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  1. Rob This is the one I use.
  2. Tom that is for sure. I went to work lucky dog lol!
  3. Finally a good day!

    So true! Next time we get out I will fill the ice chest!
  4. Amen Andy! I vote both our next pieces are like those....
  5. Dang Rob you are killing it. I thought my 4.5 Grammer was good...... Now I need to get out and work harder! Keep it up Rob!
  6. I use a champion 1200 watt generator from tractor supply. They sell for 200 light weight quiet and start every time even after sitting. And a 100 dollar steel canister 1.25 in hose shop vac from Lowe's. I think it's a good combination.
  7. Finally a good day!

    Two blue dews and change! Now I feel I got the short end of the stick 😵. I sure played my cards wrong!
  8. Finally a good day!

    Ha thanks for the offer OT but it's had already been traded for a blue mountain dew at the circle k.
  9. Awesome! Rob looks like you need to get to Mexico to find a 2 pounder now. When you go I want an invite lol!
  10. Finally a good day!

    I got back to this wash. Did pretty good again. Pulled this 4.5 gram slug. Total for this trashy wash now is just over .6 Troy and a pretty cool old pick. I also found my first gold coin.........😁 But it's only worth 1 dollar dang sacagawea how did she get there?
  11. Warble walking

    Hey Tom looks like you had some fun! Keep those nuggets coming!
  12. Aww you should throw that one back and let it grow up a little. Ha! Nice find. So jealous!

    That's awesome! Way to go!
  14. Finally a good day!

    Gravelwasher I wouldn't say that. I got pretty lucky with this spot. Many of the nugget were screaming at me along with the thousand pieces of trash I dug. Next time I go to this wash will be the real test on the detector! I'm excited to get back.
  15. First detector gold for me.

    Awesome! Hopefully you will find many more. You always remember the first one detected!