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  1. One price drop just to save me the grief of eBay:) $2,400.00 cash in person.
  2. Well I started off my prospecting hobby both detecting and dry washing. Turns out I am much more successful at dry washing so I decided to list the detector for sale. I picked this up new from Rob along with the camo cover and headset adapter. Since I used this with my own headphones, the original headset is brand new still in plastic. Since the detector has always had the cover on it, its in great shape other than the typical scuffing of the replaceable coil cover and knuckle. Also comes with box and all paperwork. I believe I picked this up around March/April of this year. I prefer in person cash sale price of $2,600.00. Please let me know if you have any questions. Oh, almost forgot that I have an extra set of batteries and the charger that rob provides.

    staying hydrated

    I usually keep a damp hanky around my neck. May have to check out the endura.

    staying hydrated

    Like the ice idea, going to have to try that one.
  5. enjoying the high deserts of Arizona i am always looking for the best way to keep myself hydrated. I noticed when I just carry a water bottles, canteen or even a bladder, I am not drinking enough. Especially when I get back to camp/car and the bottles are still 3/4 full. Just to busy walking, detecting, digging and looking around. I noticed the Geigerrig pressurized bladders a few years ago at a Costco weekend event. Did not pay much attention because the last thing I wanted was more controls to get to my water. They recently came out with a nano tube for their system that allows you to control the water down to a drip (think I.V. line). So I started poking around ebay and found a good deal on the tactical 700 model pack with 2 liter bladder. I was drawn to this size because I just wanted enough to hold water, first aid, snacks, bandana, hat, gloves...well you know.....detecting stuff for a half day in the field. I have now used this setup on a few trips and it has helped keep me hydrated. This last trip the bag was only 1/4 full when I got back to my car. The trick of it is using the nano tube on a slow drip. I just keep the tube in my mouth while I am detecting so I am getting a steady supply of water as I go. Also does wonders for cotton mouth. you can get a nice stream out of the tube if you need to wash a cut, or preferably, clean off a nice piece of gold:) The pack has held up surprisingly well. I originally assumed it was just a company afterthought to promote the bladders, but some decent thought went into the design of the bag. good padding on the rear with nice air circulation channels. two compartments for stuff along with molle webbing along the front. Shoulder straps work well and they give you various places for the tube to come out of. They also offer in-line filter options if you choose to refill from water sources in the field. Happy hunting to all you hard core prospectors that are out in this heat!

    Payson, AZ

    Lots of interesting info, thank you.

    Payson, AZ

    The ranger had to dig up the info and print it out for me. I'll see if I can post pics of the docs. She did seem hesitant to help me, but the receptionist (older lady) was very helpful and even told me of the rose Quartz area that people visit. And yes this rose quartz area has a claim.
  8. I spend a bit of time in Payson camping/fishing and noticed that there are actually a few claims in the area. I decided to swing by the Rangers Office to ask about metal detecting and was surprised to find out that it is allowed on National Forest (at least this one). Anyone every do any detecting in the Payson area? I have been run out by the heat from my usual spot and am looking for some cooler climates to detect.

    Maps to lynx creek campout

    Thank you for the maps. Really going to try and make it out. I am ashamed to say the sdc has been collecting dust as I've been busy dry washing before it gets to hot. Noticed the site is in a claim. I take it we are ok to be in the area detecting? Is this due to the withdraw rules?
  10. I enjoy the outdoors, I enjoy the quite time and solitude.....I NEED the exercise:) This is the only outdoor hobby I enjoy that actually pays me back. I have not actually found any gold with my SDC 2300, but my drywasher has been very good at finding the little stuff. I found these drywash spots while out metal detecting. Gold was to small for the metal detector to pick up, but they looked like prime spots to run material through the dry washer. So, I see my time in the field as beneficial on many fronts. I am getting much needed exercise, much more needed "unplugged" time, scouting for drywash spots and cleaning the field of all that trash.
  11. I have one of these and it still folds up with the cover on. there is one Velcro strap in front of the shaft that you have to unhook, but that's it.