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  2. Rob, thanks for the call back today about those scoops. Nice to see prompt service.
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  4. Well tell the CDC that KN95 and N95 masks are bullshit. KN95 are N95 are recommended by the CDC, and they even say you can use them for extended use as long as they are usable and you have not soiled the outside with blood or sputum. The key is not to touch the outside of the mask and transfer cooties to the inside. These masks meet FDA specs. Cloth masks do not. These masks are approved for medical use. Cloth masks are not. The CDC also recommends, which is what my sons, who are dentists also recommend, is to use your cloth mask or a cheap mask over the KN95 mask to keep the outside of the KN95 mask from being contaminated using the cloth mask to act as a barrier. "CDC Recommended Guidance for Extended Use and Limited Reuse of N95 Filtering Facepiece Respirators in Healthcare Settings" "While contact transmission caused by touching a contaminated respirator has been identified as the primary hazard of extended use and reuse of respirators, other concerns have been assessed, such as a reduction in the respirator’s ability to protect the wearer caused by rough handling or excessive reuse.(19, 20) Extended use can cause additional discomfort to wearers from wearing the respirator longer than usual.(14, 15) However, this practice should be tolerable and should not be a health risk to medically cleared respirator users." So all of this is talking about use in a healthcare environment and even the CDC recognizes that these are not one-time use masks. If you are in a store and practicing social distancing, and there is no one obviously coughing or sneezing around you, there is no reason you can not reuse this or any mask safely, just don't turn it inside out. CDC studies cited by the CDC speculate that the reason there is no strong evidence that touching the outside of the mask does not generally contribute to spread of contaminates is because the contaminates are captured inside the outside layer of the mask as you inhale. They cited a study which said that on the average doctors and nurses touch their masks and then their faces on the average of 25 times and yet there seems to be no correlation between this behavior and an increase in illness among medical staff. Now regardless. with all that being said, I have no idea when this study was conducted and whether they had ever dealt with a virus as easily transmitted as CO-VID19. So as with all things, take it with a grain of salt. I can tell you from personal experience that these masks work better than anything else I have used. I melt plastic in the warehouse and I can not smell it, nor can I smell fiberglass rods that I have to grind. Not so with other masks. I would never use a cloth mask for doing these things. Although the CDC has said that even cloth masks can be beneficial in preventing breathing in droplets of other people's exhaled breath. I think if we all just use some kind of nose and mouth covering we will be well protected from each other. That way we have two barriers. The mask we are wearing and the mask someone else is wearing. However, what good is a mask when people are wearing the damn things below their nose? That drives me crazy. So nothing is perfect. But I think common sense goes a long way. Do what you feel comfortable doing. I think any face covering is better than no face covering. It's all moot now, all the masks are all gone. Doc
  5. Yes he did. He worked a mine east of Independence near Majourka canyon. He had painted a seascape on a rock outcrop. I was there once many years ago and found the painting and his diggings near the spring.
  6. I found my first nugget about 65 years ago . Never lost the interest. I'm sure Woody found gold long before his first "detector" nugget.
  7. I want to call bullshit on these masks. Considering that the mask is only designed to be used one time. It would be very expensive to use. The object of the mask in use for Covid-19 is to prevent the distance your breath travels not necessarily what you breath in. A cloth mask is probably more economical because they can be washed and disinfected. The cheap disposable typical mask is probably the best choice. Here in Arizona a dash board in the sun this time of year you mat be able to take your chances with a sun roasted 240 degree cleaning.
  8. Hey gang, I bought 500 KN95 masks made to FDA specifications. Actually my two sons, who are dentists took some of them, that's why we were able to get the good medical grade ones. These are sterile and each masks is individually packaged so they stay clean until you need them. Not looking to make money off of them I will sell them for what they cost me. 10 for $20 plus $4 shipping. I didn't need 500 masks but that was the minimum we could buy. What a joke! A mask that cost us $1.60 with shipping Custom's whacked me 40 cents per mask in import duty. Even the government is out to make money off of this pandemic. At least you know these are good masks and they are here in the U.S. at my warehouse ready to be shipped today. Supposedly masks are going to start getting hard to get again because of the uptick in Virus cases. VP Pence yesterday said that hospital workers needed to start trying to use personal protection equipment as much as possible to avoid shortages. Hell, you don't know what to believe. I have seen this exact mask selling for just 5 for $21.95. and it's not a sterile mask. These are good mask. I have been wearing it to melt plastic and also when I cut fiberglass rods and it is very effective. You can order them on my website: Doc
  9. Your a good man Rob. I really doubt that you re reprinting Jim's books for the money but rather to keep his legacy alive.
  10. I have some of his books, and yes he was a real treasure as an author and as a person.
  11. Hey Guys, The Minelab Promo's have always been a big hit, this season especially. Keep in mind there are about 3 weeks left before these great specials will end. The biggest hit right now is the Minelab GPZ 7000 with the FREE $1500 19" Searchcoil Promo. Just a FYI. We would love to earn your business! Rob
  12. Hey Doc, The riffles are great for the guys that like to sample pan in the creeks and such, or even dry pan a crack or two with the new scoop. However, the design seems to be slightly narrower and slightly deeper than standard treasure/nugget scoop. This feature seems to give the scoop more strength when digging in hard ground. We now have them listed (Yellow or Green) on our online store -
  13. Hey LipCa, Ya, getting that first gold nugget will get you hooked for sure. The price of gold is increasing, even though it's not easy to find gold or gold nuggets, a couple of grams of gold will surely pay for gas and put about $100 in your pocket. Rob
  14. Hey Flak, Good memories here, as the thread started back in 2006, 14 years ago. Jim Straight was a wealth of information as you can see in this thread of posts. I promised I would do my best to keep Jim's books alive and printed. I reprinted both "Advanced Detecting & Prospecting for Hardrock Gold" and "3 Hours to Gold," which talks about this general area where the huge Mohave nugget was found. Both books can be found on my online store and this is probably the last printing I will have done (limited amount before the books will not be able to be found again). - Advanced Prospecting & Detecting for Hardrock Gold - 3 Hours to Gold
  15. Just because of you Grubstake I bought a wireless remote microphone. So no matter how far I am away from the camera my voice should be loud and clear. I am going to have to re-do this video, as soon as it's not 213 degrees out. Doc
  16. Rob did you mean a tad THICKER? Rather than thinner? My G-Spot scoop weighs more than the typical scoop. Doc
  17. Rob mistyped the url, here is the proper one. Doc
  18. I would like to order a couple but link says "page not found"?
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  20. I never met Woody but I was sitting in my "library" over the weekend reading a Lost Treasure magazine. Saw an article about "electronic gold detecting" written by who else but Woody! It was a 1982 edition. In reading the article, it seems that Woody found his first nugget with a borrowed metal detector in 1980. I guess it only took one to get him started.
  21. Equinox 600 for sale. 1 ,1/2 years warranty left and brand new replaced control pod. With brand new shaft and brand new coil. All off resent purchase of a equinox 800. Contact me at 2524239692. Text or call
  22. Hey All, As many of you might know in the mining/prospecting community, Icon Jim Straight passed away. Jim has been a mentor to hundreds, if not thousands of people over the years. Jim wrote many books, including the famous NuggetShooter's Bible, Advanced Prospecting and Detecting for Hardrock Gold, 3 Hours to Gold and many other smaller books. Jim also over the last 30-40 years was an active writer for many of the major prospecting magazines from Gold and Treasure, GPAA, ICMJ and many more. Without a doubt, Jim will always be looked at as a Icon in the prospecting and mining community. That being said, Jim and I were friends for over 30 years, so I always promised to support, promote and sell his products knowing what they would do for others. I had a recent opportunity to have a limited amount of "Advanced Prospecting & Detecting for Hardrock Gold" and "3 Hours to Gold" books reprinted to hopefully get some in new prospectors hands, as they are a huge help and will not be offered again. Pretty much all Jim's books are out of print and will not be reprinted again. Lets hopefully get the last of these two book into some peoples hands that don't don't have a copy, or would like to have a backup. I promise, you will get some great information out of this book. Below is a direct link to my online store to order this limited copy by Jim Straight. Limited Quantity available - $24.95 + $4.00 US First Class Shipping Both books can be purchased from us online or give us a call.
  23. Well cared for GPX5000 I have owned this since new (not much of a gold hunter so it does not have a lot of use.) You all know the specs of the 5000 but here are the details of the package. Well maintained GPX5000 DETacc Signal AmplifierCoils : total of 4 lower rods11" Round DD11" Round Mono15 x 12-inch Commander Mono5x10 Coiltek Joey DD12 x 8 Coiltek Platypus Mono17" NuggetFinder Mono (Litz Wire)18" Super Goldsearch coil (actually made in Australia)Coltek 1x8" probe with switch (Never used)Stock battery with heavy duty cord3 LiPo battery kit and charger. Reduces the weight and allows you to use the smaller batteries with no wires connected to you. Works fantastic.HarnessHip Stick set up2 control box covers--1 brand new Thanks Ron Swenson Ron (CA) 9 one 6 233 75oo text or call
  24. This is a demonstration of the Gold SPOTâ„¢ being used as a portable gold pan. It's extremely effective. Don't worry about the first few minutes where I am out of frame. Leo Aranza, my buddy, takes over and the rest of the video is well framed. -Doc
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