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  1. Sierra high country gold nuggets.... 10.30 grams...415.00 includes shipping.
  2. Nice pictures......thanks for sharing the link, lady.
  3. Rob do you sell nugget finder sadie 8x6 coil covers..? If so how can I get one....
  4. Hey Rob and all......, Just got back after 4 hours of hitting a patch or two. What I was pleasantly surprised with was how lightweight it was, I expected it to be much heavier. I do like the tapered edge as it slides smooth on the surface and grasses coming up after the few rains we had. I did notice more ground noise in areas with heavy clay and medium mineralization. I dug a few fathom sounds which ended up just being the ground. In other areas without the clays it ran very smooth and no false signals. I hit a few targets that I missed with the other coils that I would contribute to the new Evo coil , seemed it just pulled that target out, I could have easily missed it if I were not listening but the target was giving a nice mellow deep signal on both left and right sweeps, after a few inches I was sure I was on a target and not ground noise. The signal was sharp and not so broad as heavy mineralized ground noise can be. I went to another location and worked the bank of a small creek and some higher benches right above it. The time was 12 o'clock noon and this is when I wanted to stop as its Thanksgiving, but...... lol I was not satisfied going home without some gold and new coil !! So as I was working the bank which by the way I scanned before in the past I got this nice solid hit left and right very clear, so I am thinking Crap another .22 cal know that sound I am sure. Well luckily it ended up being a nice 2.31 gram placer nugget. I am very happy with the coil, for me its the perfect size and really is not that heavy for everyday use. I think it handles the ground very well, I just need more time on it to dig more targets and gold to really have a better idea what it can do. This nugget I found today I more than likely would have gotten it with another coil if I got the coil over the target, but I got the Evo over it this time.
  5. If anyone has the box and riffle tray to a Keene 151 they want to sell let me know, I am in the market for one.
  6. Offering 5.75 grams of California gold 270.00 includes shipping.....
  7. That Orange 14" Coiltek is of my top 3 coils.
  8. Used but in great condition, ....200.00 includes shipping.
  9. Just keep doing what you're doing , family first....
  10. Congrats Rob thank you for sharing....all of us at this for a while understand the hard work and sacrifice for family. Time is precious ...and I just don't understand how you manage all you do. Beautiful score on the large gold.....
  11. AuWanderer

    Specie out of context

    What a Specie !! Congrats.
  12. Great deal quigleysgolden7.............
  13. Congrats Rob.....nice lunker.
  14. AuWanderer

    Equinox Coming In January 2018

    can't wait for reviews.....
  15. Awesome, good to hear they are on the trail....
  16. I am with Woody and Jen on this .... suppose you folks never watch Americas dumbest criminals. Besides this is all about Rob getting his gpz located, any lead may help.
  17. Nice nuggs....dime looks like it has a mirror finish...
  18. AuWanderer

    Bedrock nugget 3-1/2 gram

    thanks for sharing your story...I could picture it...but yes, strange it is the mysteries of a prospector. I am beginning to think we all have a leprechaun tailing us on our hunts sometimes dropping nuggets for us to find and sometimes making us go home with nothing.
  19. Offering this little beauty she's solid with some nice curves... 375.00 includes shipping .... SOLD!
  20. I've decided to sell this one, thought I'd keep it..but she must go. Found this sucker about 3 years ago, used an older 17" Elliptical coiltek ....dug down about 16" and this beauty of gold and quartz saw sunshine. I did a SG test on it and showed around 9.58 grams...she's nice as she is...and would be a nice specimen to add to someone's mineral collection. asking 550.00 for it....p/m/ if you have any questions. Includes shipping and signature verification. SOLD!!
  21. Hey folks, well have to let go of a few beautiful Motherlode nuggs I found recently...price includes shipping and signature confirmation p.m. me if you have any questions. 11.75 grams @ 45.00 per gram I couldn't load the other photo with scale, I can do it on request ...if you have any interest in buying.