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  1. Right on Fred.... 70 miles to nearest Wal Mart
  2. Actually, I could pay for that setup in about 3 days in fine gold if it was still legal to use it. I paid for the 3 stack outfit in one day. I guess he wants to buy it himself?
  3. As the story in the link says, all have been rescued!
  4. Got it now...... (except for the "sorter")
  5. All good advice. I'm confused Fred.... "what is a "sorter"? Are you meaning a classifier? And, "or, use a coil cover like I do" Is that something different than the coil cover he has on his coil? I must be missing something..... Salt is not a problem with the GB2
  6. Why would any sane person leave that nice stream where he was broken down?
  7. And if you want to keep track of it(and all fires):
  8. Whites GMT is at 48. Makro Gold Racer is at 56 Those should runs close to the 1000.... time will tell.
  9. I would come if I am guaranteed enough gold to pay for my fuel.... grin Hope you have a good outing!
  10. If you go to the Minelab site: You will see reference to a 15" coil.(in fact if you just google "coils for the Minelab 705", you'll see a handful for sale). Will go deeper for sure but may not find the size gold that is on your property(If there is any?)
  11. I thought Mike gave the correct answer based upon what was posted. Why tell us you were looking for gold and question if there was even any there if it wasn't part of the query?
  12. I think honey bees are the only ones that leave their stinger in you. The rest just pull it out and sting you again!! and again!!
  13. LipCa

    What to do???

    wait too long and gold will be gone. you don't say whether the landowner knows what is going on? If so, why not have the landowner send a registered letter to each(you know who they are) and state they do not have permission to be on his property and they will be prosecuted for trespassing if caught on video surveillance again. (make sure that video is mentioned) Just say "I'm going to do that". One of them is probably going to read the thread anyway. Maybe you will do it, maybe you won't?