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  1. Watched the episodes of season one last week. Good show. Are the episodes of season 2 on Netflix yet?
  2. Rob I've had two detectors modded by Link Technologies, Woody, and I saw improvements with both. My first one was a SD 2100v2. The mods improved this detectors stability and sensitivity to smaller gold. The second one I had modded was a GP3500 I bought used and had modded. The improvements to this machine again were a more stable threshold and with a gain control and a pot to fine tune the frequency I'm able to fine tune the gain and the frequency to increase sensitivity to fine gold and depth increases. It is on par with my 5000. I have a friend who had his 5000 modded and swears it will give a GPZ 7000 a run for its money. Being someone who couldn't keep up with Minelabs new machines and price increases this gave me an affordable option. I also had a guy from the forums, goes by Bad Weasle, build me a voltage regulator that allows me to use the GPX battery with the SD2100 and the GP 3500. It's works great. Wes.