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  1. All depends on who you ask Ron. Makes no difference to me what anyone thinks but I do find it comical how polarized of a topic this can be for some people who live out there. You and me both, still waiting to win the lottery
  2. My family lives in Santa Rosa, about two and a half hours south west of Auburn. Beautiful country, not too far from the gold fields and very close to the ocean. Santa Rosa is kind of in the middle between Clear Lake and Berryessa if memory serves correct.
  3. Very nice find, those miles old dredge tailings offer great opportunity for those patient enough to hunt them. That must have been a wonderful evening around the campfire for her and everyone.
  4. Not much of a story. Maybe not worth posting lol Warm day, good times!
  5. Keene 141 with Vac $700. Everything is in great shape. Ready to get the gold PM me if you're interested. If I have to ship it to you then the shipping cost is yours to pay. Flexible on delivery in the Phoenix and surrounding areas, happy to meet in the middle.
  6. Got it Jenn. Moe, it's no longer for sale.
  7. Great weather this week to be out exploring. Wednesday was especially nice. Managed a few grams of both nugget and specimen gold. The specimen you see here has a nice little vein of gold shot through it and there is more in the area it came from I'm sure. It's that time of year again where fire restrictions are coming into effect so some areas of the desert already aren't allowing campfires. Stars are beautiful at night though. Time to prepare to head north to cooler states.
  8. Haha! You know me well bro! A belly fully of good food and a beer around a campfire after 10 hours hunting gold just relaxes me. My most restful sleeps are on the nights around a fire under the stars 🙂
  9. That is awesome Browine, thanks for the continuation of the story! Very nice gold. It's out there.
  10. I was a skeptic of the ZED long before I bought one. When I did buy one and invested a few hundred hours into learning it in the field, I then realized how capable and versatile it really is. It's huge leaps forward from many of the older (and newer) SD and GP models on the technology side. I'm not an expert in all things ZED and have not broken any personal records with it but have been surprised at the gold it has found in ground that was detected many times by a wide variety of detectors, SDs, GPs, VLFs, etc. As a veteran of decades of hunting gold there is one thing that I can say for certain, you can't find gold where none exists. You can however use the tools in your toolbox (including your brain) to maximize recovery and get the true potential out of any area. Some friends and I have performed comparisons between the ZED and other units like a 4500 with a 19 inch coil. The results are mixed and likely boil down to more than just the detectors and settings. There is always a human factor involved, like focus, hearing ability and sound preferences. There is no perfect detector or magic settings, there are possibilities.
  11. Glad to help. Sensitivity is important but remember running the detector to where is you can best hear the signals and whispers is paramount. The sensitivity setting on the GPZ is more like a volume booster, it amplifies the receive signal. You may increase the sounds that nuggets make by turning the sensitivity up but you might also (will likely) do the same with ground noise and hot rocks. I've hunted areas where 2-4 has proven to be the best sensitivity setting. Again, I really encourage you to try different settings and remember there are no magic settings. One setting that is underutilized is the threshold pitch, it can really be good to experiment with it because we all hear differently. Wes is right, there are some areas that are one or two nuggets to be found but, you never know until you placer it out. I'm very excited for you to hear that the nugget was not on bedrock. Might be a good bet to pick a few 10x10 areas and slowly begin to scrape down 2-3 inches at a time and run them until you hit bedrock. Even the ZED misses so hopefully you can bring a VLF along to check that bedrock and get any tiny bits too, they can be plentiful and are sure fun to find. Looking forward to hearing about your return trip.
  12. Nice gold Brownie. If you're hitting that at 10 inches with the ZED it's very possible that the bulk of the gold is the same depth or deeper, and smaller (or bigger). There is no "one size fits all" detector so hitting the area with another detector (like a vlf) and possibly doing some digging down to bedrock are certainly in order. As a fellow ZED owner I agree its a great machine; however, it has a lot of settings for a reason. Experiment a little with your settings and you might just be surprised at what you missed. Detect, dig, detect some more. Over the years we've found many great patches by finding that first "leader nugget(s)" as you have. IMHO it does not sound like you've worked it very hard with just one trip, one detector, and no digging. Hope you return and find much more.
  13. I’ve been enjoying using the Gold Monster for the last month or so to help dial it in for my better half. It’s kind of been tough to do this and not swing the 7000 but doing so has really helped her and that’s cool. We’ve been out traveling all over the place with the GM. My opinion of the GM is still forming but I have made some observations that I’ll share here. Time may change my positions (observations). Hot Ground The GM is not a panacea for hot ground. I know a few areas that are very hot and simply no detector does well in the them. My friends and I have swung every PI made from the SD 2100 to the 7000, SDC, TDI, etc. in these areas and it’s just the way it is. Some areas are simply extremely hot ground. The GM does handle hot ground better than the other vlfs (I’ve used) such as the Gold Bug 2 (GB2), White’s GMT, Minelab Eureka, or the Tesoro Lobo Super Traq. Sensitivity compared to other vlfs The GM is not as sensitive as the GB2 on the smallest pieces of gold. Close but not quite. Noting due to the difference in kHZ. I believe the fact that the GM handles the ground better does level the playing field here somewhat. Coils So far no crazy falsing from either coil. Was kind of wondering after reading the experiences of others with the small coil. Would really like to see a small 5 or 6 inch elliptical coil for the GM. Sounds My gut tells me whoever engineered the sounds of this unit played on an original Atari game console as a kid. Really enjoy the sounds this unit makes and the lack of a threshold is a nice change. At first I (and she) had to get used to the lack of a threshold “Is this thing working?” Battery Life Great battery life. 8-10 hours of use you and you’re still going. This is true for both the stock battery and when using the AAs in the adapter. Here are a few pics of the smallest and largest gold the GM has found for me. One sub 1/10th of a gram piece and a 1.16 ounce specimen (gold weight after specific gravity test) although it only has a little gold showing. There are plenty of other size nuggets and species that we’ve found in between these weights. Putting the large specie aside, we’ve found just under 2 ounces with the GM so far - with the specie added into the mix, it brings the total gold weight to over 3 ounces. It's a fun and capable unit - we'll be taking the GM along on our summer adventures to cooler areas of the U.S.
  14. Nel Snake or Cors Shrew - who names these things? lol BTW - I believe both of these coils are primarily for relic/coin hunting (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong). Never personally used either for gold and have no idea how well they could handle mineralized ground. I have experienced that a gold detector will work great as a relic unit provided you are prepared to deal with the trash as gold detectors are not great with target ID like coil/relic machines; however, I've not seen any relic/coin machine that can serve as truly capable gold machines in mineralized ground.
  15. LOL on the title My better half has been wanting a Gold Monster as she is no fan of the drone of the threshold on the Gold Bug 2 (GB2). She often runs it silent and knows this can be risky with missing gold. So I bought her one (thanks Rob) and we decided to give it a few hour test run seeing it was such a beautiful day. It was very hard for me to leave the GPZ at home and just try and dial this thing in for her Our plan was to test the Monster in two areas.The first area is loaded with trash so we had the opportunity to test out the different modes. The second area has been pounded by numerous detectors over the years and you're lucky to ever hear a target. We also used both coils and liked them both. The little nugget was found with the 10x6 coil and I'm sure the 5' would have found the nugget as well. It was not very deep, maybe an inch. Now I've only used the Monster for one day so my opinion of it is still in the forming stages. Having used detectors for find gold for many, many years I can say that the Monster is an easy to use machine for me. And my better half finds it easier to use than the GB2. Why? She relates to the buttons and digital screen of the Monster far more than she does the knobs and switches of the GB2 and, she certainly enjoys the relative quietness of the Monster over the GB2. Seems like a fun, productive, and easy to use detector so far
  16. Here's another nugget from a very recent trip that a friend and I took We both scored nicely I'm not posting our total take, but you'll appreciate this beauty. Found just a few inches deep with the GPZ, it was a screamer Only a gram and flat. Dropped it in my salad Life is good
  17. What a beautiful day to be out My friend Las and I were working an area where we (and our friend Dennis) have talked some gold out of the ground before. I decided to swing a hill that we had yet to cover. Have to take your time and do it right As I made my way up the hill about 15 feet I heard a screamer of a signal. Digging down a few inches I took a scoop of dirt and ran the coil over it. As I looked in the scoop the glint of gold caught my eye. A very nice piece of a small stringer was sitting right on top. 12.8 grams total. Nice and coarse. The close up are the best pics I’ve been able to take with my daughter's camera yet. Mine broke a while back and I’ve been putting off buying one until she insists There’s more to the story, but we’ll leave it at that. Ate some grub and headed home. It’s out there Life is good
  18. Its a lot of fun and a gold getter Rob
  19. My good friend Las and I headed out early to see if we could talk some nuggets out of the ground. We decided to hunt a wash that was not too remote but one where we had both found some great gold in the past. We’ve pounded but not yet “finished” this wash so there was some opportunity left. Crawling through some thick brush I trashed the headphone cord on my GPZ headphones. Easy enough to fix and having the WM12 wireless external speaker saved me time from a mile and a half hike back to the quads to grab the backup pair. Thanks Minelab I ended up with 3.1 grams for the day and my friend got a couple of nice quartz species with his Gold Bug I decided to use the Ground Smoothing option of Locate Patch on this wash (used the default Off previously) and these signals really stood out. Don’t have any pics of his finds but do have a pic of him with one in the scoop. Here pics are of my nugs in-situ. Both found on a inside bend bench. 9.2 grams for my week so far and now the weekend is here - hmmm First nugget in-situ Second nugget in-situ Good friend scores a specie on the flats Dang headphone cord Bird's nest
  20. Been meaning to post this for a few weeks...We've passed through this area a couple of times in the last few years. It’s kind of funny how much equipment we’ve found left in the deserts and mountains over the years. Seeing good equipment left to waste just always makes me wonder why people never go back for things? In just these pics there is over $1,000 in equipment: a drywasher and two vacuums. Not to mention the buckets, pans, shovels, knee pads, etc. Enough equipment for two people easily. Why did these guys never go back? Struck it rich, lazy, lost their way, knuckleheads? Regardless, no one has touched their stuff for a few years and at this point it's all rusty, dry rotted junk. No matter the why, it's this kind of thing gives prospectors and outdoors folk in general a bad reputation for trashing the public lands. If you leave crap laying around to rot - you’re part of the problem Don’t give the greenies cause. We named it the Junkyard Dog wash.
  21. What a beautiful day to hike a few miles in gold country The pre-dawn temps felt like they were in the 30’s and somehow that good crispy chill always makes your coffee taste better. I recently replaced the handle on my Apex pick and am very glad to have it done as the GPZ really hits some deep targets. Crazy how the Z can find both small and large nuggets at depth for the size. I don’t necessarily advocate for buying the latest and greatest technology but learning the Z (zvt) is certainly proving to be a lot of fun after many years of using vlf and pi detectors. There is the expected trash in this area and some very nice gold for anyone willing to work through the trash to find it. What you see is just a fraction of the bullets, must have been a shooting gallery Even found and iron toe There were some detector digs in the area where the nuggets were found that appear to be fairly recent. My guess is weekend warriors missed them Everyone misses gold now and then, no exceptions Maybe the Javelinas found some gold too after they had a snack 6.1 grams in the poke Life is good
  22. Here is a pic of it in my daughter's hands. Wish we found it - next time!
  23. Very cool. I've detected up in the forty-mile district just "over the hill" in Alaska (big nuggets and fines) but never in Dawson. From a few folks I spoke with in Alaska there is still good gold to be found in near Dawson in the right areas. Good luck, it's beautiful country in the north. If you get bored just take the Top of the World Highway over to Jack Wade. Jack Wade has several miles of area open to the public for prospecting. Big gold still there for those who work hard and have a bit of luck I saw a 5 pounder taken from less than a foot below the surface
  24. After purchasing the GPZ I read the brochure and did the recent software update. Easy, awesome, thank you. Being a Linux user I opted to borrow my better half’s Windows PC to download and transfer the file via USB. Now, my Linux system could have accomplished that simple task no problem. The brochure simply states to facilitate the update via a “computer”. The term “computer” is ambiguous. The main reason (assumption) for using my better half’s Windows system was warranty. My understanding of the legal definition of computer is essentially the following: ”A computer is a device that computes, often a programmable machine, which can perform a programmed list of instructions and respond to new instructions given to it. An electronic computer accepts data, manipulates data, produces results, and stores results.” (U.S. Legal) Many legal eagles have weighed in that definition covers any of the following: Linux, Mac, Windows, Chromebooks (Linux). tablets, phones (Android (Linux) and iPhone (MAC), etc. Quoting the Minelab brochure steps: “Begin the download by clicking on the new GPZ 7000 software update in the ‘Software Updates (Detector Firmware)' section. It will automatically save to your computer.” “Connect the GPZ 7000 to your computer via the USB cable and turn on the detector.” “Once the software update file is transferred to your detector, disconnect it from the computer by ejecting the drive and then unplugging the USB cable.” These directions never specify using Windows, Mac, Linux or anything. Just “computer”. That said, downloading and transferring a file could be accomplished with all kinds of “computers”. Again, kudos to Minelab for not making the update required to use some special software, just a file transfer. My main question: Has anyone posed this type of question to Minelab? The question being: "Can you use any "computer" (Linux, Mac, Windows, etc.) to initiate file transfers for GPZ 7000 updates via USB and not void your warranty?" If no one has posed the question to Minelab, I am happy to do so. If yes, someone did pose the question to Minelab,, what did ML say?