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  2. Did it scream when you got over it Rob ? Or faint sound ?
  3. Yes I use GPS. It was the correct spot im for sure. I even passed the RRPC trail claim monument. We were at the red box in the picture which is well inside the RRPC claim.
  4. So what did you find out about the gold coins? Lots of us want to know! Grubstake
  5. I think you missed the claim. Did you use a GPS to navigate to the claim? I recognize where you parked, all I want to say is that ain't it. Don't prospect there that is the wrong claim. You are too far east. Dennis
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  7. Expedition #8 - RRPC, Golden Nickel It's a rough video but we're still learning
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  9. V-sat but I really don't want to ship that's way I asked your location. You can't go wrong with either the GB-2 or the Whites goldmaster series.
  10. Thanks for the replies you all... I've decided on a GB 2 instead of the v-sat. Any Gold Bugs out there for sale ? Way 2 cool... what have you got w/ the 2 coils ?
  11. Promo's end 01-31-2020. These bundles/promo's have been selling extremely well.
  12. Boy, I'd buy the GB2 over the V-SAT any day. I've had both and found basically nothing with the V-SAT and pounds with the GB2
  13. I Have a Gold Master for sale in your price range, I'm still waiting approval from moderator to join this sight. Here's a link.
  14. The guy over on Nugget Shooter forum don’t belong to this forum but he gave me his number if you want. He’s got pictures you can look at . PM if you like and I’ll give you the info. Chuck
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  16. I have a 12x8 Nugget Finder Evolution mono coil for sale. Price: $225 including FREE Ground shipping in the USA It works great and has only been used twice. I just don't use it enough so decided to sell. If interested, please contact: Don Newell Located in Goodyear, Arizona Email: Phone: (206) 755-8927
  17. A guy on Bill Southern’s forum has what you want. Price tag is 240.00 you pay to ship Chuck
  18. Hi Guys... I'm looking for a White's Goldmaster v-sat in very good cond. Prefer DD coil & headphones with it if possible. Price in the $250. range shipped. What's in your closet ? Or, a Fisher Goldbug 2 for around $400. Thanks... Terry
  19. Total BS. The guy is so stupid he shows in one video how to collect gold with a magnet, which would work great if gold actually was magnetic. The black magnetite that is sticking to the magnet is the only authentic part of that deception. I am an authentic gold miner with alluvial leases in Australia and I use magnets to remove the ironstone from the concentrates during cleanups and the good stays behind because it’s not magnetic. I could post a video showing the process. Won’t be dramatic like this BS but at least it would be authentic. Bert
  20. We use Midland units. They work pretty good. All walkie talkies are basically cb radios. Back in the 70's they had more wattage. These units are pretty low powered and pretty much work by line of sight for the best range. They seem to work well when we are in the same gully just around a few corners from each other, or if one of us is up higher than the other. Being on the other side of a hill from somebody in separate gullies probably won't work with any of them. FCC cut the wattage on all cb radios many years ago so they really don't have much range these days.
  21. Selling my Minelab CTX3030 Metal Detector. Condition is Used. In good condition ( usual scuffs on the coil covers). Standard coil plus the 17” and the 6” coils and all accessories seen in the photo. I’ve included the Andy sabisch book for the Ctx3030 and protection covers. Also comes with the Minelab bag and all boxes. Asking $1200 shipped. PM if interested
  22. Hey all: Looking for some advice on walkie talkies. Was out hunting this weekend with Luke and we were suppose to meet at a certain spot at 1. Well 1 came and went and about 1:30 we found each other. My fault. The spot we were suppose to meet at was on the other side of the big hill! Needless to say, all sorts of things start going through your head....both our heads! Broken leg, broken hip, heart attack....... So, we are looking at getting some walkie talkies. What I would like to know is........... Do all of them not work (like the ones we have) when your down in washes and such? Are the longer range ones more powerful and will over come the hills and valleys? Do any of you use one that works good out in the hills that you could recommend? Thanks Tom H.
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