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Layaway Plan offered at Rob's Detector Sales

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Hello All,

Many customers have asked about a Layaway plan. I do offer a Layaway payment plan (United States only), so if you're interested in getting a Minelab GPX-4500 before the price change or any other detector, give us a call for details.

Many customers are glad to hear I'm offering this finally. :)

Talk with you soon,

Rob Allison

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Thats cool ROB, many other companies are offering the layaway plan now also, since the economy took a dump. your right up there with Kmart and Target. and many others that used to have it, quit it, and are now bringing it back. Grubstake

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Hey Grubstake

We can't call it Rob-Mart because that just don't sound right.Now I'm waiting for the blue light special.like buy one and get one free.

Grub if Rob puts that on you and I will both have a new GP4500.

I find it hard to believe that Rob can afford to have many on layaway at one time.That's a little more than pocket change that's locked up in detectors.

One thing about Rob he will help you in any way he can and with the package he offers already you can't go wrong.

Chuck Anders

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