anymore. Maybe when I'm old and retired 😀
  9. Sounds like some good times. Cool you got the kids into detecting.
  10. Up for sale is a Minelab GPZ 7000 gold detector. Comes complete with all the factory accessories and packaging. Nothing was tossed out. Includes manual, iron ferrite ring, Pro-Swing 45 harness, WM 12 wireless module, bungee, headphones etc. Detector is used but was never abused. Always operated with a control box cover to save on wear and tear on the housing. Owned by experienced detectorist. 100% perfect working order. ALSO includes Miner John black heavy duty coil cover and Minelab hat. Originally purchased from Rob's Detectors and the factory warranty is still transferrable to the second owner. NOW $6,000.00 SHIPPED Paypal, cash or money orders accepted. NO TRADES. Detector is located in Tucson, AZ.
  11. Tortuga

    Todd Hoffman's new Gold Show

    Blind leading the blind...? Real gold is the $$ from the commercials.
  12. Tortuga

    Prayers Needed - Off Topic

    Glad to hear he’s doing better. That’s a really scary thing to go through. Hopefully he gets stronger and stronger and makes a good recovery soon.
  13. That'd be a lot of photos!