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    Metal Detecting, junk, nails, boot tacks, lead & gold nuggets - Armory, Minelab GPX 5000, Fisher F-75 SE. Also one of Rivermans Canons;-)
  1. Welcome to the forum, Nugget65, Another guy from Trinity, I was born 63, Class of 81 Trinity High. Take care, Ed
  2. Nice Gold Guy's, Fors Gold is a nice detector, like to see the Racer, being lighter. Frank, the Turkish gold heading got me, like that Take care, Ed
  3. Hey Rob, I will be sending a money order, to you for this coil monday morning. Just for a heads-up. Wish we had that Texas Rain here, for our creeks and wash's Take care, Ed
  4. Nice Gold Chris;-) Hey Chris, is the shaft longer on the SDC 2300, then the GPZ ? or are they the same length. just wondering. Take care, Ed
  5. Hey Rob, About the GPZ 7000, Ive been running a friends GPZ, and that thing is to short-upper & lower rods. My back was killing me, I'm 6'-4", and I bought longer lower fiberglass rod for my GP 3500, that I bought from you, then when I orderered my GPX 5000 I got the longer carbon fiber Upper & lower rod's. It looks like you would not be able to due that with the GPZ 7000, because the cable run's inside the upper and lower rods? Take care, Ed
  6. Hi Chuck, here's my best find with the F-75, with stock coil, all metal. Found Jan. 25,2015.
  7. Hi Chuck, I love my Fisher F-75 SE, upgraded DST. It's really light, great depth, and able to adjust tones, for my hearing. stock 11" E, great coil, have 5" Round, and 6" E Concentric coil, and probably buy the 10" E coil. Since I've been using the my F-75, primary coil is the 11" E dd, and would like to get the 10" E dd coil, which is a solid coil. Great depth in Disc/All Metal, long battery life, and well balenced, under 3 pounds. Take care, Ed
  8. Big Ed

    Easter Weekend Gold

    Hey Mark, Picture's came out great ;-) Got batteries charged-up, and I'm ready to go... Take care, Ed
  9. Thanks everyone, here are cleaned-up picture's,
  10. Thanks Adam, 20 DWT. to a troy once. Now all cleaned up total is 57.3 dwt.( 89.0 grams.) Take care, Ed
  11. Big Ed

    cemented gold

    Wow - Thats way cool, never seen anything like it... Ed
  12. Thanks Rob, and boulder dash. Slowed down some due to health, and this is the first thing worth posting I will post some pictures of it cleaned up soon... Take care, Ed
  13. I got this little lump today, with Fisher F-75 SE. About ten inches deep with stock 11" coil, but anyone would have found it. If they had got a coil over it.... 57. DWT. Take care, Ed