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  1. Just to add a note. Rod and I tested his GM with aftermarket headphones, specifically my Rattlers, and found that the stereo adapter worked but left the external speaker engaged while the mono adapter worked correctly. So those of you having problems with adapters and your preferred headphones, try a mono adapter as well as stereo. Dennis
  2. Join the GPAA to get legal access to some good claims in your area, like the LSD. Minimal investment with some good claims that still have gold to be found. I also recommend a good GPS so you can plot the claims onto it and really know the claim boarders to help you stay legal and also help you expand your search on a claim beyond the areas hammered by others. Spend the proper effort getting setup properly will give you the best opportunity to succeed finding gold with a detector. Dennis

    Rye Patch ?

    Goodyear Wrangler MT/R Kevlars are all I've been running on my truck for 10 years now. Strictly meant for off road use being a traction. However they are very quiet for being traction type tires on pavement and Kevlar sidewalls mean much more durable and less likely to have a puncture. I've only had one puncture in those 10 years which was a chunk of steel on the highway. Also made in the USA. As MXT said, you get what you pay for. MT/R's usually run over $1,000 per set of 4. I drive off road with confidence all the time. Dennis
  4. We had a treasury truck full of newly minted coins turn over up in my area a few years ago. Scattered coin all over the shoulder. You couldn't get close to it until the treasury dept. removed all the still salvageable coins from the wreckage. There is likely hundreds if not thousands of loose coin still out there. However the danger of trying to recover any of it around that dangerous curve would certainly out weigh the reward. If that would have been gold instead of coins, that would certainly be a different story.....and I would have beat you all to it, lol. Dennis

    Prayers Needed - Off Topic

    I'm the 1st to admit I'm not a praying man, Best wishes for your father Rob. Tough times for family for sure. Just hang in there and keep thoughts positive. Dennis
  6. Just keep doing your thing your way Rob. We all appreciate all you do here. I must apologize again. I usually would not have said anything, not my style. I guess my switch was flipped and I just didn't like what I read. This time I had to say something. I have tons of respect for you and know how hard you work. You deserve respect from all who take part in your forum. Keep finding them big chunks out there. I know you work hard for every piece. Dennis
  7. Hmmm, well if you know where it was found (to within a few feet) as you say, then you would already know the answer to your question. I Don't need Rob to tell me those chunks are found in the Az. desert on bedrock. That is common sense for anybody with experience. Rob's forum tied to his online store so..........I don't see what your problem is with what Rob does on his forum. Maybe start your own forum to have it your way. I'm not trying to start a pissing contest here, but maybe you should calm down before you post. Maybe it's not what you say but how you say it that rubs somebody like me the wrong way. I've seen it here on this forum as well as the other forums without saying anything previously, but something about your post this time made me respond. Maybe I felt like you disrespected Rob on his forum and I had to say something this time. I don't know you personally Jen, and that does not hurt my feelings one bit. I don't know if it's your personality or the ex cop in you or what your problem is, but you have a way about you that can aggravate the heck out of people like me in texts. I can just imagine how you are in person. I myself won't miss what you call contributions on the forums. About 95% of what I have read posted by you turns sour anyway. Rob, I apologize for clouding your excellent post here on your forum. But this time I just had to speak my mind. All of us here that know you, know you have your hands full with work and family and appreciate all you do and that you can find time to contribute here as well. Keep up the good work my friend. Dennis
  8. I don't and won't tell anybody anything on forums. Quickest way I know to give away potential finds. If I post, which isn't very often, all I'm going to say is found in Az., or maybe central Az. Asking somebody like Rob to divulge this type of info is expecting too much and in my opinion rude. Do your own leg work and research. The forums aren't here to give other people a free ride to easy gold, period. Now as far as people I hunt gold with.....we always share info among ourselves. Easy and helpful amongst trusted friends. I guess a person that doesn't make trusted friends won't find any gold locations easy......oh well. Not Rob's problem, or anybody else's. Sometimes I guess it comes down to attitude. When I see those big chunks I don't get jealous or desire to know where they are found. It just makes me want to get out more and find my own elsewhere. By the way Rob, nice big chunks you have posted recently. Now go find that 2 pounder, lol. Dennis
  9. Nice little picker you guys found, lol.
  10. Nice post Rod. I recognize most of that gold too. Hope we can get out again soon. Dennis
  11. IMPDLN

    Goodwin fire

    Unfortunately the government will likely be closing areas that burned indefinitely. There was a time when the NFS was in the forestry business that they would have went back into these areas with various conservation corps, like the CCC, and replanted trees and at least attempt some kind of erosion control. These days they just block roads with downed trees, boulders and locked gates. Darn shame that the NFS 21st century definition of reclamation is close the area. Dennis
  12. That's why I use Rattlers exclusively for headphones. It's a no brainer for me. Out on the old weaver claims one day I heard rustling above me. Instinct told me to back away from the target I was digging. Then a rattle snake and a mouse landed where I was kneeling. They had a disagreement above and would have landed in my lap had both of my ears been covered. They wrestled for a moment then the snake let the mouse go and headed back up the embankment. The mouse looked at me briefly, then followed the snake back up the embankment. I then figured that snake must have been after the mouse's babies, as they both went into the same hole. Needless to say, I didn't stick around to see the outcome or dig that target. The Rattlers definitely paid for themselves that day, and a few other incidents as well. I don't like external speakers because the sound of loud targets might travel far enough to draw attention to me that I don't want. Dennis
  13. I've had many encounters with black bears in Az. while out fly fishing, especially along the Black River. In my opinion they are less likely to attack here because bears and cougars are hunted with dogs in this state and they also see men more often than they likely do in Alaska. I've been within 30 feet of black bears here and all of them couldn't get away from me fast enough. Not that I would ever become complacent and drop my guard during an encounter with such a capable killing machine. I just feel they act different because of their environment. Dennis
  14. Yes, I believe it will. Actually a GPZ has been on that patch without finding anything, however in the hands of a novice. I am anxious to see what Rod will find once he has his new unit mastered. Dennis