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groups in west valley, Phx, arizona

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Hey Guys!

I'm new on the blog and nugget hunting. Does the west side have any groups that get together maybe where a new guy could see a Gpx 5000 at work? not really feeling like grabbing a shovel and picking any old spot to dig Gold is a great way to find it. I know Rob sells 'em but it is a ka ching investment. really looking at gold as more than a hobby but realizing I'm not gonna get wealthy. Should be a healthy attitude at it? thanks,

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Hey Tim,

When you're ready I will show you a GPX5000 or any other Minelab you would like to see work. I'm a bit tied up until the new year, but after that I'm sure we can work something out. Maybe you can tag along when I'm doing fieldi instructions with a new GPX5000 user so you can hear all the stuff about the unit.

A couple of clubs I suggest locally are -

Roadrunner Prospecting Club

Weaver Mining District

Talk with you later,

Rob Allison

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