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  2. Hey Guys, Just a FYI, products are getting harder to keep in stock due to the Coronavirus. Several manufactures mentioned they will not be able to ship certain products I ordered. This might spread to all the manufactures if this crisis gets worse. Just a FYI, we are doing our best to keep all products in stock, but if we are unable to replace inventory, it might get difficult for a bit to get certain metal detectors and accessories. Right now the Minelab Gold Monster 1000 is on backorder and they are slowly trickling in. As of now I don't have a ETA when the next batch will arrive, so everyone is searching for them now. There could be a shortage on the Equinox 800 really quickly also. If you order something from us and we don't have in stock, we will refund in full if needed, or ship the moment that product(s) arrive. I would suggest you look through your inventory or your wish list and get orders in soon than later if you want them within the next couple of months. If for some reason I'm wrong about all this, then it's business as normal. However, I think it's going to get worse before it gets better. Rob
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  4. Thanks Guys. Here is a picture of the nuggets found that day, figured you didn't want to see all the trash. 🙂
  5. Attaboy bro, obey them orders to distance yourself and get more gold. What a dilemma. Old Tom
  6. Hey Guys, I had to social distance myself, so I decided on a trip back to the old placers. Like always, digging tons of iron rubbish, this time I must of dug a dozen iron pick tips. I'm sure they were using the tips to pry open crack and it would just snap off the tips. I was working with my Minelab GPZ 7000 all day, moving rocks and racking sections of bedrock off. I ended up with 6.2 Grams of the good stuff in 5 gold nuggets total. I didn't get a picture of all the nuggets or a final shot, but here are a few I took during the earlier hours. A few pieces wedged in the bedrock cracks. Wishing and praying for health and wellness for you all during these crazy Coronavirus times. Rob
  7. Looks good Doc,thanks for posting the updated info .
  8. Gang the first production prototypes of the SAGA V2 Swing Assist Guide Arms are here. See what improvements have been made. Comments welcome. Thank you to the people that gave me feedback on the first version which as we all know was a crash and burn. -Doc
  9. Hey Gary, Good prospecting. I finally made it out today for a little bit, found 5 pieces and a gob of iron rubbish. I will post later tonight. ROb
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  11. Well today I decided to prospect a bit differently, as opposed-to toting and swinging one of my metal detectors. The only tools that I brought and used was a pair of tweezers, a blow tube, my camera, and my "Eagle-eyes". I wanted to spot them with my naked-eyes (this maybe?? challenging for some). I hadn't been to this wash for months, since way before this winter came into the Prescott / lynx Creek area. Due to all the snow/rain storms over this winter all of the dirt roads have been too muddy-gumbo to travel on. I soon discovered that much of the (previous) exposed bedrock sections had been covered over with lite-weight sand and gravel; but there where still a few stretches still exposed. So, ....getting down on my hands and knees (with knee pads I might add), and slowly crawling along, I commenced to "Eye-Ball-Prospect" the remaining exposed bedrock for those elusive nuggets, and /or flakes. Well, as my photo's show I ended up with nine, the biggest being a little picker that I am sure my detector would have sounded off on had I swung the coil over it. One photo shows both tweezer ends pointing to two (very small) nuggets at one time. This little venture also assured me that there most likely are larger nuggets in the area to be detected. ...........On a side-note: Check out my YouTube Channel at: ARIZONA GOLD NUGGET VENTURES; click on the SUBSCRIBE button, and ring the bell to view some of my video's where I video and explain "Where" the most-likely places for gold nuggets would be out in the gold fields. Gary
  12. Thanks Is the area that it was found Virginia . I saw that AUwanderer pointed to that. I'm just curious
  13. What a great piece of gold. Congrats and Thanks for showing! We need something to cheer us up despite the crazy times right now. Rob
  14. Mining Relic's of the Mother lode There are relic's from the California Gold Rush all over the State. The pictures in the video are from Grass Valley to Beckwourth and just about every camp or village in between. When Gold was discovered in California in 1848 it started a mass expedition to the territory in search of great wealth. I hope you enjoy the pictures and the video I just love visiting the Historic mining towns and sites . Thanks for watching !!!
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  16. Hey Guys, I have a really nice Minelab GPX 5000 that a customer traded in. It comes with all the stock accessories plus the Doc's Goldscreamer Power Pack, Li-Ion Battery system ($469). I'm asking $3,000 firm for this unit and all accessories, coils and battery system. The detector is in great condition. Contact us by email, phone or text. I don't expect to have this unit long. 623.362.1459 office 602.909.9008 cell or text message
  17. Wow, good on ya bro. Get out more an let us know just how you are doing. Old Tom
  18. Been a while since I posted. Found this one last Sunday along with a few others.
  19. Farm Chores and Gold : Return to the Feather With all the crazy stuff happening right now I feed the farm animal's and head to the Feather River to find piece of mind and Gold. I'm Social Distancing to the River !!!! No lines no media no drama no BS Just me and a few fishermen enjoying nature on the River. Filmed 3-16-2020 Farm chores and Gold : Return to the Feather SG 017
  20. Man those just do not come around very often....congrats on hitting a lunker!!
  21. Whoa !! What a great piece !! Thanks for sharing
  22. Another thing I didn't know: This virus only has cell receptors for lung cells (it only infects your lungs) The only way for the virus to infect you is through your nose or mouth via your hands or an infected cough or sneeze onto or into your nose or mouth.
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