Short Labor Day Hunt = Five Gold Nuggets

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Hello All,

This morning I left the house around 3am to head West several hours to hunt an old spot that seems to have been hammered by Monsoon rains. I actually got too early of a start, as I was at the location around 5:15 and it was still a bit dark to hunt. I fired the GPX 5000 on around 5:30am and started working my way down a small gully that the old-timers work probably a 100 years ago. Right away I noticed several spots that got blown out, the sand was pretty much gone showing some schist and granite bedrock.

After about 4 hours of hunting these areas that moved around, I managed to score a couple of boot tacks, a few square nails, one piece of lead and 5 gold nuggets. Nothing real big, but enough to keep the interest up until the next outing.

It's out there ....

Rob Allison

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I would be flipping to find that in a day! :)
Good hunting. Glad you got them.

Tom H.

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