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Found 5 results

  1. Fun hunt

    Hello all, I always enjoy reading about the adventures and seeing all the great gold pictures. A fellow prospector invited me out to his claim to detect with him for a day. Perfect day to be out seeking the gold and the gold did come. Great day socializing over nuggets in a deep canyon in NorCal!! We banged on the chisels and hammered some gold out of the bedrock. Two Minelab detectors at work a GPZ and GPX5000 Great day out and hopefully more great days to come. Wishing you all much success getting those coils over some nice gold, happy hunting.
  2. Hello All, I was browsing through some old pictures and came across this one. It's one of my largest nuggets found with the Minelab SDC 2300. It was actually down a bit in nasty clay, so was surprised when I dug it up. I don't think I measured the depth of the hole, but being in very nasty ground it was just a whisper at around 12-14 inches. I only found dinks around it, so was pretty surprised when this popped up. The piece was just shy of a solid ounce.
  3. Hello All, You already seen a video I posted on the large, potato sized nuggets from the Liberty area. Here is a video of some amazing wire gold nuggets they found in the nearby area.
  4. Hello All, Here is a neat article about a guy that found 150 ounces of nuggets in one crevice. You can click the article link below to read the entire store. The article is off of Western Mining Alliance's website, which I believe is Brandon Rinehart's.
  5. Hello All, Here is an interesting video of the XP Deus working in Africa. Hard to tell in the video, but curious if that is shallow bedrock they are working, or the nuggets are just in the clay/mud near the surface.