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  1. NICE !!! I would pound that spot until I was sure there is nothing else left behind !
  2. roadapple


    Directions to the US mint ????
  3. I will take it ! I will PM you .
  4. Hang those beautiful gold nuggies on the Christmas tree !!!
  5. roadapple

    Here's a toad!

    Beautiful hunk of GOLD !!!!
  6. Nice carry piece .... Much better to be safe than sorry ! And yes there are crazy people that need to be in check ! Never go without one .
  7. NICE FIND !!!! Great story how things just happen perfectly by chance !
  8. Ya ! Start with exact latitude and longitude......... followed by...... cross roads ....... distance form nearest tree or rock cliff ...... LoL NICE chunk !!!!!
  9. This must be why the Dumper Trumpster is so friendly with his buddy Putin !!!!! LoL
  10. Puttie won't mind if say Trump , said we can metal detect here ! ..... LoL
  11. No I purchased it yesterday ! Great guy to deal with , TDI is like New condition. Thanks again Landon !!!
  12. A Golden potato !!!! WOW......
  13. I pm you regarding the coiltek 1'' pinpointer probe w/ switch.