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  2. Hey Way2Cool, Good question for sure. I think the special on the Equinox 600 is it's not moving as well as the 800's. This is just my opinion, but I sell probably 20-30 800's to 1 600. I think by tossing in the 6" coil, which is a great small coil on the 600, they can move more of the 600's out. It always seems when a manufacture released two or three models of the same type, one will always out sell the others. I believe the Vanquish will be the same, three models, one will probably take off like hotcakes. I have the same inquiries on the new Simplex + metal detector. I have a ton of pre-orders on one model vs. the others. Keep in mind, for anyone looking for Minelab metal detectors, we have our 2019-2020 Bundles includes with 6 models, the Equinox 800, Gold Monster 1000, GPX 4500 & 5000, SDC 2300 and the GPZ 7000.
  3. I have one of Joes originals also. For sticking the magnet on, try Permatex Black silicone adhesive . It's the best I have found for sticking everything!
  4. Yes, it will go quickly. I have several guys wanting to see it, first come first serve on it.
  5. Way2cool If you compare the price between the 5000 and the 7000 what one do you think is selling the most? The 5000 is already at a killer deal and 7000 needs some help to move it . So to make the 7000 more attractive and to get people to dig deeper into their pockets they add a very expensive coil.. Chuck
  6. Dang, Literally 2 days late. I just bought one on Thursday. Im sure it will go quick.
  7. Last week
  8. I too had called White’s and talk with Jack and I ask him first if the new coil is a dual field coil. His reply was no and I say it again Jack said no . He then informed me it was a folded mono coil. What I’d love to hear from someone who bought the latest and greatest TDI SL be it Tan are Camo. Can you tell what you have in the way of coils? Chuck
  9. I for one has got his name in the pot for the Simplex +. I didn’t order the wireless headphones due to the fact I don’t hunt with any and plan to use the Simplex for water hunting. The neat thing this detector has is the vibrating handle that will be great for water hunting . Where else can you buy a detector that offers so much for so little money! Chuck
  10. What Minelab is offering free and what Rob offers free in a package deal when you buy a detector from him is a win win for you. Chuck
  11. Hello All, I have a used Minelab Gold Monster 1000 a customer traded in. It's in good condition and everything works well. All stock accessories are included. Asking $600 firm, original box included also. I don't expect to have this unit long, due to the popularity of the Minelab Gold Monster 1000. 623-362-1459 or 602-909-9008 email -
  12. A lot of different stories, and ads coming from Whites. Some say identical to MJ. Others say it's a Dual Field. If it performs like the MJ, I'm good, I've got one. Jim
  13. I was curious about the new coil and emailed White's. I'f anyone is interested here is what he said below.
  14. Hello All, Minelab is bundling FREE items with the following metal detectors below. These items are now available for purchase (10-15-2019 thru 01-31-2020) Minelab Equinox 600 Metal Detector - get a FREE Minelab 6" DD Searchcoil included Minelab Go Find 66 Metal Detector - get a FREE Carry Bag and Digging Gloves Minelab GPZ 7000 Metal Detector - get a FREE 19" Searchcoil included Minelab Gold Monster 1000 Metal Detector - get a FREE rechargeable battery included Minelab SDC 2300 Metal Detector - get a FREE pair of Waterproof Headphones included View the Minelab PDF file here - file:///C:/Users/Rob/Downloads/Minelab 2019 Promo.pdf Keep in mind, we have "2019-2020 Prospector Bundle" packages included with many of these detectors above, so the Minelab FREE items will be an additional free item beyond the FREE bundle we include. Contact us for more questions or if you would like to order.
  15. Thanks Dennis, I also was thinking about Gorilla Glue but was concerned about the expansion part of it when it cures. I was thinking of super glue just so I could line up the cracked parts to exact fitment then after that sets, coat the outside with Gorilla glue or fiberglassed resin or P-7 as Grubstake mentioned to provide the strength. I have used Gorilla Glue before and I like that it cures super hard.
  16. Gorilla Glue. That stuff is like welding. If any adhesive will work, Gorilla Glue will......not the super glue. Pretty much will weld anything except polyethylene or polypropylene. It's activated with water. Use it sparingly as it expands 3-4 times. Don't sand as it works best if you can fit parts back together proper. Just dab a little glue on one surface, and moisten the other. Put them together as perfectly as possible and clamp together or tape together in such a way that they will not expand apart. Do one side at a time, let setup before trying other side. I have had amazing results with this stuff, way better than any super glue or epoxies. Dennis
  17. P-7 is better, and non magnetic, does not have metal in it. Grubstake
  18. Thanks Tom, I've got a couple ideas and JB weld was one of them. I too was thinking that the JB might react to the coil, that's why I was leaning toward the resin and fiberglass. Maybe even some Bondo. . . I will check out the coil reaction to JB before I commit to any repair, if that's what I choose to use. That's a good idea to build up the new one. I'll see what works on the broken one. I'm a big galoot, so swinging the brick isn't that much of a problem . . .YET! ! ! almost 60... Thanks for the ideas. Doug
  19. Hi Rob, Thats a good idea to have a spare lower shaft. Glad to hear I'm not the only one that has had their lower shaft get in the way of their body parts. 😁 I'll see if my resin and fiberglass wrap will work good enough for a spare. But knowing me.. I'll probably get another one for safe measures.
  20. If you are going to try and glue it, scuff up small areas on the shaft with sandpaper and see which glue with stick and which ones do not. If you knew what type of plastic it is that would be a lot easier to figure out. Scratch the glue with a razor to see if it "melted" into the plastic or not. I do know you cannot glue LDPE, but I doubt the shaft is made out of that. Most likely HDPE. That does look like a weak point though. Should have put some more solid plastic in the production of it. Couple more grams of plastic would not matter when your swinging a brick anyway I have broken handles on the GPX and they do not glue together. Got a carbon fiber one from my buddy and you can run it over with a truck and it wont break Just and idea.....when you get the new one...smear a bunch of JB weld in the webbed areas on the side to give it more strength. Just make sure JB weld does not react with the coil. Tom H.
  21. Hey NVMiner, Glad Dawn was able to get this taken care of for you, the new GPZ lower shaft will ship tomorrow morning. I haven't broken one yet, but you are not the first. I have sold several dozen to customers that did the very same thing, either tripped, fell on it, slipped and so on. You might get lucky and super glue it back together, but the weight of the stock GPZ coil and the way most people swing them, I'm not sure it would hold for long. I used to break all kinds of lower shafts on the prior SD, GP and GPX detectors. I would always have at least one extra spare shaft anywhere I went. I learned my lesson the hard way when I was miles back in the back country of Arizona and slipped off a bedrock waterfall and fell right on the lower shaft, snapping it in pieces. I tried to use electrical tape and a wooden stick from the ground, but it only worked for like a minute or so and the coil would flop around. What a way to ruin an entire full day of hiking ..... I always recommend a lower replacement shaft for any detector, it will be a life saver having it when you need it. Congrats on the nuggets you found. Will be interesting to see what else you turn up on your return to that spot.
  22. Today, I was out for my 3rd time in an area where I recently found these nuggets...(1.2, .2, & 1.2 dwt) I was walking until my scoop is draging and sure enough I loose my balance and step on my coil while twisting. The next thing I hear is snap!!! OH 💩.... Dang it ! ! ! I now find myself walking back to my rig with my tail between my legs. ☹️ I got to my ride and had enough cell service to call and order a new lower shaft. (Thanks Dawn) My question is... Has anyone had any success in repairing this lower shaft? I was thinking of holding it together with super glue then using a fiber glass mixture to bond it firmly together for strength. Any thoughts? Thanks
  23. That's awesome Chris! I can't wait to start finding stuff like that as well with my PI machine.
  24. If anyone has one that they no longer need...please p.m. with details. Thanks
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