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  1. Bedrock nugget 3-1/2 gram

    thanks for sharing your story...I could picture it...but yes, strange it is the mysteries of a prospector. I am beginning to think we all have a leprechaun tailing us on our hunts sometimes dropping nuggets for us to find and sometimes making us go home with nothing.
  2. Offering this little beauty she's solid with some nice curves... 375.00 includes shipping .... SOLD!
  3. I've decided to sell this one, thought I'd keep it..but she must go. Found this sucker about 3 years ago, used an older 17" Elliptical coiltek ....dug down about 16" and this beauty of gold and quartz saw sunshine. I did a SG test on it and showed around 9.58 grams...she's nice as she is...and would be a nice specimen to add to someone's mineral collection. asking 550.00 for it....p/m/ if you have any questions. Includes shipping and signature verification. SOLD!!
  4. A Few More From Down South

    sweet...great shooting!!!
  5. Sweet specimen ! Its out there....rare as UFO sightings in Roswell.
  6. The Y nugget at 5 o'clock is SOLD ! Larger nugget 12 O'clock above head is SOLD ! Gold/Quartz piece at 3 o'clock SOLD. 2.95 GRAMS LEFT....little pickers perfect for TEST NUGGETS !!!
  7. Hey folks, well have to let go of a few beautiful Motherlode nuggs I found recently...price includes shipping and signature confirmation p.m. me if you have any questions. 11.75 grams @ 45.00 per gram I couldn't load the other photo with scale, I can do it on request ...if you have any interest in buying.
  8. Finally some meat

    sweet nugget....that's a biggie....the rest will fall in place....
  9. sweet nuggets............dang....gpz !
  10. Career criminal.....the revolving door of injustice continues. ..glad no bystanders were shot.
  11. Dodie's Video

    Very nice...are you planning on doing other national parks ? I can see these board games selling like hot cakes in Yosemite.
  12. I just watched 1-9.....can't find 10 as of yet on the Tube. How many seasons did they shoot....
  13. Your Killin it !!! Congrats Jen.........your trials with the zed has inspired even me to one day get one of these beasts.....