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  1. Rob, I will be praying for your grandmother's special need at this time as well as for Scott. Also, please keep us posted of their progress. (Proverbs 3: 5-6) Thanks, Ruff&Tuff.
  2. For all that pray

    Grubstake, I pray for you and Dorothy every day. I will add Alec to my prayer list as well. (Proverbs 3: 5-6). Your friend, Ruff&Tuff.
  3. Recently, my cousin bought some property in Stanford, Montana. I plan to visit somtime in the future. Where are places I can pan, sluice, metal detect or dredge in the area. Thanks, Ruff&Tuff
  4. Mr. Trevor (Coiltek), what are your plans for waterproof coils for Minelab SE & GPX-4000. Thanks, Ruff&Tuff.
  5. Mr Rob, what is the liner made of? Thanks, Ruff&Tuff
  6. Mr. Lamar, what do you think that I can get for my GP-3000 (everything stock). Do you know who takes trade-ins? Thanks, Ruff&Tuff.
  7. Cutting Back

    Mr. Grubstake, I really enjoy reading your comments and the help and advice that you provide on many forums that I am a member. The Hipstick is a winner on my GP-3000, but I have not found any gold in Virginia since it is small and usually in highly mineralized areas. I will probably buy a Joey sometime in the near future. Should I buy the Mono or DD? Anyone may provide input on this question and would be appreciated. My friend and I found about 1/2 ounce nugget in the Smith River, 17 miles from Crecent City, CA in the 80's while dredging. Tell Gerry (I haven't joined his forum since I am waiting to be the 17,000 member soon) that I would like to buy a nice piece of specimen gold, reasonably priced from him. Also, Gary if you have some California Gold available for sale (up to $1,000), this will help you with your phone bill. Please send me a private message when it is convenient. Tell me how much and I will send you a personal check and you can wait until it clears then send me the gold. It only costs me 2.9c per minute for out of state calls on my landline. When I call within state (Virginia), it cost me about 11cents per minute. Also, I have an 800# that you can call me free of charge any time. Tell Gerry that I am considering a new Whites MD when they come out with a new model and would appreciate any advice that he could provide. Currently, I have more money in coils that I have in the GP-3000 itself. At least Whites has a display on their newer metal detectors that gives you a clue of what you are about to dig. Minelab, to my knowledge, does not have a waterproof coil, etc., etc. Thanks for your time and wishing you and Gerry and your families a very Merry Christmas and a healthy, and prosperous New Year. Roland in Virginia (Ruff&Tuff)
  8. Mr. Rob or anyone else, which Joey coil shoud I use on my GP-3000 for tailing piles and for small gold in highly mineralized areas? Mono or DD Pro? Any other coil recommended? Thanks, Ruff&Tuff.
  9. Mr. Rattlesnake Jim or anyone out there, what is your take on the SD2100 vs. the GP-3000? Thanks, Ruff&Tuff.
  10. Has anyone used the Gold Bug2 and the 2100? Which is better and why? Thanks, Ruff&Tuff.
  11. Mr. Lamar, thanks for your input on the SD2100. What model and what coil(s) do you recommend for small gold in highly mineralized areas and what coil(s) for relic hunting. Can anyone out there compare the SD2100 vs. the Gold Bug2 for gold and relic? Thanks, Ruff&Tuff
  12. Mr. Lamar and Rob, thanks for your input. I'm looking for a good detector that will detect gold and civil war items in Virginia. Sometimes the gold area is highly mineralized. Could anyone recommend a detector that will do both? Is the SD2100v2 better than the X-Terra70. Thanks, Ruff&Tuff.
  13. Mr. The Shadow, I see that you are using the latest technology in the last photo by bending the radar around your head (invisible) and revealing the tree behind you. I have several tailing piles in Virginia at mining sites that I plan to check out. So far, I have not seen any visible gold. Could you or anyone out there provide any info on the X-Terra70. I would like a detector that will locate small gold and civil war items. The ground in Virginia seems to be highly mineralized. It looks like you have a life time of work ahead of you. Also, If you decide to sell stock sometime in the future to raise capital for your project, I am interested. Thanks, Ruff&Tuff
  14. Hey Grubstake the Trucker!

    Mr. Rob, now you can apply for a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) (probably the largest U.S Government Agency) job. They have jobs all over the U.S.A. You can do contract work if you do not want to be a Government Employee. Most people are not aware that the U.S. Coast Guard is under the DHS. Also, are you interested in a trade-in of my GP-3000 for GPX-4000. Thanks, Ruff&Tuff.
  15. The Placers

    Mr. Scorpion, I have know about Dex-Pan for some time. Has anyone used it? How expensive is it? I understand that you have to start out with a 2" drill and later an 1-1/2 drill. How deep can you drill? Also, I understand that the holes have to be about 10 to 12 inches apart. Any additional info is appreciated. Thanks, Ruff&Tuff.