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  1. With my 4500 and Sadie coil....2.5 grains is not unusual. The key is to know the right settings and coil control. I am sure the 5000 is better on small gold, but the 4500 depth is hard to match.
  2. Sweet nugget....nothing beats a day out wandering the open land listening to that Minelab hummmmm..Nice picture!
  3. This is what its about....thanks for the report!
  4. Sierra high country gold nuggets.... 10.30 grams...415.00 includes shipping.
  5. Nice pictures......thanks for sharing the link, lady.
  6. Rob do you sell nugget finder sadie 8x6 coil covers..? If so how can I get one....
  7. If anyone has the box and riffle tray to a Keene 151 they want to sell let me know, I am in the market for one.
  8. Offering 5.75 grams of California gold 270.00 includes shipping.....
  9. That Orange 14" Coiltek is of my top 3 coils.
  10. Used but in great condition, ....200.00 includes shipping.
  11. Just keep doing what you're doing , family first....
  12. Congrats Rob thank you for sharing....all of us at this for a while understand the hard work and sacrifice for family. Time is precious ...and I just don't understand how you manage all you do. Beautiful score on the large gold.....