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  2. I think he was the Narrator for Arizona Highways, His voice sounds familiar.
  3. I was reading about this at the other forum. Karma return is not going to fun for that individual(s).
  4. Hey Rob, I know how you feel i'm in the same situation, i get bored daily lol. I'm glad everything went okay with your second half. For your website i do have some opinions on what else you can add to your store. 1. Gold Nuggets of different weights, .1, .2, .5, 1.0g, for testing metal detectors. (i had to get mine on Amazon) 2. 90deg hose hook tool(s) and probe(s). The hook tool seemed pretty hard to find, this is like the only one on Amazon. I got the hook tool because Bill uses one and it looked very handy. 3. Maybe some different furnaces, pic below is from, Tabletop Furnace Company 4. Gold Cube(s). I think you should stock all versions. These are very cool! 5. And lastly I'd like to see your White's products on the website. I probably would've accidentally bought a GM24K by now
  5. No way would I suggest NOT getting the training. if it were available close to here, I'd have Heidi trained too. I keep her rattler immunity shots up to date, too. I can't imagine living in a place that has that many. A dog is too important a part of my life. We have western rattlers here....not near as nasty as yours, and and mostly out on the desert, so they can be easily avoided by not going out there from May 1 to November 1. I've thought of going out and getting one to train Heidi myself, but avoiding them is easier. Not much gold out there anyway, other than stage robbery loot....LOL Jim
  6. Good to hear your wife is doing well Rob any stories and photos of the early detecting days would be great.
  7. Hello Rob, I have been working on my house up here most every day since April (of this year); making repairs, upgrades, painting inside and out etc., etc., etc. all for the sole purpose of putting it on the market to sell. So, due to that purpose and because of the excessive heat, I haven't been out much,...and have also become antzeeeee and rar'n to get back out. ...Well about a week-or-so ago we where getting some fairly good (late) monsoon rains and I saw on Accuweather where they where slamming an area pretty hard that I wanted to explore. I had been to the area and had found some gold, but not much as most of the exposed bedrock in the wash was pooled-up at each time I was there. So I figured on returning to the area once the summer heat had dried up the wash. So this late monsoon storm should have been a great time go back down there. ...Now, I usually pride myself in being prepared for most-all situations when out in the field: I carry two hydraulic jacks, a come-along, chains, cable, two spare tires, extra water for the radiator, extra water for me, snake gaters, an extra battery for my detector. etc., etc., etc.,etc........................But I wasn't at all prepared for what I ran into that next morning.... While making my way down a very rough road I observed that there was fresh green grass all over the hills and valleys and thought: "Boy i'll bet these cows are just loving all this fresh green grass that had sprouted due to the monsoon rains of-late". I finally made it down into the wash where I wanted to go. Two washes had actually merged together, and when I got to the spot where I figured on parking my pickup I was surprised to see that all the water had been blocked or backed up (somehow), which had formed a very large pond-like-lake of still and standing water?!!?? So, that was as far as I could drive without getting stuck in the mud. I thought I'd walk on down and take a better look at the situation, so I no more than got out of my pickup, walked about 10 ft. down the wash when I was completely covered with, and being bombarded by "hoards" of very hungry mosquito's. I had a long sleeve shirt on and it was "peppered-with" them all over. They were all over my exposed hands, and I had to slap them off of my face, ears, and eyes. These weren't just a few here and there buzz'n me, there where so many that I had a hard time breathing because I would suck them in when I inhaled!!!! It was kind of like those caribou herds up in Alaska that are being attacked by the mosquito's where they are trying to get rid of them by flapping their heads and ears around, and trying to outrun them. So, I ran back to my pickup, got in and slammed the door,.........and about 10-20 of the persistent critters followed me in!!!!! I took my ball cap off and was thrashing them as they tried to escape via the windows. When I got those in the cab of my pickup under control, I didn't want to have a completely wasted day due to these blood sucking critters, so I grabbed my detector and back pack and made a dash for the hillside (figuring that "maybe" they where just in the wash close-to the accumulated-water-pond(lake)). The grass on the hillside was almost a foot long in spots and was very wet from the rainstorm from the night before. As I struggled and made my way up the hillside the mosquito's were NOT getting any fewer, and the more I walked thru the wet brush and grass the worse conditions got!!!!! Even with a small breeze they just weren't leaving. So, (disappointed as I was) I made my way back down the hillside toward my pickup,.. thrashing and slapping my face, ears, and wildly-in-the-air; and vowed to return "After" the first freeze hits that bug-infested area. I think that the last couple monsoon rains (because they came so late in the year this year) had triggered a massive mosquito-hatching (outbreak) in that area, and when they hatched, they popped-out Very Aggressive and Hungry for blood. I just happened to become the menu-of-the-day, as I became Prey..................just something else to stick-ya, stab-ya, poke-ya, jab-ya, and scratch-ya out there,............YEEEEHAAAAAA. Gary
  8. Hi Rob Good to hear wife is doing well with her surgery. I believe you’re going to make it after this weather starts cooling down and like you say start detecting again. The great thing about people we have can pull out a nugget from days past and live that find all over again. The Best To You and Yours . Chuck
  9. Glad to hear your wife's getting better, I'm my wifes care giver too, have been for a couple of years and Its hard, but I love her, and I'm all she has. I'm bored out out my head too! Rob. Going to start casting bullets for my 44 black powder pistol. that will give me a break. Grubstake
  10. Hey Guys, I want to Thank everyone for the wishes for my Wife. She underwent surgery earlier this week, nothing serious and everything went well. I took off a few weeks to watch over her, but now I'm going stir crazy. I guess I have time to work on the website and such, but no metal detecting for a week or so. If anyone has any suggestions on anything they would like to see on the online store, forums or anything, let me know and I might be able to work on it this weekend and before the Winter prospecting season kicks off. If you're bored, shoot me over an email or post something. I know someone has some damn stories to tell, with or without pictures ..... LOL Wishing you all the best. The weather is starting to cool down here in Arizona, we are probably less than about a month away from beautiful prospecting and metal detecting weather.
  11. Hey Guys, I stumbled across this video about White's. Josh Bohmker is in it. I believe Josh's Father, Tom Bohmker founded Cascade Mountains Gold in 1976, with the release of his first book, The Gold Panner's Guide to South Dakota. Since then, he has released several more books in this series, focusing on Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and California. Tom has been an active research miner since the 1960's, having researched all over the western United States, Alaska and Venezuela. While is research days are coming to a close, he still loves to get out and check out mining areas with his son Josh and his family as they spearhead new ventures.
  12. I agree, Jim, but I had to get Patch trained because we have had many rattlers around our home and property...He ran into one last spring and absolutely hauled ass away from it...He goes by smell, not buzz...We have so many rattlers around it's ridiculous here in Wickenburg! Lost our border collie to one and then our old cat...And most of the rattlers around here are Mojave greens...Nasty ass snakes! ... Cheers, Unc
  13. I don't know, Ron. A vet awhile back said that 50% of the rattler-bitten dogs he saw had had the exposure training. The problem is the dog runs around, and gets too close and is bitten before the snake has a chance to rattle. Personally, I rarely take Heidi into snake country when they are active. Gold isn't worth the risk IMHO. Jim
  14. Yesterday
  15. Guys who are concerned about rattlers with their dogs need to take them to a genuine snake avoidance trainer that uses real rattlers in the training ... Some so called trainers use gopher snakes ... They don't smell the same and when used in training it's a bad joke ... I took our rescue pup, Shadow Patch, to "Viper Avoidance" in New River, AZ ... That was 6 years ago and he's still trained to, not just avoid, but to haul ass in the opposite direction ... He came close to one in the bush last year and he couldn't butt scoot out of the area fast enough ... If you're gonna take your pup out, get the legit training... Cheers, Unc
  16. Hey Rob and all...The old NF 14" E fiberglass is my favorite coil...I've found pounds with it on both my SD2100 (Old Baboo) and my 4500 ... Second fav is the old CT 17 E ... Also the NF round 14 DD is good and goes surprisingly deep... Cheers, Unc
  17. Hey Guys, I might have shown this picture below, but it's a neat one. This was a true Sunbaker gold nugget found in Arizona. The geology of this area was interesting and a bunch of nuggets were found after this discovery. It's still out there!
  18. Hey Guys, I agree, great overall video. I found it browsing Youtube. I agree, some great info, but all the fact might not be 100% correct, but overall good listening.
  19. Hey Guys, I recommend sharing this with anyone if possible. Hopefully they catch these people. I hate thief's!
  20. Hey Uncle Ron, Remember the old NF Fiberglass coils. Man, they were super lightweight and very sensitive, but I had one crumble apart on me once I removed the first skidplate for replacement .....
  21. Last week
  22. It's great to have all these options, but the old fiberglass coils in the hands of a skilled operator will do as well or better...Operator=90%, equipment (within reason) = 10% ... Cheers, Unc
  23. That's a great video, Rob...I learned some stuff (and also recognize a few points that Trimble was not correct on...Cheers, Unc
  24. may they rot in hell nothing lower than a thief we will all be on the watch
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