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  2. Good Video and Nice gold makes me want to get out and Brave the heat Butttt been fishing lately where its cooler😎 Mike C...
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  4. Hey Rob,....Let me know,....I'll go with ya!!!! Great video's by-the-way,..............I was curious though,..I think that you sell Pin-pointers in your store, but why don't you use one in your video's?????? It might cut back on the amount of picking in-the-general-nugget-area, as the Pin-pointer would zero-in on the exact spot where those bigger nuggets are. I most-always us a Pin-pointer when using a 14" coil,..and it works great even on those small nuggets as well... That wash must have had a-lot of white-kaleeche-type bedrock in it. Gary
  5. Hey one4gold, Thanks for the comments. Ya, we need to get out, sounds like Leaverite won't go ......
  6. Hey Clay, Excellent information for us mineral claim owners. Thanks for all your free help and info.
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  8. The Prospectors Club Of Southern California Check for info on-line....they have many claims and loads of members fred
  9. First, THANK YOU for the 15% military discount for my services to this great nation! It means a lot to me I am truly looking forward to going out in nature and finding gold. I appreciate your assistance in helping me find fellow prospectors in the area. I am also willing to travel abroad.
  10. The new mining year is approaching fast. Claim owners need to have their BLM mining claims case files updated by August 30 this year. If you are paying the maintenance fee you will need to pony up $165 per lode, millsite or tunnel site claim and $165 per every 20 acres of placer claim you intend to hold. If you are claiming the small miners waiver you need to submit a BLM "MAINTENANCE FEE WAIVER CERTIFICATION" form 3830-2 by August 30. There is no fee for submitting the form but you will be obligated to pay $15 per claim and submit a copy of your recorded affidavit of labor or notice of intent to hold by December 30th. Make sure your 3830-2 has an expiration date of January 31st, 2020 or your claims will be declared abandoned - this is the only OMB approved information collection form and the BLM is a stickler about the expiration dates. Sound complicated? Download the free MinerDiggins Annual Mining Claims flowchart from Land Matters and it will be as easy as following the lines. 👍
  11. Hey Moksa58, Thanks for the purchase and welcome to the forums. There are many prospectors on this forum from around the Southern California area, so hopefully they will chime in. Let me know when you receive the unit and I will help you in the meantime how to set it up. I'm sure in no time, you will have some of those California gold nuggets under the GPZ's searchcoil.
  12. Hey Guys, Still working in the same general area, raking and exposing bedrock. I'm using the Minelab GPZ 7000 to locate missed gold nuggets down the bedrock cracks and crevices. Hope you enjoy.
  13. Well, I finally did it! I recently ordered a GPZ 7000 from Rob. I have been using the CTX 3030 for a few years and decided to try something new. I am looking for a club or a fellow prospector wanting to search for gold in San Bernardino County, California. Perhaps near Lake Arrowhead/Big Bear areas. Of course, I am also willing to travel. I reside in Long beach, CA but I also have a place in Lake Arrowhead (Blue Jay Canyon).
  14. hi all i have a Whites Goldmaster v sat 4 sale $150 if picked up in kingman az or $175 shipped conus shipped & insured conus this classic unit runs good & & will find the gold has a home made armrest i take paypal f/f please feel free to give me a call 928-715-5324 az timewalt
  15. Hello all, Up for sale is my MInelab GPZ 7000 purchased from Rob's Detectors in February 2019. This detector is in excellent shape. Warranty is transferable. Unit has stayed in Doc's Goldscreamer Control Box/Screen Cover whenever I have taken it out. Also included is an extra battery, Miner John's White Heavy Duty Coil Cover, Doc's Scoop Pouch, $200 hard case, Minelab soft carrying case, Minelab Koss headphones, external speaker with cover. The detector is currently located on Kirtland AFB, New Mexico. Asking $6,000 Feel free to text or call if you have any questions. Phone: 530-867-5910 Thanks for looking! -Kyle
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  17. Hey Bill, You will like the Coiltek Elite 14x9" Mono. Thanks for the business. Wishing you much success with the new coil.
  18. Bill, if you went with the Coiltek 14x9, that's an Elite, as Rob stated,...........the 14x9 Evo is a Nuggetfinder coil, which I swing myself and Love It!!!. Gary
  19. Went with the CoilTek 14x9 Evo. Excited to get out there and get it dirty! Thanks for the recommendations!
  20. Hey Tom, I agree with you, I might try uploading a smaller 2-3 minute video in a lower resolution vs. a HD one and see how they play.
  21. Hey Guys, Here is part 2 of working this old placer area here in Arizona. Man, it was warm out there, high humidity and high temps. If you enjoy the videos, please subscribe to our channel, click that LIKE button and right that BELL button.
  22. Well, you could always up load a lower resolution and see how long it takes. You can always take it down later. Tom H.
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