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  1. Chuck, There wasn't any other Pro-Sonic Wireless around the area we detected. The range for the transmitter is 32 feet and if you get to within that range you would be getting some kind of interference anyway from the detectors. Paired it on the first day and after that just turn on both units and away you go.
  2. Rob, My wife and went to Gold Basin for a Club outing last week. She was using the Pro Sonic-Wireless with the SDC 2300 and found three little nuggets. This wireless system worked really well with the SDC. She doesn't like to use headphones. So it was mounted on the swingy thing harness. The smallest one weighed in at 1 grain and the volume set at the first stage. Once the wind picked up we set the volume at stage 2 and she found 2 more. Never had to use stage 3 because the volume was loud enough at 1and 2. She ended up with 3 nuggets and 1 Meteorite. Thanks Rob.
  3. Flyinjeff

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Rob.
  4. Chuck I received the two nuggets. Brighten the day a little. Thanks again.
  5. Chuck thanks a lot. I was at the WSPA outing at Rye Patch. And ended up here at the Humbolt General Hospital here in Winnemucca. My right knee is all messed up. On antibiotic and I hope I can travel back to Hawaii on Tuesday. That Nuggets kind of easing the the pain.
  6. Thank You Ridge Runner. My Address: Jeff Nitta 95-222 Haunone Pl, Mililani, Hawaii 96789 Thanks again and we'll the two nuggets.
  7. Flyinjeff

    Happy Birthday Rob !

    Happy Birthday Rob.
  8. Uncle Ron ordered some map last night. Can I get it by next week Friday ?
  9. Happy Birthday Rob. You have a great day.
  10. I think someone will win and life goes on!
  11. I have a trip comming up to Sidney, Is there any public land close to town to metal detect. Jeff
  12. Flyinjeff


    El Dorado try this email address: gary.schafer Gary Schafer Vice President Minelab USA - North America. I had the same problem with my GPX4000 with the new toggle switch. It was turning off when the coil would hit a rock or ground. I called the LV center and got a anserwing service in Calif. No one would return my call. Just so happened I had a trip to Las Vegas and I went to the office to drop of my detector. Gary was at the reception desk and wasn't aware of all the problems. The tech took my detector and told me it will take about a month to fix. When got back to the hotel Trina called.