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  2. Offering 5 grams of California gold nuggets. shipping included. 325.00
  3. Congrats Rob. Now get busy cleaning them up for the family photo😉.
  4. well done Rob , I hope to down in the desert by the 1st week of december doing some exploring myself
  5. Hey Guys, Who would of thought this Covid would still be going on? It's been a crazy year for us, I'm sure for the entire World in general. That being said, we have to stay humbled during the Storm and it will pass. We I'm still getting out with a few friends probably one day per week average. Nothing real impressive to show, but here is a collection of stuff I rounded up over the last couple 2-3 weekends. Most of the nuggets are small, 1-3 Gram size with a few bigger ones up to 1/2 ounce. It's still out there, but getting tougher to find in the old areas, so I'm hoping to do
  6. Hey Doc, No question these work well. I have been selling Doc's products for a super long time, all of them have been great. This is the direct link to the product on our website - Hope all is well. Rob
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  8. Thanks for the feedback FlakMagnet! It's good to read it has improved your detector performance. -Don
  9. Don, I just want to help you here. This audio enhancement add-on has been an incredible boost to my detecting, and I'm not a newcomer to this. If anyone is hesitant about purchasing this, especially to use with a GPX or a GPZ, just get it. These things are fantastic. (I don't know Don, but anyone who decides to buy his item will not regret it.)
  10. I have 1 very lightly used SteelPhase SP01 Audio Enhancer for sale. This audio enhancer has only been used once or twice and works great! (I originally was going to use it with a SDC-2300 detector but that detector was sold instead.) This unit does not include the canvas pouch. Included with SP01 unit: (as shown in the picture) High Quality Audio Cable with Amphenol connectors USB Charging Cable Original SteelPhase Box (No paper instruction booklet but I can email you the PDF electronic version) Price: $110 including Free Shipping in the USA If interested, please call
  11. I have a lightly used Nugget Finder Evolution 19" Round Mono Coil for sale. The coil works great for both small and large gold. Price lowered to $300 including free UPS Ground Shipping. Please email or call if interested. I am located in Goodyear, Arizona if picking up. Thanks, Don Newell Phone: 206-755-8927 Email: Located in Goodyear, Arizona
  12. Looking for a good small nugget coil. NF Sadie etc. thanks!
  13. Hello all Seeking a Partner for exploring Southern NV California and Arizona Goldfields on weekends with over night camping hunting fishing outings not just Gold hunting. New Partner should have own 4x4 with hi clearance lift and Lockers front and rear to be able to keep up. I myself have a CJ7 with a 4 inch lift, 4.56 gears front and rear, Low gear set in Transfer case and lockers front and rear. This is Not a ride along invite as My wife is my only Copilot! would be nice if your better half came along as well. Plans is to have two vehicles of equal abilities so one
  14. It's a made up name which is a mash up of the words Quick, Bungee and Double (double adjustment point). It describes another innovative product from Doc that makes detecting more enjoyable and helps save your arm, shoulder neck and back from undue stress. Just add your own backpack or Hydration pack. This amazing Bungee Support System provides absolutely instantaneous adjustment so your detector is always at the proper height off the ground, even when you are in mid-swing. We use super strong Marine Grade bungee that is stronger than 3/8ths inch bungee that is commonly used for tie-dow
  15. Looking for an 8" Sovereign coil, Tornado, BBS must be working. Let me know what you got. Can pay with PayPal.
  16. Hey Fishing8046, Thanks for all the comments guys. The area is Western Arizona. It's an old dry river channel with some old high and dry ancient banks. Rob
  17. Selling my SDC 2300. Works great, it was serviced by Minelab earlier this year and had new swing arm locks replaced as well as new headphone jack. Comes with case, 2 sets of batteries, charger, and headphones. Decided I just dont use it enough and will be building another bike $2300
  18. Hi folks, sending my GPX 5000 to new home.. Here are the coils included: Coiltek 14x9 Blitz Mono, Coiltek 16" Round Mono, 8x6 Sadie. Minelab Commander 15x12 and 11 mono coil, Commander Double D coil, Doc's Screamer battery system with 3 batteries, the Minelab external battery, extra handle. I have the harness and battery cable but have to dig those out. Asking $2900 for all of it. The only coils I really ever used were the Blitz and Sadie. So the other coils were never used. Dont use the 5K much anymore so its taking up space. I will let go of it for $2500 for the just the detector it
  19. Didnt realise the ad would double post while waiting for account verification. Please disregard/delete bryan
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