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  3. Tim’s 2021 North Yuba River Nugget Hunt Click here to view video The tribe has gathered for another year at the Third annual Tim's North Yuba River Nugget Hunt . The Weather was warm and the water was refreshing as the Prospectors searched for that elusive Gold. The River was a bit lower this year so it exposed new areas to work. as Todd aka "Topcat" has often declared "It's not all about the gold." it's the people we share this day with that make it so much fun for everyone. Follow along our journey into the happenings of Saturday July 24th 2021 at Tim's 202
  4. Your friend and mine Rob sells the Simplex + right here made by Nokta Makro. The Simplex has so much to offer a person who can’t afford a high end detector . It has the same modes and discrimination that others offer . One great thing you won’t find on the high dollar detectors is a vibrating handle for you if your hearing is not great as it was . You can buy it with wireless headphones are without. Nokta Makro make several different detectors other than the Simplex with a large selection of coils. The Simplex + is single frequency detector but some of the others do offer whe
  5. Hello, I am selling a lightly used 12" Evolution Nugget finder coil with brand new Heavy Duty Coil Cover. Asking $400 shipped I also have a Doc's Carbon upper shaft and longer lower shaft for sale. Asking $80 Shipped
  6. @Ridge Runner Hi Chuck! So I've been comparing it with the 6” and 11” stock coils on nickels I buried at different depths in dry lose gravely sand, and as expected, it falls between them in terms of its depth sensitivity for coins. I see the largest benefit of this coil being the size difference; it sure saves coverage sweep time over the 6” without too much depth loss compared to the stock 11” coil. And like the little 6”, it's great around bushes and rocks! I have a half-gram gold sample to try next, will post results later this week.
  7. Hey FlakMagnet You don’t see a Armor Truck in a funeral procession ! Even my wife says if you got it buy it. I’ll do my best not to disappoint her. Chuck
  8. Mike Sorry that we got cut off but glad to hear you sold that great looking 2300. Now guys he did say he has the XP ORX with the elliptical HF coil he wants to sell .This another great detector and I have both coils with mine. Detectors and guns you can’t have to too many of them. Like a gun friend says I don’t have to shoot it it’s just the pleasure of owning it. That’s the way I am about Detectors’s. The Best To You Mike . Chuck
  9. If you want to get your feet wet at a very low price this is the way to go . If you don’t have a air compressor on your dredge this is for you. I’d jump on this with both feet but I’m over a thousand miles away and that’s a long drive to pick it up. Great buy for someone! Chuck
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  11. I’m still waiting on mine but it’s good to hear how well that coil is working for everyone. I have yet to hear a negative report on it .. Chuck
  12. Very tempting. (now where did I put my piggy bank?) I'm working on it Rob.
  13. i have 1 of the 10 x 5 coils & i think its a great coil on the nox ive used it for nugget hunting & coin & water hunting & mine is getting welded to the shaft lol light & sensitive its a winner
  14. hi all i have a very nice airline by jsink hookah diving system for sale 2.5 hp Honda motor / 30 feet of air hose/& regulator / dive vest & float tube. ready to dive. this is in good used condition new these are around $2600.00 im asking $600.00 cash must be able to pick up in the kingman az area call 928 715 5324 for more info
  15. Hey Guys, I still have a handful of guys that have pre-orders, but I have a good sized shipment, so I will have units available if anyone is still searching for a new Minelab GPX 6000 metal detector. We offer free shipping (UPS Ground with full insurance), AZ Field Training and Lifetime support beyond the sale. We also are only one of a few dealers that are offering the 15% Military discount to active/retired US veterans. You must submit proof of service before purchase. Minelab GPX 6000 Metal Detector with 2 Searchcoils - $6000 shipped, or $5100 Military Price You can
  16. Congrats on the gold. Looks like you need a stronger crevice tool. These are from Australia.
  17. Hey Guys, Here is a short video of some nuggets we dug up on the first trip out with the Minelab GPX 6000. The detector is super lightweight, extremely sensitive to small targets and probably the easiest detector to set up and get detecting! Like always, we are here to help anyone with learning how to search for gold. We encourage all questions and comments, as we have a great passion for metal detecting for gold nuggets. Wishing you all the best of success out there! Rob
  18. Hey Guys, Here are some nuggets I found with the GPX 6000 in this video on the first trip -
  19. Here again a guy was notified from a dealer that he had 2 are 3 of the Coiltek elliptical coils for 219 on first come gets them. He was lucky to get the last one. I believe this has to be the most in demand of a coil it’s ever been. I’m not sure if I want to use it when I do get it are frame 🖼 it . Chuck
  20. Based on all the early videos and leaks from African dealers before the GPX6000 release date, I am pretty sure you are in the clear on something done 7 years ago 🤣. For me at least, I appreciate the credibility you have given the star chart. I hate being told it is what it is, I was taught to question and seek answers. Thanks Doc!
  21. Actually it may have been something we were shown at a dealer conference when they first showed us that the GPZ7000 was going to be released. I remember it had to do with how they came up with the 40% deeper claim. But I can't find any pictures either so it may have been something that we were not supposed to have pictures of or discuss. If so I should have kept my mouth shut. I just remember it was quite interesting how they did the testing and the extent they went to using different size nuggets testing them at different depths. Doc
  22. Yes i have seen this video, was hoping to get more specifics on Minelabs tests but Thank You for sharing.
  23. Here is a similar test but using a modified GPX 4500
  24. 🤣🤣 Actually no i have never seen that Minelab picture or even read about those tests. That is what I have been asking about for months on another forum too with zero response other than testing has been done, its proprietary, and that tests and results don’t need to be available to the public for repeatability or validity. Do you happen to have a video, paper or article on those experiments, or even links to those? If so that would be fantastic and would love to read/watch that!
  25. LOL Touche! 😆 Minelab does extensive depth testing. Did you ever remember seeing the picture of that trench they dug when they were doing depth testing on the GPZ7000? They dug a trench with a back hoe. They had someone in the trench. They used one wall of the trench and the person in the trench would shove different size nuggets into the wall of the trench. The other person was top side with the GPZ7000 swinging it to see if they could hear the target. This is how they collect their data and arrive at these rankings and conclusions. Doc
  26. Ok, I like that assessment. But what would be nice to see is the starting depths then for each weight and the intervals used then to achieve said stars like how you mentioned above. I have an MS in Geology, interpretations are my life 🤣.
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