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  1. Monster gold!

    Looks like fun guys! Keep it up.
  2. Gpz outings

    Awesome glad the new machine is working for you!
  3. Gpz 19 dinks

    Yes sir it is freaking heavy. Using this coil I finally put the bungee cord on my machine. I did dig some old deep trash too that was no fun..... Thank goodness for the pin pointer.
  4. Gpz 19 dinks

    Ha it sure does! That's too funny. I'm hungry now too!
  5. Gpz 19 dinks

    No not a moonbaker or a sunbaker lol just under the sand tho. All it took to get it was a straw.
  6. I finally broke in my gpz 19. I bought it almost a year ago and only used it a couple times. I took it out last night and was impressed. The bigger nugget is .45 grams and was about 7 inches deep. The smaller piece is .14 grams and was under a bush on exposed bedrock. It surprised me to find such a small piece. So now it is time for a big deep one. But at this rate I need 30 more years and 500 more nuggets just to cover the coil cost! Ha Here is what I used for settings: general, normal, sensitivity 7, audio smoothing off, threshold 5.
  7. That's pretty awesome Rob! Any luck with the monster?
  8. 3 grams

    Well the piece crumbled to bits when we cut it. Only one small bead of copper fell out. Very strange. Tom I would but when the bead came off and it was Cooper it got tossed into the yard lol Rob yes the 7k is for sell sorta... about to build a house in some property I just bought. I will try a little harder to sell it closer to the actual build.
  9. 3 grams

    Hey guys I went back last night and nothing else in there but this... I dug it at about 6 inches off of bedrock. Screamed on contact. Washed and scratched and washed again no visible metal. The gb2 iron discrimination Sounded off good. Well cut it with my brother on a diamond wheel and it was copper. Talk about the disappointment.... 😢
  10. Got out Sunday night in a new area. I parked the truck at the mouth of a small wash and thought this wash looks good. Turned on the 7k and started walking. Ten feet up the wash I got the first target. Lead... a couple more feet another target. Dug down 5 inches the dirt changed from white sand to red clay. Yup I though this is gold... and it was a 1 gram nugget. Score! Went maybe a hundred feet and got a half grammer in red clay. I little further up after a bunch of lead and old nails I dig down into the read stuff again. Yup 1.5 gram bit! That was all for the night but this is only one wash out of several in the area! Not too bad for the first time out in a couple months. Good luck guys!
  11. Selling my big wheel bike it's clean title 1987 or 88. Can't remember off hand. Looks great runs great. $3200 call or text Justin 6232510126 pictures tonight