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  1. That’s a nice specimen there.
  2. Birthday Nugget

    Nice job Bob and happy birthday. Hopefully we can get some detecting done next month. I’ve had a really busy schedule lately.
  3. Finally some meat

    That's a pretty looking nugget for sure, nearly 1/4 oz.
  4. Nice boulder, pretty awesome!
  5. Make sure you line it up right before you snap it on because its a tight fit! There was also a little issue with some of the early coil covers because the logo sticker inside was made of foil. If yours has one of those little stickers make sure to peel it off so it doesn't set your detector off. Also if you need to remove the coil cover to clean out dirt or anything use a couple butter knives to start prying it off and kinda work your way around the cover to pop it off. Like I said it's tight. When I sent my first GPZ back to Minelab for a warranty replacement I forgot to pop my Doc's coil cover off. They couldn't get it off so they sent me my new GPZ and they old coil back with the cover still on it! Got about $100 for the old coil on eBay that someone in Arizona bought from me. No clue what they wanted to do with it, maybe take it apart and try to make a GPX/Z hybrid?
  6. I'm gonna finally get around to upgrading today. Hopefully in a couple weeks the weather will improve a little and I can get out and detect. I'm not really interested in adding anymore filters as it is so I'll probably not mess with the "Locate Patch" option as most of the ground where I hunt isn't that hot anyways. The Semi-Auto ground balancing sounds interesting tho. I always ground balance if I'm in a new area with the Quik-Track button and iron ferrite ring but apparently it's just an option if you're running in Auto ground balance like I've always done. Apparently the GPZ will just balance on it's own after 10-15 seconds of turning on. I heard it stabilizes even better after about 30 minutes of detecting. With the Semi-Auto setting balancing with the Quik-Track button and the ferrite ring is necessary according to Minicab's instructions. Always learning new things about this machine. Seems simple at first but you can get pretty deep in some of the settings if you choose.
  7. These are a must have in Arizona if you own a GPZ, the stock covers are made of soft Tupperware plastic
  8. Damn those are some nice ones! Get out there Rob and show them how it's done!
  9. A buddy of mine got into HAM radio the hard way about 10 years back when his Toyota broke down on the backside of Mt. Lemmon and he had no cellphone service. He was stuck back there about three days I guess. Since then he got his HAM license and has his truck rigged up with a radio and he carries a small handheld one when we go hiking. The range is pretty amazing, we chatted with his brother once on his HAM radio when we were hiking in the Patagonia Mtns and his brother was rock climbing on Mt. Lemmon! We also talk to his dad when we camp too. His dad has one at his house so he'll be talking to us in his recliner at home and we'll be sitting by the campfire somewhere out in the desert it's pretty cool.
  10. That sounds like some good advice. Really sweet looking gold too ??
  11. Summer Gold

    Nice going Bob. North gulches or the southern ones?
  12. Gold on the Bedrock - Video

    Wow thats incredible. I imagine a lot of creeks back in the old days here used to look like that.