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    Dash, imagine your Gold Bug 2 with ultra-fast automatic ground balance, greater ability to cope with severe soil mineralization, instantaneous ground balance via "grab", adjustable ground balance offset, greater depth potential in highly mineralized ground (with comparable search coils), frequency adjust, screen backlight, and a graph that provides soil mineralization stats and ferrous/non-ferrous target potential ID. The only advantages of the GB II versus the 24K are weight and body-mount capabilities. Try the 24k fitted with the 6.5" concentric versus the GB II with the 6"; both will readily sound off on 1/10th grainers, with the 24k doing so with a bit more depth. HH Jim
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    I had a mining friend pass away very recently and felt I needed to head to the area I ended up meeting him out in the desert all those years ago. Arrived a bit after dark and started night detecting an area the mining friend had turned me onto. I managed 6 small pieces by 11pm. First thing in the morning I headed over to where the big gold had been found... not much luck with all the hot volcanics driving me crazy looking for a source... Someone had drywashed a part of the area and didn't vaccum very well as I scored 7 small bits off bedrock they missed. Around 2pm I headed back to another wash I had found many hundreds of small nuggets in. Boy howdy was I happy I moved as I was picking up piece after piece for about 2 1/2 hours till I had to drive home. Ended up with 34 small pieces with no shortage of targets. So 47 small fun to recover pieces ...total 2.5 grams