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Machine gun loading instructions?

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Hey all:
No detecting today, Took the dirt bike out to work on my lack of riding skills

After about a hour and a half I realized that my legs have the strength of a newborn :(

But, I was out looking at washes and did find some juicy ground to detect later.

On the hill I found this tag. Its made out of aluminum.

To me it looks like the loading instructions for the ammo belt to a machine gun?
What do you guys think?
Tom H.


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Wanted to update this thread.

About 30 yards from the little instruction plaque I found I also found this panel.

Another member confirmed what it was for me.

Its a ball turret gunner access panel.

They were on B-17s B-24s and B-25s

Will have to do some more hunting in that area after it cools down a bit.

Makes you wonder if a bomber went down there at one time?

Crazy finds!
Tom H.




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