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  1. Rob, I sent you message but have not heard anything from you. I still want to come out and get some field instructions on the ML I bought from you last Christmas. TxGold (James Harris)
  2. I GOT to have a 4500.

    Hey offroad: I've got a brand new 4500 that I purchased from Rob a few days before Christmas. Unfortunately, my wife and then my middle daughter both had unexpected surgeries. So cash has been a little short. The 4500 is brand spanking new and has never been unpacked. Honestly, I really wanted to come to AZ and so some hunting with Rob but that's not going to happen now. If interested let me know. TxGold (James Harris)
  3. Hey frritchi, I'm in Austin. Whenever you want to go to AZ or NV let me know. I'll go with you. I ordered my GPX 4500 from Rob and I highly recommend you do the same. Don't make a mistake and buy from just any minelab dealer. Believe me, Rob is the right dealer. TxGold
  4. Hey Uncle, are you going on business? I'm also planning a trip to do some nugget hunting about the same timeframe. Is this a vacation or a permanent thing? TxGold
  5. Rob, are you "jacking" with me again Of course I did - from you. I'm just waiting on it to arrive. Did it come in? TxGold (James Harris)
  6. My turn, My turn TxGold
  7. Scored a nice one!

    Del congrats! Very impressive. I'm envious (spelling) Tx
  8. Hey Doc nice review of the new DD 14" Coil. Listen by chance do you know of anyone going to Oz this coming year (March, April, May, etc). I'll be going and would rather know someone else that is going. Thanks, TxGold (James)
  9. Anticipation

    You're right Grub..... After speaking with him last week, I realized what a great fellow he is. He's got a brand new baby (congrats Rob) that keeps him running. He took time out of his long day to really help me decide on this purchase, etc. Not only was he professional but he was very genuine and friendly. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone. I couldn't be happier. Tx
  10. Anticipation

    Rob I purchased it from you - remember last week. I'm James Harris in Austin. I'm waiting for it to come in sometime in Dec (hopefully). I know its on backorder, but I admit the anticipation is killing me TxGold (aka: James Harris)
  11. The anticipation of the arrival of my new GPX 4500 has got me dreaming of finding my first nugget. I just hope all of the successful nugget hunters out there leave one for me to find. It doesn't have to be a large one, but boy wouldn't that be nice. <dreaming again> Maybe its the thrill of the hunt. I don't want to get ahead of myself so I'm asking all the pros here to share their 4500 settings with me - please!!!! I should be using the MD in the AZ and/or NV area. Please be specific, if possible. I hope I'm not asking too much. With Regards, Tx

    Hey Grub, I read an article last night that predicted the price of gold will be 2,600/oz by the end of 2010. Nice!!!!!
  13. Happy Thanksgiving to All

    Hey Ridge Runner, I read the other night on some other forum that you did some testing of the white's TDI. I hope I have the right person. If so, how did the testing turn out? I would love to here your opinion(s). Thanks Tx
  14. After I sold my GP3500 about a year ago, I knew I wouldn't lose my love of the hunt. Although I never found my first nugget (sad, I know), I can't stand by and let everyone else find theirs and not find one for myself. So, I've decided to go to AZ again and give it another try. The problem is .... I don't know or I'm not aware of anyone that is reputable that will take me nugget hunting. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks Tx