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  1. Absolutely Gorgeous! I know this post is old, but my searching on the EFSG brought this post up. I've been up past the Bridge many times in the past, but for Trout fishing. Now that my interest is fishing for GOLD, I have a whole new reason to get up there again. I too have been wanting to spend the night up there. I'll go up for the day alone, just not sure I want to sleep up there alone. Hey RelicHunter2, if you're still out there, great post! Cheers from a fellow Venturan.
  2. Hello and happy Monday. I've been reading and watching videos on Rye Patch, Nevada. I really want to go there sometime (Road trip!!) So is this place open BLM land with no claims? Or is it a certain part of the area that is open, that I see so much of on videos? It seems as though the vids I see, are people just going and detecting. Not much is mentioned about clubs or claims. I will be digging deeper in research on my own, but any info that can be shared and time saved would be very much appreciated. Cheers G
  3. Hello all, Got out to a local area known for placer,but not much for nuggets. But had to give it a go. 9 hours of bush whacking and climbing in and out gulches. Great hike and lots to see....but no yellow. Lots of good signs though. Floating quartz every where. One dried up stream bed had some float quartz cemented in a caleche type material. Lots of deep red dirt areas that had contact zones with the white Caleche type material. Nothing but lead and brass for the most part. I almost could not swing without a hit on something. So after the first hour, I only dug the mellow hits that did not scream, See the one pic with black circles pointing out lead. this was in one of the smaller streams coming out of a gulch. Just littered with lead right on the surface. I figure there's probably over 100 years worth of shooting in these canyons. Took some dirt samples home to pan as well. Cheers G
  4. Interesting post for sure. Being new to this Hobby, I can relate to some of Mr. Coffee's points. But I have been taking the cautious route for the most part, buying the most expensive gear as used. And I've created an "equipment cap" so to speak for myself. What I have, will get me some gold. No question. So now I have put a hold on buying more gear until I score. Now it is all up to me getting out there and searching. As far as geology, I started with no real knowledge of geology but definitely know more now and learning more every day. The basics are all there to read and learn, weather natural or man-made land formations to look for, contact zones of material, etc. Common sense after you know what to look for. And researching has never been easier for us with the computer age. All the info you ever need regarding access to said areas - private land, claims in place, gov. restrictions, Geology reports (old and new), property rights....all at our finger tips. The gold is out there. That's been proven. And lots of info on existing areas with known gold. So at least none of us have to go blindly. I personally have gone into this with the frame of mind that this hobby is meant to get me back out hiking and exploring like I used to do before wife and kids and mortgages. So any time I get out, I am happy! if I score - then icing on the cake. I have read enough about trash while detecting, that I expect it and not disappointed if that's all I get (although that is tough). The number one thing you need, that you can't buy (BUT MUST RETAIN AT ALL TIMES)........a positive attitude. Good points to consider Mr. Coffee and I will head them as I am hiking up my next canyon I have plotted to attack this weekend. Cheers. G
  5. Beautiful!! Congrats on that find.
  6. Almost went with the GB2 but finally went with a Pro - cheaper and easier to learn on I figure. But always keeping my eye out for good used GB2 but also now considering the Nokta FORS gold as an alternative "next" machine. TBD....
  7. Peabody beet me to it. I've seen some a bit cheaper on Ebay as well but I wanted the 2 year warranty. Good luck gubelube.
  8. G-bone

    GPZ 7000 nuggets

    WOW - those are a thing of beauty.
  9. I too read that the DB coil was more for relic/coin hunting. Ordered a NEL Sharpshuter for my GB pro today. looking forward to putting it to use.
  10. Hey All Just got back from a week long trip to our Nations Capital and Philly. Stood in the same dang room that the Constitution was signed in....and the Chair George Washington himself sat in...WOW. It was a High school Band trip for my oldest Son. The band was invited to the inaugural Presidents Cup. I was actually Chaperone on the trip, so not much time to really enjoy the sights. Jonesin to gety out there and seah for gold and catch up on posts here. Cheers G
  11. Snattle Rakes are amazing animals indeed. I grew up in a very rural area with Angeles Forest as our back yard. All our free time was spent in the hills and came across our fair share of rattlers and other critters. I'll never forget the evening my friends and I were just up the hill riding our bikes and my brother and I heard our Mom yell like never before...ran home and she's in tears, pointing into the kitchen. Well there it was, I nice little 2 footer coiled up right at the foot of the sink. I grabbed a broom and swepted it outside. Sad to say, this one did not get spared as Brother was right outside waiting with a hoe...whack. It is truley amazing that our Mom was able to see it as she walked up to the sink with dishes in hand. It blended it with the foot rug so well and was just sitting there. Cooling off more than likely as it was a hot summer. But when we we're out and about, we lived by the same philosphy as Mike and Gary. Even as kids we believed in live and let live and just gave them the respect they deserved. a "wide" respect. And we also learned to always scan that 5'-6' radius and all edges of trails as we hiked. Only issue we came across was our dog was about 100ft in front of us and stuck his nose under a rock and...Whack, right on the nose. Carried him home (about a 20 min jaunt out of a steep canyon with a 45lbs dog, wee). Got him to a vet and he survived. When out and about, just walk like you expect to see one and scan accordingly. Then there is no real surprise or shock when you do spot one. And when MDing you don't need to look at the coil or your screen the whole time. You can still swing cleanly and scan further ahead and around as you walk. I must say it is crazy how I caught myself just zoning in on my coil and had almost tunnel vision on it at times. So I had to remind myself to look around as well. Also, if you do indeed get surprised and are closer than you want to be, just drop your coil onto his head and pin him down...before he pins you down. Just give them the "Wide" respect they deserve and you should be OK. (Disclaimer: These are just my opinions and are not to be construed or offered as proffesional advice. Please be smart when out there in "life" and take responsibility for your own desicions and actions. Thank you and have a great day )
  12. G-bone

    My first day out

    Thanks Doc. Good points indeed and they will be used. Most of the bedrock was quite smooth and really hard to find cracks and creveas' that gold could hide. My thought on the hill side search was that since this is all deposit area from ancient river beds, there could be nuggets that have yet to be exposed. But you are completely right about gravity and the frame of mind I need to go in there with. I forgot to mention that I also grabbed a sample bag to pan out.. Cheers G
  13. Greetings. Well my plans for the very first recon with my new MD made a few turns (shock). So I scooted out of work a little early and set off for my option #1 which was closer. Never being there in person before, I was pleasantly surprised to see desertion. It's about 4:30pm right now as I set into the tight, overgrown canyon. Deep, overgrown Chaparral, having to climb over felled branches from earlier flooding. Every turn, every bush, I was shaking and waiting to see that Snattle Rake. I am purchasing Snake guards before I ever do that again. Maybe even thigh high chaps/snake guards. Anyway, as am walking thru this Beautiful canyon with a White schist layer on top of a 100 ft thick Red layer running parallel with the canyon. All these little side Gulch looks SO promising. The Gulches are on the North/West side of this canyon only. Time is short and I know I won't make it to the first larger Gulch I had my sights on. So I went for the first nice one I came to. And it's a heck of a lot bigger than it looked on Google earth. Steep accent up a dried up water fall maybe 10 ft. and a nice cut through the red band of dirt. Looking up into the gulch I see three or four good Cascading 10 to 12 foot water falls. Lots of exposed granite bedrock. Just beautiful but really over grown. Set up everything and got started. Ground balanced, threshold at about about 11 or 12 (just a barely audible hum) with the gain just barley pushing it. Scanned all sides as far as I could reach and in the beds themselves. Around bushes and rolling rocks over (here Mr. Snakey). Checking every where and triple checking anything that might be anything as far as a sound murmur etc . Did I find anything? you better believe it!! But I learned SO much in this first excursion. 1- Time FLIES when you're doing this and in almost 2 hours, only covered maybe 100 yards and up only 2 of the 4 steps up this little canyon. 2- I should have brought my Bug shirt. 3- Get those darn Snake guards. I came away with a couple questions too. My main one is this... I want to fill in my holes - I want to leave NO trace as much as possible. So I get a signal on a steep hillside, after I dug a good sized hole and retrieved my target, how do I fill that hole in? The dirt is dry and the slope so steep, no way the dirt will stay in place. Big ol hole. No way your gonna miss it. someone was digging here. What do you do? So after an Hour and a half I came away with this: So lets just say...today I was listening to Led Zeppelin all the way home. Get it? Get the Led out!! This side gulch I went up was very secluded and totally off the beaten path. So it amazes me how much lead was up this little canyon. I had a few weird variances in signals on two places that were very faint. And I was digging deep for these to the point that I stopped and moved on. These were both on the slopes and in deep rock, so I feared I would make these big holes for not. Sun was going down. I had to break it all up and still work my way out of this canyon. Even more so now I was wishing I had those snake guards. Gotta go. Cheers
  14. G-bone

    Nokta Fors Gold

    Wow for the price these units are going for now, I'm wondering if the Gold Bug pro was the right choice as my first? I know I will find Au with my new unit, so I digress. Nice finds Calgold