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  1. Dang, Bob, that is beeyootifulllll!!! Only thing, you're gonna have to have a really good pair of sunglasses if you're gonna use it in the sun! LOLOL Wish I was "crafty" enough to do stuff like that. I buy the accessories and use them....and get a lot of pleasure out of it....man, you sure do great work! Thanks for the pics. Kajun
  2. Bob, hope you're gonna post some pics of your cooker. And yeah, yeah, yeah, northern california, 70s to 80s and all you're smokin' is meat. Right. I believe you. Honest I do! LOL I'll be looking forward to your posts, as will several others. Right Rob?? Maybe we can get Bill Southern to do a post or 3 while he's recuperating. Bill, you catching any of this?? Kajun
  3. Shep, looks like it's gonna be a while before Bill's gonna feel like talking (or typing) bbq. My best wishes and prayers for his quick recovery! I went up to a little get together last Saturday at a friend's place. He's been entering local bbq contests. The last one, he and his team placed 4th. Not bad, considering he's only done about 3 others before. He gave me a few really good tips/hints that I tried out on Father's Day. Got a little description on my blog at bbqheresy.wordpress.com and this is the best ribs I've ever cooked. He also said that about 7 hours should do it for brisket.....and finish it in the oven for the last 3 hours at about 225. So I've not been doing as badly as I thought. Work has gone insane for me.....which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I've gotten a few training classes under my belt that should certify me to do audits/surveillances/inspections of big rig trucks that DOE uses to haul waste and other stuff around. Plus my regular work has skyrocketed doing my usual audits and surveillances. It's not looking like I'm going to be doing any prospecting until about October or November, and that'll be up around Carrizozo or White Rock, NM. GPAA has a couple of new claims up there I need to try out. Of course, by then, it'll be so darn dry and hot that the Forest Service will prolly close off all the forest area up there! Sometimes if it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have any at all. LOLOL I sure enjoy reading about other folks' luck and trips here, though. Keep 'em coming! Thanks for a great site, Rob! . Kajun
  4. Thanks for all the comments. Shep, I used that little keg style for almost 6 years. Got it on sale at Academy Sports in San Antonio and brought it back to SE NM. I cooked it's heart out for me! deathray, thanks for the bookmark. I put up a couple of more posts yesterday....one is 3 recipes, the other is how NOT to do a ribeye roast! Calling Bill Southern!! You around still? How bout a recipe for brisket??? Pleassssssssssssseeeeeeeeeee!!! I have yet to be able to do a brisket totally on the smoker. Always seem to end up finishing it in the oven the last couple of hours. TIA Kajun
  5. I managed to get out and do some beeping today with my sweet Minelab 705. There is an empty lot that, the last time I saw it, had an old abandoned stone house on it. It's on a fairly busy street in town and I'd had my eye on it for over a year. I'd been dying to hit the lot when the house was there, so when I saw the empty lot yesterday, I knew i just had to get out there ASAP! Today was my Friday off (I get one every 2 weeks), so about 10 AM I headed over and started beeping. My first few finds were newer pennies that rang up about 30 on the meter. Then I had a 40. WOOHOO! That usually means a pre-1982 penny, a newer dime or a wheatie! This was right at the base of an old tree. I got out my pinpointer, located the target, got it out and looked at it. Whoa! A tiny little Mexican 5 centavo coin. Cool! I kept on beeping and ended up digging a recent quarter, a couple of dimes and a few copper pennies. I did hit paydirt twice, though. I managed to find two wheat pennies a 1949D and a 1954D! Not too shabby for an hour at 97 degrees! I got hot and thirsty, so i headed home. I got some water and an energy drink and decided to look at my 5 peso coin through my loupe. I rinsed it off and rubbed a bit of the dirt off, then took a close look. Hey, wait a minute! Why does this Mexican coin have English writing?? A bit more rubbing and careful scrubbing, and another close look through the loupe. Whoa! What the heck is a tax token? And from the state of New Mexico? And it's 5 mills, NOT 5 pesos! WHOAAA!! Way cool! I looked it up on Google and it's got a kind of neat history. Easy to find both a picture and a bit of history on it on Google. My camera doesn't take good closeups so no picture here. It's not worth a bunch, maybe $10 or so, but it's worth a lot more to me personally. Sooooo, it's going into my box of cool beeper finds. It's definitely not my greatest find or my most expensive one, but it sure is one of my most unusual. Kajun P.S. A shameless plug for my new blog bbqheresy.wordpress.com Take a peek and leave me a comment so I know you were there.
  6. Bob, one of my biggest hopes is to head out with my Minelab 705, puffer drywasher, dual-fuel stove, prospecting and food supplies (heavy on steaks, taters, ice and JW Red! LOL), and my Weber Silver and charcoal. Unfortunately, the claims I can get to in a few hours all have fire restrictions in place which means no open fires and smoking ciggies allowed only inside your vehicle or in an enclosure. Bummer! It's been soooooooooo hot out here that our Jack Russel Terrier sits still and holds up a sign to the squirrels in the neighborhood that says "Consider yourselves chased!" LOL The drought here just keeps on keeping on. Sooo, I keep on doing the back yard thing. Kajun
  7. This isn't prospecting related (except that I can't seem to get away from work to go prospecting so this is what I've been doing to keep myself from going nutz watching all you guys find gold), but I've really REALLY gotten into cooking some killer bbq in the last few years. I've recently upgraded my equipment (after my old keg-style smoker rusted out ) and found a whole world of accessories that just have blown me away. The blog site is https://bbqheresy.wordpress.com/ and so far, I'm having a ball. Please keep in mind, the blog is in its infancy. I've got quite a ways to go to get it up to where I want it. If ya take a look, leave me a comment and let me know what you think, k? TIA! Kajun P.S. Rob, would you mind me putting in a link to nuggethunting dot com?
  8. Wait a darn minute here!! You mean it's actually possible to have other hobbies if you metal detect or prospect???? Whoa!! Who'd'a'thunk?? LOL Kajun
  9. A great lesson for all of us.......don't go out alone or, if you do, leave instructions with someone on exactly where you'll be and when you'll be back. Kajun
  10. TXKajun

    Heat - Ha ha haaaaa i love it

    Saw on the news today that Oz is getting up to 122 or more! YIKES! Stay hydrated, ya'll. Kajun
  11. My father-in-law had a 4-way bypass a few months ago. He was in the hospital for about a week total, then home recuperating for another week (chomping at the bit to be up and about, needless to say) and after 2 weeks of "light duty" he feels better than he has in years. Hang in there, Gary! It's gonna get a bunch better! Thanks for keeping us up with his progress, too. Kajun
  12. Aw, c'mon guys! Dawn ain't 42! She's just celebratin' the 13th anniversary of her 29th birthday! Happy 29th, Dawn! Kajun
  13. I'm thinking Rob may not be up for typing for a while, as well as this putting a crimp in his beeping. Glad to hear surgery went well. Prayers and best wishes to and for ya. Kajun