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  1. Coil Wars I guess one would have to take , new , out of the box, 10 ea. and do test to come up with an accurate comparison. Being that I have never owned any NF coils, I could never give any comparisons. However I can say the 14" round Coiltek has always been a favorite of mine since the first time I put it on. Like Bob, I will stay out of the coil wars and say that this was an interesting and informative comparison. Thanks for your opinions.
  2. Public use, of public land is again under assult by another governmental agency. Another tax is going to be put on the public for using any vehicle off the asphalt. This will include you Family Car, PU, ATV's, Motorcycles, or any other motorized vehicle to access public lands in Arizona. You are very close to being required a special sticker on ALL Vehicles on public lands. This could possibly cost you as much as $50 Per Vehicle per year! Check out this program before it is to late! Purposed Off Highway Vehicle Copper Sticker Program Make Sure you download and read the purposed legislation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://www.gf.state.az.us/
  3. Virus on the AZO Forum?

    Have you ever wondered why these people spend time and energy just to screw up peoples computers. And do you think they sit back and say "wow, that's quite an accomplishment I made". I will never understand what drives people to do stupid and destructive things just for kicks. Go figure
  4. Rob, Bob, Steve and all Was that the 14" round or Wallaby you were using with those settings Rob? Because of the tiny size of the iron meteorites I've been hunting, many of which won't even weigh on a scale, the only coil I have any time on is the Joey mono. And that's a red hot little coil anyway. And I just ran normal, slow and 12-15 on the gain, and smoothe. Most of these are very near or on the surface. I normally run if fixed, but did try tracking occasionally during the day to see how well it would keep the treshold smoothe and I personally thought it did a tremendous job. But, I don't think I could ever change over to using tracking, and the ground I'm hunting doesn't warrant it's use. I did find the the sound of the 400 to be somewhat diffrent but easy to get used to almost immediately. Lots of basalt but it has a very distinct uneasy and gurgling sound that leaves no doubt as to what it is. The tiny irons laying near the basalt rang out loud so there was never a doubt. All in all my first day was most successfull as I intentionally stayed within an area I know has been pounded.
  5. Thanks Rob, I too have the new 4000 and will be starting to use it this very morning. I have already played in the back yard with little learned, for obvious reasons. But I will say this...... There are features that I am really excited about on the 4000 that were simple givens on prior models. First to mind is the ability to adjust the gain, where before you have been subject to whatever the factory setting was and just lived with it. In my opinion the 4000 will be an asset to those who can grasp the concept of total control verses limited control as with prior models. Control over thing like timing, gain, ect., will in my mind, give some advantage where used properly. If your going to turn on the 4000 and run in factory pre-sets then you may as well use what you have, because there will be no advantage. Only time will tell what this new controlability will show. I for one am excited to get started..........and that begins right now............