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    That's awesome! Way to go!
  2. Finally a good day!

    Gravelwasher I wouldn't say that. I got pretty lucky with this spot. Many of the nugget were screaming at me along with the thousand pieces of trash I dug. Next time I go to this wash will be the real test on the detector! I'm excited to get back.
  3. First detector gold for me.

    Awesome! Hopefully you will find many more. You always remember the first one detected!
  4. Yup anytime is good.
  5. Finally a good day!

    Walker check the quarter. Rob it is pretty awesome. Lately I have been running the sensitivity at 3 or 4 and still find the tiny stuff. I still wish for a 8 by 6 in coil for it tho.....
  6. Finally a good day!

    OT no snakes but I did see a snake skin and a snake trail going across the road. Tom you're right this side of the ground makes every day that much better! Walker yup they are pretty small.... The 7k found them alright..... Found them before the nugget they were right next to. One of my favorite tools to use out there is my circle k straw. lol Thanks to everyone else!
  7. I have been hitting a new area for the last few months and just knew there was gold there... Well skunk after skunk I decided that this place only has one nugget... The one I lost last week. Well I go to some new ground in an old area, a system that has been worked by the old timers they filled it with trash and left some gold. I dug about a thousand boot tracks and old wire coils from brushes assume and a few nuggets. The first one found was the nugget with the arm then a .75 g sunbaker! The two biggest bits are the same weight at 1.25 grams each. Total weight is 8.72 grams my best day in a very long time. Also thank you Rob for your consistent great service. The new control box and coil covers are on and look good.
  8. Dang that's awesome! Sweet nugget.
  9. Awesome! Good job guys. Those hats are pretty nice! I wear mine all the time. Thanks Rob.
  10. 16 to 1 wash

    Hey Tom it looks like you guys had a good time! 16 to one is way better than my last trip. 50 to negative 1.... I gave back my green nugget box and a nugget. Maybe one day I will try to find it.
  11. Fun day out today

    Good job Tom glad you got over a couple! Way to go.
  12. Rob there is one on eBay right now for 5650. Says brand new coming out of San Gabriel California. Very close to LA... First time seller, one item, no reviews....
  13. Yeah Craigslist is full of flakes and crappy trades... But I'm not trying to hard to get rid of it either. Its way to much fun.