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Gold Spear for $800.00 OBO shipped to lower 48 states. If to other locations add the computed shipping cost minus $30.00.
Included is the following:
GS SN# 1483
Stereo Headphones
Probe 4'
Probe Extension 4'
PVC Shipping Tube for the probe and extension.
Please Note the short probe in the pic is NOT included Just the 4' Standard probe.

I have 3 of these and don't need but 1 to use and one for a backup.
I have found 6 pockets with these and will give the buyer tips and instructions on how I use it to find pockets.



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Not at that price, I've owned one and it was handy at times but you may want to research price/value. Newer versions of that unit have gone from prices starting at $250 US$ up to $600 Canadian (about $500USD), links below. I paid $500.00 USD for a brand new one with extra shaft extension.

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Referenced sale price on the Canadian Gold forum is as follows: 


I'm asking $600.00 firm. I paid over a thousand for it brand new. If interested please send a email to  Thank you.

Referenced Link ;


I would like to know where you bought a Brand New one for $500.00 USD. When I talked to

Rolf Guldstrom (Lars's Son) in 2011, Aug 19. Below is the last email he sent me with a "Price Goldspear Mark-2:  2.061 EUR this equals 3.261 USD".

This would equal $3,261.00 USD in 2011. The last used one I bought was $595.00 in 2006 (12 years ago), the unit was still in the original shipping box and appeared to be not used. D&K Detectors told me the lady's husband had told them that he had taken it out of the box and put a battery in it and tested it and then put it back in the box and put it in the closet where it stayed till after he died and she placed it on consignment with them.

Is this what you meant by a Brand New One???

What Year did you buy a Brand New One???

How many Pockets have you found with a Goldspear???

I have found 6 Pockets myself with this instrument, and am on the trail of a 450oz pocket found in 1938.

If you consider the unit going for the $550, then the other $250 is a Damn Cheap Price for Access to MY Experience.

If you buy a metal detector from most dealers they include in the price a training session. Just Like I am doing.

At any rate the $800 asking price OBO (Or Best Offer) is a far cry from the $3,261.00 USD price Rolf is asking for a NEW Mark 2, If Rolf still has any in stock. And I was going to pay for Shipping to the lower 48, at apx $45.00, because it is such a long box.

If you will look in the picture and refer to the text I can see why you would Misunderstand that I was only selling the unit with the 4 ft probe only.

This is'nt what I intended and will correct that now! The unit comes with the 4 ft probe and the 4 ft extension, the same as a stock unit.




Right now the Goldspear is out of stock and we are in the process of developing a brand new instrument that will hopefully be ready in one year.
So at this moment we cannot help you but we will save your email and come back to you with news as soon as we start to manufacture the brand new Goldspear.

Here is a link to our YouTube clip on Goldspear


There are many good things to say about Goldspear, but here we will only mention that Goldspear is the only instrument in the world that is especially designed to find gold flakes, small gold particles and micron gold, even in highly mineralized sand.

Unlike all other detectors, Goldspear is totally uneffected by mineralized sand. Even highly mineralized black sand beaches or riverbanks e. g. There, Goldspear will find even minute gold particles with ease.

The Goldspear is thoroughly described in The Goldspear Method and in the Manual. We also have a CD-rom in English, with an 11 minutes long video film on how the Goldspear works. Please mail your name and adress and we will send it to you.
Goldspear Mark-2:
"The Flagship" with built-in extra amplifier that gives a loud sound. A piezo-loudspeaker are included. Carrying case is also included. The Probe has gold plated connectors. The couplings are watertight. Up to 5 extensions can be attached. One can then reach a lake or riverbed 7 meters down under water! 1 years warranty.

Price Goldspear Mark-2:  2.061 EUR this equals 3.261 USD

Warm regards,
Rolf Guldstrom.

Guldstrom & Co AB
Guldvagen 37

VAT nr               SE 556478-467501

Phone                +46 383 460 000
Fax                      +46 383 460 109

-----Ursprungligt meddelande-----
Från: []
Skickat: den 19 augusti 2011 10:32
Ämne: Meddelande till Kundtjänst

Från kontaktformuläret på kundtjänstsidan
Från: William V. Adams
Telefon: (541) 340-0931
Adress: PO Box 234 Dallesport, WA  98617-0234

Rolf, do you still sell the Gold Spear?
If so how much in US $ including Shipping.
Do you have any Distributators or Dealers in the US?
Would you consider setting up a distributor ship with me?
Bill Adams

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So Jennifer you are saying that you bought a USED machine for apx. Half Price from the Canadian Estate Sale?

I am sorry that you feel disappointed that I don't want to Give This Away for a cheap price. But If you could have gave me a reasonable offer then I would have responded with a counter offer. Negotiations for equipment shouldn't start out with someone disparaging the seller so they feel guilty for asking a reasonable price in their eyes.

The Correct way in negotiations for goods has a basic tenet in;


Acceptance or Counter Offer

Acceptance or Counter Offer

Then the meeting of the minds with either Acceptance or Rejection of further negotiations.

This is the civil way of doing business!

Thank You For Your Input on This Post!


Bill "Lost Adams"


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I didn't disparage you, stop being a snowflake, I responded to your 2nd posting asking why you had no bites, with fact based evidence (two links) of market value... good luck in your sale.

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