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  2. Grub You still got baby fat! I’m 78 but what I got I can assure you it’s not baby fat . The Best To You! Chuck
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  4. That's a heck of a pocket!!! Congrats and hope it keeps going!
  5. Ok, thats it ! I`m going detecting this weekend !! Thanks for sharing such a fantastic cache !!
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  7. I'll say you hit a nice pocket,congrats hope it keeps on giving .
  8. Here’s a few bits from November. I hit a nice pocket. I hope it continues.
  9. Grubstake 1 Who do you think painted it the first time? Even if I didn’t I’m old enough! Chuck
  10. Ridge Runner, your going to be busy anyway, the painted desert needs another coat! Ha! Ha! Grubstake
  11. You guys talking so ugly about this guys gold nugget just for that I’m not going to show you my painted gold rocks. Chuck
  12. Hey Guys, For all my customers and friends using the Steelphase, they all agree it's the best signal enhancer out there today. That being said, they are very hard to keep in stock here in the US due to the huge demand for them in their home country, Australia. Pat @ Steelphase developed a great unit here and many are having great success with them on the Minelab PI's, SDC 2300 and GPZ 7000.
  13. Ya, it's as fake as shit. I have been prospecting and mining my entire life. The gold nuggets would not be lying right on the surface, especially in a large water course. The gold is way too shiny for even being in the water. The gold is melted, but I do agree it's gold or gold plated.
  14. Hey Guys, Sorry for being so distant, but I have been working my butt off with my day job and the business. I didn't get any pictures of my Daughter and I with the nugget, I should have. Thanks for all the kind words. Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season and some nuggets to go along with it. Rob
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  16. Man what a deal! Imma thinking you should get with the feller who posted a research survey on here. If you guys bump heads together something might just happen... I don’t know what, but something. Maybe some roombas running around with pin pointers in interesting areas?!!
  17. Sniping and Crevicing for Gold Nuggets Join Prospector's Gary AKA (Two Toe's) and Jeff (Smithsgold) as they embark on another Adventure to find the Mother Lode. Gold Nuggets are there Target and they will work the Bedrock Crevices above and Below the water to find there Treasure. Sniping for Gold underwater is one of my favorite ways to find Gold and sometimes the most rewarding. ( SG 013 ) Thanks for watching, Jeff
  18. I love interesting places ! Please, is this a service you provide ? Will I find gold nuggets if I follow your advise?
  19. I will note interesting places on the space picture. the search is based on the identification of geodynamic environments in which deposits and deposits were formed, these are ore and alluvial gold. I use geological maps and available scientific literature. to the exaltation. Alexander
  20. Beautimos nugget, Rob...Did you take a photo of you and your daughter with the nugget? Love to see it! ... Cheers Unc
  21. Lower Price Your pick at 80.00 each ship free to you in lower 48 . Buy both for 150.00 ship free to you in lower 48 . Chuck
  22. Thanks if you are getting gold with that steel phase...great... your explanation makes sense to me. I was just curious thanks fred
  23. Hi Fred, So understanding that we are all different, I have found that using Filter #1 and Mode #2 (which is best for stereo headphones), that the signal's I get are "brighter" and "crisper" from the Steel Phase than what I was using before. What I do is tune the 7000 without the Steel Phase turned on. After the GPZ is tuned I turn the unit on, turn up it's volume pretty high (8), but then make sure my threshold at that volume is comfortable and just audible enough where I hear it's variations but it's not going to give me noise fatigue. Where I usually hunt has very small gold. You have to be tuned well as it's been gone over by hundreds of very good detectorists. I have found very small bits at depths that I feel most detectors must have missed because there is so much evidence of activity all around me. Anyway, not sure all that makes sense. As I originally said, I also like the B&Z. Used it for years and years but, for me, I just respond to the way the Steel Phase seems to sound in conjunction with the GPZ. Hope you are doing well and am sending you best wishes...
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