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  1. You do know the difference from BLM land and Forest Service land right?
  2. super fast service

    I have never had an issue dealing with Rob and like you said super fast service also.
  3. total waste of money.... and water.
  4. Best line I heard in a long time.
  5. What are you asking for the dredge?
  6. Gpz X coil?

    Your right Rob it was an 11", 14", and a 20"
  7. Yea it's getting too hot for me. Back to researching some other area's.
  8. yea I never had a problem with the chiggers down there just the tall grass.
  9. Good luck dealing with the grass.....
  10. Rye Patch Gold

    Nice gold only 2 and half years late but still nice.
  11. Gold Basin

    And private property.