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  1. Ron Driscol talked about someone finding nugs in the tributaries running into lynx lake. Just a memory.
  2. I have worked lynx creek a bit but not up as far as walker. ( no relation that is close enough to know about.). I work a lot in the Bradshaws and rich hill,and a few other areas.
  3. I have been using most of all the other Minelab models in these same areas for many years, so it wasn't only the other machines missing gold, it was me also. But guess what, I know I am missing some with the 7000 so... on it goes.
  4. Here's a mess of stuff I found this season.
  5. Here's a piece I found on the first day out with the 7000. Of course I took it to the best spot I had.
  6. I sold a lot but I have some pictures. I will post some for you.
  7. There's an advantage of having new technology first in the field. The 7000 on old patches was deadly. I am on my 7th pound. And this is in Arizona's hammered gold fields.The price drop doesn't bother me because I saw the advantage. I can understand why some don't like it though.
  8. I think you are right on the gold guessing contest.

  9. Ok, it worked Rob, I had to sign up and give it a go. I tried to sign up before but I couldn't get by that security thing and gave up. Glad to be here. Ok 155.5 grams?