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  1. Career criminal.....the revolving door of injustice continues. ..glad no bystanders were shot.
  2. Very nice...are you planning on doing other national parks ? I can see these board games selling like hot cakes in Yosemite.
  3. I just watched 1-9.....can't find 10 as of yet on the Tube. How many seasons did they shoot....
  4. Your Killin it !!! Congrats Jen.........your trials with the zed has inspired even me to one day get one of these beasts.....
  5. Watched 4 episodes last night....have to say way better than Gold Rush...this is our type of show...and had a few laughs too....good stuff!
  6. Nice gold.....very nice gold !! The dark thing is an eagle button....a nice find itself.
  7. Awesome.....thanks for the heads up on the show !! Tired of reruns of the Munsters....
  8. Wow................Russia vast and Full of Resources....including gold. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Thank you Tom, It's not a rye patch nug, all my finds are from the Motherlode region of California. Wish I had the time to drive to Nevada but I don't. One day I will, until then I hunt for California's gold....that one in particular was passed by my hunting partner....I followed behind and got it....
  10. Hi Rob, Yes, all found with a 4500...
  11. Thanks...nice to have some to pull out on days , weeks and months of skunk or just tidbits to remind one self never to give up. two more.....pics....
  12. Nice specimens....okay here's one found a few years back.....get the juices rolling....
  13. All great points....all old patches were once new spots..something to ponder. " And as I ponder that thought, still hard to leave those old patches..."
  14. Jerry Keene the founder of Keene Engineering passed away on Friday morning. R.I.P. Jerry , and thanks for all you have done for the smaller miners. Best wishes to his sons and daughter. I always enjoyed stopping in at keenes shop in Chatsworth , always something to see and learn.
  15. So this is what one does when it's to hot to detect, look at all those pictures of gold found long ago...these were found around 2007 or so...large one was a bit over two ounces....ahhhh those were the days......
  16. Barry, Thank you for responding to my question. I had no idea Virginia had such large gold, beautiful stuff and thanks for posting them for us to see. Truely amazing....hope you have a good gold year...
  17. Nice....panning or detecting ?
  18. Incredible gold, from state of Virginia?
  19. Just came back after another fruitless hunt...and HAD to SEE THIS !! Gold hiding deep.....thanks Rob.....lol
  20. Thanks fellas, don't despair.....crap load of nuggets that size and bigger still out there to be found.....it happens when you least expect it.....Boom !
  21. Yup, you most definitely Lucked out....congrats on big ole 47 !
  22. I was thinking the same..... But, awesome pictures of the critters that live in your area,,, the Gila Monster..reminds me of the movie Treasure of the Sierra Madre,,,,,may be that time to watch that again....classic.
  23. AMRA is a great organization, they have spent a lot of time and money defending miners rights here in my home State of California.