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  1. Rob, Did your Cuz get rid of his forum? Hendo
  2. Happy 65th, brother. Hope you are having fun today. Hendo
  3. So Rob, When is the date of the outing Hendo
  4. Thanks Fred. I think it's the opposite side of the mountain from the headwaters of the Kern river. Hendo
  5. Hey Frank, Desert Outfitters is no more. Hendo
  6. bsumbdy, just looking for a place less hot. Hendo
  7. Like the title says, I have a question. Is there any gold at Kennedy Meadows? Hendo
  8. Nice nuggys Jen. Old school still works. Hendo
  9. May you not celebrate too much Hendo
  10. Doc, what happened to your hair? Hendo
  11. Dang, I was only 6.3 grams off! Hendo
  12. It looks more like a golden cat turd. Hendo
  13. Rob,Just do it before it gets too hot! Hendo