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Hello All,

There is a lot of buzz on the new Garrett ATX Pulse Induction metal detector that is right around the corner from being released. Rob's Detector Sales will have both the Standard ATX and the ATX Deepseeker Package that includes the extra 20-inch searchcoil and military grade hard case. There are some field testers in the field right now giving some interesting reports on how the unit is working on mineralized ground.

Garrett ATX Standard Package - $2,495.00 US - Pre-Order Today!

Here are some of the specs so far on the new Garrett ATX Metal Detector -

What's your thoughts so far, anyone?

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I have been wanting a waterproof ground balancing PI better than the only one available so far, the Infinium. I am surprised Garrett is the only manufacturer showing an interest in this niche. I have been dropping heavy hints for over a year that a GPX in a CTX housing would be a great move for Minelab. Or a waterproof TDI from White's. Looks like Garrett beat them both to the punch. I can't wait to get my hands on the ATX.

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I can't wait to see how this machine pans out,,, it is so compact I can see it working for someone like me who travels everywhere.

Which includes the beach.

Waiting for results.......

It is funny how similar the ATX looks.... compared to the CTX,

I thought the CTX was next on my list, [and it still may be]... i have seen them work and I am impressed!

But depending on the feedback on the ATX....~~~~

I can see getting on a ToteGoat or Honda CT90, or a mountain bike and taking of to the high country...

or like you said Steve,,,,,, floating the creeks face down!!!!!!


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