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  1. Id be content to set foot atop Rich Hill. I don't think that's asking for too much. LoL
  2. Roooob!!!! Jen's not playing fair!! She's just being mean, now.
  3. yeah, you could always do Gold Basin. I'm sure Jen has never been there ... LOL
  4. Jeez, I feel like I'm waiting for the next Game of Thrones to come out
  5. Here's a toad!

    Yep, the Rich Hill book has some great picture. Wish I could go to have the areas they talk about. LOL
  6. Here's a toad!

    I would grudgingly accept either one.
  7. Here's a toad!

    Daaaaaang, that is too cool. You found a flat potato nugget. Nice nugget shooting. It's always cool to know there is still trophy gold coming out of certain areas.
  8. Really good day

    yeah, start circling those hillsides, Tom. Hope you get yourself a patch!!
  9. good story. I love to hear the accidental finds. LOL. And people say gold is not magnetic. Bull... if it wants you ... it'll pull you in. That beauty wanted you to take it home. Kudos to you for listening. Andy
  10. Now that one is a beauty, Shep. Maybe it went for a lower price than expected but I expect that good came back around to you. Very kind of you to donate. Man ... I wish I could detect that area. But heck, you can't even get near the one cemetery due to gating off the road. Anyways. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Gpz threshold

    This is why I wish we could save at least one extra setup. (like the GPX) It would really make it easier to test different settings when you do get that warble. I believe your settings are similar to the Bogenes setup. Me personally, the very first thing I tried with my ZED was I think called Steve's Super Hot settings. My settings were very similar to yours but I think my threshold was 26 or so. I checked two washes that had been very good to me in the past. It was small enough that I knew I could cover it completely. This was going to be my test ground. I went down wash#1 and got nothing (this was a fairly shallow wash- 8" overburden at worst). In wash #2 I also got nothing (this was a bit deeper ..some spots had almost 18-20" overburden). Ground was hot (red dirt) and trust me, I was going very low and slow (slower than I ever ran the 5000) . I overlapped everything. Now I knew there was gold there so I decided to run some conservative style settings. I lowered the sensitivity without initially looking at the numbers. This ended up being at about 5. Then Smoothing = off. I went backwards up wash#2. Immediately, I hit a soft murmur. The first nugget was right at 1.1 gram and was stuck in the red clay. Depth measured my my ruler was 14". It was important for me to know fairly accurately the depth. Anyway, about 6 steps further down the wash I got another soft murmur. It ended up being a little smaller at 12", and then I hit another signal which gave me a two-fer. My conclusion, for "that ground' where the gold is trapped in red clay, and a high EMI day, using headphones, that is what works best for me. By the way, wash#1 never gave up any more gold. Now I have been out with a friend who run the ZED exactly with your settings and he can also get half grain and smaller. I think there may be an edge on the smaller stuff with hot settings but it is so minimal I tend not to mess with it. For me, I really think sensitivity in mineralized ground should be lower, but less mineralization then you can probably crank it up. The only way you'll know is to test before you dig it up. You may also want to do a search on Lunk's settings, as well. That will give you another strange setup with smoothing=high. But it also works well for me when I know the gold is small and shallow. So there are some ideas. Good luck.
  12. Good ear, Bsumbdy! And beautiful piece of gold.
  13. The issue isn't everything being picked clean. The issue is finding open claims to detect. FRUSTRATING...
  14. nice. gotta love how gold is sometimes found with that red quartz
  15. Pyrite should be good for big gold, though, right? Did you find the yellow while you were out there ... ?