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The problem I have with the Nokta is it falses a lot on the upper 2-3 settings. Its almost impossible to use the upper 2 unless the pinpointer is totally vertical and even then sometimes it just doesn't work, drives me crazy, you can't lay it down on the ground sometimes without turning it off.

I'm thinking about getting the Garrett AT now.

My experience with Nokta in general has not been good, it took 3 Fors Core's (and something like 2-3 months) to get a working one. Other people had the identical problems online and Kellyco said they had a lot of units sent back so they clearly have QA/QC issues. It's the company I keep wanting to like but they just can't get me something that works. Maybe they'll get it together in the future.

I know other people have had no problems at all though so, experiences vary I guess.

Oh yeah, the other thing which I find kind of hilarious is that the pinpointer case, both on the inside and outside, came reeking of cigarette smoke. I got asked if I started smoking again when it was sitting in the backseat. Different standards in different countries I guess. I had to throw it away.

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