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  2. I took my Lab Brownie with me in So Cal when it was cooler and not in AZ due to the cactus. She would walk ahead of me, lay down and wait for me to hunt to her like clockwork. She would keep me warm at night in the Jeep during colder nights. RIP Brown Nugget
  3. Hi my name is Boomer! I'm 3yrs old and my owner thinks i'm a american staff./sharpei. I want to go prospecting really bad with my owner, he likes to dig rocks and i like to smell them. I don't think he'll let me go because he thinks I will smell this plant called a cactus and my mouth will end up looking like a angry porcupine. I've begged to go... Occasionally I sneak inside this motorized human buggy. I also got crazy and found my own buggy.
  4. Does anyone bring their dog(s) with them out metal detecting? Since i'm so new to all this and my dog has never been outside off a leash yet i'm hesitant to take him with me. But i know he'd love every "sniff! How do you keep them away from cactus? I'm assuming you can't.
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  6. Thank you Trevor, great information thank you.
  7. Hi Garikfox and this is a good question. The short answer is not really - in terms of the windings in the coil. The detector requires a certain inductance and resistance from the coil for it to work correctly and no matter what size of coil it is the requirement is the same. The amount of turns will differ between the different size coils i.e: smaller coils require more turns to reach the same inductance and larger require less turns but the specifications are the same for the inductance and resistance required. Inductance is a function of turns and resistance is a function of gauge of wire. The main thing that draws more current and drains power is the amount of noise the coil has to interpret and becomes audio for us to hear. the more ground noise, EMI, target noise etc the more the detector works and requires more power. I guess with larger coils they have to deal with more of all this due to their area so they may drain more current however a smaller coil is more responsive so again may drain more power than a larger one due to more response If we placed an 18" coil vs a 6" coil on a GPX say and both had full batteries and they were still and no interference (quite environment) then they may just spend the same amount of time running or would be quite close in run time. BTW i have never tried this test but this is my thoughts. There may be other circumstances and people who may have more information here but for me its more about amount of targets that drains power and not coil size. I hope that provides some insight for you. Trevor.
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  9. I "Concur",.... as I also frequent that neck of the woods on occasion, and am also a habitual-behavioral-detector-tot'n operator that habitually re-utilizes my habits that cause me to habituate further, thus causing me to undergo habituation;which I resort to on a regular basis, thus giving rise-to further-habits, which is inherent in particular individuals striving-to attain such magic.
  10. South of Prescott in the caldrun of chaos. It's not so much the detector but habits of the operator that make the magic.
  11. I was wondering why I haven't seen this question anywhere. Does a bigger coil use more power?
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  13. "S-h-i-s-h" BD,....don't tell anybody about our secret detector(s),...I think you and I are the only ones that still have them with the unique features Where were you ??.. up around "the-hinges-of-hates (Kingman), or down where it's "Just-Hot" (south of Prescott)???? Nice "Sweat-nuggets" anyway. Gary
  14. I'm selling a GER Detect Gold Hunter Geolocator Professional Long-Range Metal Detector, it comes in all original packaging, it was lightly used and in excellent condition, Using superior geolocation technology detect far more than before with the dual functions deep seeking (35 meters/100 feet) and long-range target locating(2,000 meters/6,500 feet), This detector is designed to accurately locate everything from gold, silver, coins, and jewelry to older relics and larger treasures, 5 SEARCH SYSTEMS: Select your search system directly on the device to maximize efficiency and differentiate between gold,gold nugget, silver, cavity, and diamond. Price: $2100
  15. EQUINOX 800 for sale. $800 used only 4 times if you are interested please contact Dave @602,487,1134. Leave message or text me. Thanks
  16. Hello All, I just received two great trade-in Minelab Pulse Induction metal detectors. The price does not include shipping. Both units are in great condition and include stock accessories and some other stuff. I will get some pictures up later, but I'm sure these units will not last long. Please contact me ASAP if you're interested. I will not ship Internationally on these unit, US sales only. Used Minelab GP 3000 Metal Detector, includes stock accessories and 11" DD Round & 18" Round GP Extreme Black searchcoils. Asking $1500 firm. Used Minelab GPX 4000 Metal Detector, includes stock accessories and 11" DD Round & 15x12" Commander Mono Searchcoils. Asking $2000 firm. Both units have control box covers. The warranties on both units has expired, but I will honor a 30 day warranty from date of purchase. Both units have been checked out and work great. I will post more details about the units and exactly all accessories, but some customers wanted to know about them now. Contact us at - 623.362.1459 or text me at - 602.909.9008. You can also email us at - Two great Minelab Pulse Induction gold detectors for anyone looking to get into the Pulse Induction technology and get more depth, better mineral immunity and superior performance over the conventional VLF gold detectors.
  17. Hey Guys, I have been selling White's products for some time now, most are not listed on my site due to time. That being said, I had the opportunity some time back to start to carry White's products, so I jumped on it. The main reason was to be able to sell all major brands, but secondly, the results and field tests of the new White's Goldmaster 24K and some rumors of the new TDI. A few guys I trust on field reports have been using the Gold Master 24K for some time now and claim it's getting more depth than any other VLF on the market in it's class, including the Gold Monster 1000. It also seems to be more sensitive per their reports and findings. I have been testing this unit for some time, but haven't posted any Youtube videos or reports myself yet. What I can say honestly right now is that it does seem to have better sensitivity on specimens in my opinion vs. the Gold Monster and other VLF's I have used to date and it does have a bit more punch. I haven't decided yet on what VLF detector I'm going to run with, but I'm really impressed with what White's did with this new 24K unit. Anyone else using or testing the new White's Goldmaster 24K gold detector? Would love to hear what you have to say.
  18. Hey Garikfox, A piece like this would be considered a specimen and would in my opinion be more valuable as it. That being said, some will crush up the rock and pan out the gold. This is pretty much what the old-timers would do on pieces like this and free milling gold ore. Today the market for buying/selling gold is different, there are collectors that really value these type of pieces. However, back in the late 1800's or early 1900's I believe it was about getting the gold, there wasn't any collectors or interest in "specimen value."
  19. Hey Fred, Yes, I think this goes for all picks that have a large pick point on one end. I'm not sure if you remember, but Walco had a pick with a huge pick point, probably 2 times the normal size. A friend and I were hiking up this steep hillside years ago and he slipped off a rock and fell onto the pick point. I thought for sure he was dead, as he yelled out a loud scream and I seen him quickly grab his side. The pick tip just missed from going right into him, but it did tear off about 1/16th of an inch of flesh about 3 inches long. If it was any closer, it would have punctured into him, not telling what would of happen. We were at least an hour away from the vehicle, so this could have been bad, real Bad! I recommend if possible on these type of picks to be careful when climbing. What would be nice is some type of hard plastic or something that could cover the sharp pick end while hiking and it could be removed when you need to use the pick. Just a thought, P.S. Yes, Bunk need to build me about 20 more of each .....
  20. BD, nice gold. I use to do some night and early morning detecting to avoid the heat and rattlesnakes. Being up all night now wipes me out for the next couple of days. What detector were you using for these nuggets?
  21. You need to kick Bunk in his Burro...tell him to get to work!!! I have his biggest pick- way too much for me these days because I don't move dry-wash piles like I once did. I have the original middle size that I cannot wear-out even though it is years old. If you carry them on your belt you better be careful.... fred
  22. Hey Guys, I have never been there, but heard a lot of stories and even sold detectors to a few of those guys there. The videos are great and sure get the blood pumping.
  23. Hey Adam, Believe it or not, customers have a wide range of what they want when it comes to prospecting picks. Myself I like just one magnet and a good lightweight pick around 20-24 inches in length. However, some really like a ton of magnets on their picks, while others don't want any as they believe some specimens that contain iron and gold could be picked up and discarded. Over the years of selling a bunch of different picks brands, some of the most popular where the Walco and Hodan brands. I sold hundreds of both brands, the Hodan were very lightweight, while the Walco picks were moderate weight, but built almost construable. The Apex brand is one of only a few brands that are still in business. They make a bunch of different sizes, magnet choices and they can even customize a pick if needed. They are a bit pricey, but they back the picks really well. I think there is a huge market for Bunk to sell a bunch more picks, but the production has been really slow.
  24. Great Video Rob ! Personally, I use the Burro Pick ....I see no need for a huge, heavy , Magnet filled pick like the Apex IMO .....
  25. Mike, I got the PM and sent you back one. I also sent Bunk a message, but haven't heard back yet.
  26. Hey Garik, I have and sell them. If I don't currently have one in stock, I will have it shipped directly to you.
  27. Anyone remember the old Popular Science ads? I thought this was a good classic to share. Even though this ad pre-dates me by 6yrs, it puts a smile to my face
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