Cool Youtube Video about Sterling Creek Placers

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Great video.... thanks for sharing..... that's my plan, my project just ended at a company here in Phoenix but I just yesterday accepted a permanent position here in Phoenix that will allow me to start buying property in Gold Basin for this exact purpose.. WOOOO HOOOOO No BLM hassles, not permitting.... (other than getting rights from the RR of course if they own the mineral rights).

That multi stage sluice system he shows is exactly what my Heckler Fabrication system is setup like, here's a shot of it on my claim in British Columbia, you can see the 2 separate water flows, one higher velocity, one lower below.

It's also on the bottom of Greg's page, great system.

Here's a link to a video of it in operation:

PS: Notice the red pepper spray and blue horn on the rocks, this was grizzly country. No snake chaps needed but we had other concerns.. :)



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