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  2. Nice post Rod. I recognize most of that gold too. Hope we can get out again soon. Dennis
  3. Goodwin fire

    Unfortunately the government will likely be closing areas that burned indefinitely. There was a time when the NFS was in the forestry business that they would have went back into these areas with various conservation corps, like the CCC, and replanted trees and at least attempt some kind of erosion control. These days they just block roads with downed trees, boulders and locked gates. Darn shame that the NFS 21st century definition of reclamation is close the area. Dennis
  4. That's why I use Rattlers exclusively for headphones. It's a no brainer for me. Out on the old weaver claims one day I heard rustling above me. Instinct told me to back away from the target I was digging. Then a rattle snake and a mouse landed where I was kneeling. They had a disagreement above and would have landed in my lap had both of my ears been covered. They wrestled for a moment then the snake let the mouse go and headed back up the embankment. The mouse looked at me briefly, then followed the snake back up the embankment. I then figured that snake must have been after the mouse's babies, as they both went into the same hole. Needless to say, I didn't stick around to see the outcome or dig that target. The Rattlers definitely paid for themselves that day, and a few other incidents as well. I don't like external speakers because the sound of loud targets might travel far enough to draw attention to me that I don't want. Dennis
  5. I've had many encounters with black bears in Az. while out fly fishing, especially along the Black River. In my opinion they are less likely to attack here because bears and cougars are hunted with dogs in this state and they also see men more often than they likely do in Alaska. I've been within 30 feet of black bears here and all of them couldn't get away from me fast enough. Not that I would ever become complacent and drop my guard during an encounter with such a capable killing machine. I just feel they act different because of their environment. Dennis
  6. Yes, I believe it will. Actually a GPZ has been on that patch without finding anything, however in the hands of a novice. I am anxious to see what Rod will find once he has his new unit mastered. Dennis
  7. I myself shall be waiting till Rod gets that new beeper mastered and see if he can find anything on my patch. I have a patch that I am the only person out of 5 that has ever gotten any gold from it, and Rod is one of the 5 that has been there. Rod knows as well as anybody that I am pretty thorough with my detecting technique. I know there has to be missed gold there, so it will be a good test bed for the Zed. Soon my friend, we will have to put that unit to the test, lol. Dennis
  8. Unfortunately for me, I have narrow feet with high arches. Nobody makes a no metal boot in a "B" width. My only choices are Danners and Redwings. Both of course have metal, but the Danners have the least. My solution since I recently got a 19'' coil from Rob was to also get Doc's longer lower shaft for that coil. Works fine for me. Plus the Danners fit proper so my feet don't hurt at the end of the day like they would wearing a lesser boot. Dennis P.S. I also got a Hipstick to better handle the weight extended that far out.
  9. Yup, weekends in the summer months are pretty much a zoo at any of the rim lakes these days. Rob, best to get up there before May 1st for a less crowded experience. Of course middle of the week is not usually as crowded either. Dennis
  10. Here's a chunky

    Yeah buddy, just a nice little picker, lol. NICE !!! Dennis
  11. Hey Rob, you can ask me anytime about pretty much any lake or stream in the state. Been an avid fly fisherman here in Az. for over 30 years. I've pretty much been there and done that when it comes to fishing in Az. Willow Springs can be a great fishery. I spend quite a bit of time there myself, since I live so close. If you want easier fishing for the kids, Woods Canyon, just down the road from Willow, seems to get rather eager (stupid) stockers and has boat rentals as well. Both lakes also do have some larger carry over fish that are usually caught more often during spring and fall. They can get a lot of attention during the summer months so small stockers are the norm during the summer. There are also bass and trout in both. Starting last year they stocked a highbred called tiger trout. They can be rather feisty, and should be some decent sized carry overs available this year. Dennis
  12. Garrett Z-Lynk

    Yes Rob. Got that when I got the 2300 from you. Dennis
  13. Garrett Z-Lynk

    Yes Mike, I got the adapter when I got the 2300 as I only use Rattler headphone. Dennis
  14. Garrett Z-Lynk

    Finally got out today for a couple hours to try out the new wireless setup. Worked well with the SDC. Only issue is the shaft being considerably larger on SDC made the rubber to hold the transmitter very tight. I'm sure it won't take much to figure out a little larger o-ring or rubber band or maybe velcro strap. No gold today, but not out long and doing some testing with a couple other new items with a friend. Dennis