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    Well I have to say the damp ground helps a lot. I pulled a number of small pieces of small lead but also this 2.8 dwt out of a patch I have racked down.
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    i thought i would offer this to the prospectors 1st as i see it as minting equipment but i can pull it
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    Hey Fishing8046, I have noticed over the years with the Pulse Induction metal detectors I have been able to get more depth and found gold I missed. I'm not sure if the ground is more conductive, or if the wet ground is eliminate more ground noise. That being said, it's seems to work with the PI's at least. If you have any old patch, I would recommend running across it a few days after a rain when the ground is moist, not soaking wet to see what you might turn up.
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    I always thought that my detector ran better on damp ground. I run a VLF and it might be different with a PI. I hate soggy wet ground especially when it fills up with water all the time. Old Tom
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    Hey Guys, I didn't realize for some time that we didn't have Bunk's Hermit Prospecting Pick listed on our online store or Ebay. We have now listed it, thanks to some customers searching for them, as they are in very short supply. We carry both, the smaller version - Burro Pick and the larger Hermit Pick. Calvin "Bunk" makes two great picks and I use both all the time on my prospecting adventures. Here is the link for both, but the Burro is on backorder for a week or so - Hermit Pick - https://www.robsdetectors.com/bunks-hermit-prospecting-pick-hermit-pick/ Burro Pick - https://www.robsdetectors.com/the-burro-pick-24-inches/ Thanks!