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    Hey AuWanderer, I understand your position, as there are a lot of new coils out now. You have the new NF EVO's, Coiltek Elite's, Coiltek Gold Extreme coils, X-Coils for GPZ and GPX series, Detech's new coils. To be honest, even as a dealer I don't have time to test them all and report back like I would. There will always be the "latest and greatest" coil, but that don't mean that older coils will not do the job. The newer coils and technology seem to always squeak out a bit more sensitivity or depth, or come out with a new design or size to appeal to someone. Overall, it's great we at least have the options. Remember when we had no options on the GPZ or SDC .....
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    Hey Guys, Forgot to mention, this piece I found with the GPZ a year or so ago. I ran the Minelab Gold Monster 1000 over it to pinpoint the hotspots and it worked. That being said, the White's 24K worked even better, the spots sounded much louder and a few different friends have verified the difference in response. I was using the small 6.5 inch on the White's 24K, the 5 inch round on the Gold Monster. I would think the Monster would have been louder in all honestly. Both are great detectors, but I would give the edge to the 24K on this application or test.