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  1. That's a perfect analogy.
  2. Nice, how about the coords on where you found that dime. I love mercury dimes.
  3. There's givers and there's takers. Which one are you?
  4. Prayers Needed - Off Topic

    May the Lord grant you many more years with your dad. So sorry you are going through this brother.
  5. Nugget Salad

    Rob, use that swing arm, it's the only way I can swing all day. You don't have to prove anything to us, we know your tough.
  6. I have never found any specimen stuff in this area. Only sluggy nuggets. What a treat.
  7. That may be once in a lifetime for some but you guys will see more of them! Great job. So glad to see something like that pop out. It motivates me!
  8. Hey Rob, I'm in. Any time is good for me.
  9. Finally a good day!

    Sweet!! Got it!
  10. Finally a good day!

    Oh you edited your picture and now the two little fly poops are missing. Did you throw them out so they would grow?
  11. Finally a good day!

    Wow! Those two little bits are the smallest pieces I have ever seen the 7000 find. 🤣 good job!
  12. Wow Rob, it's clear that you have an affinity for the gold! Very nice!
  13. Here's some bits for your viewing pleasure!
  14. Now it makes sense! Oh and if you're wondering, this is a secret, lead sounds almost like gold!
  15. Oh boy! I have a patch on that ridge where that was filmed. Good thing I can tell what lead sounds like with my zed.