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  1. Going nuts

    If you bring a friend make sure he is slower then you are.

    I owe you a beer for the laugh. Thank you. Nice little chunks too. Well done.
  3. Prayers Needed - Off Topic

    Very sorry to hear this. Thoughts and prayers coming your way.
  4. I wish I could give you Two likes for this. Best post I read in a while.
  5. Not going to happen this winter. Just my opinion. January came and went, February is a 1/4 the way thru.
  6. I was wondering about that last night.
  7. Depends on the ground noise, but for the most part I would agree with you.
  8. Congrats Rob. I still like your 7 or 9 ozer better only because I know where it came from HAHA. Seriously that is really a nice piece. I have been lucky enough to have seen and held a few pounders but never found anything even close.
  9. Modded 4500 review

    https://detectormods.com/ If you click on the forum tab on Woody's webpage that will take you to more info.
  10. Modded 4500 review

    Chuck I am sure that the mods would void your Minelab warranty but you should search that out for yourself. The costs for the upgrades range from $650 to $2200 this was posted a year ago so these prices may have gone up. If you had a older detector and couldn't afford a new machine then maybe getting a mod done would be worth it.
  11. From Minelab. The key word here is expected..........
  12. No it wasn’t. You can dish it out but can’t take it. If Barney Fife was a female you would be it. It was you that insulted Adam a while go on this forum you may have some people fooled but not most. Sorry Rob.
  13. Well I know more then a few who bought 7000 under $6000. Bingo.
  14. That really sucks Rob. I hope insurance covers it. I hate thieves.......