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Year End Finds, Trash and Treasure Video

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Just got back from our two week Az NV detecting trip. This year I concentrated on using my GPX4500 more using the stock 16" Mono Eliptical coil. We spent 1 week in Gold/ Lost Basin and 1 week in Pahrump. We stuck to the GSSN, GPAA and MPA claims. No gold in Arizona but plenty of trash kept us busy digging. Got 5 nuggets in Nevada on the GSSN claim. First one found first day of the trip in the first hour was 3.7 grams, about 2 inches under the surface.Got a 1.8, 1.5, .9, and a half grammer. This video shows our gold for the year and the last week we kept all the trash. We dug around 600 trash signals for the 2 nuggets found that week. Either it hadn't been hit that hard or people just throw their trash back down, hard to figure. Thanks Rob for all the help, I finally found the EMI problem, I didn't have the coil plug screwed in all the way, that was a noisy day in the fields.


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