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  1. Rob, nice picker! That knife was deep. It makes you wonder, did it accidentally drop from an old timer digging the bottom of the wash maybe for dry washing sake? Or did it buried by that much sediment maybe over 100+ year period? (or whatever time period occurred here) I guess we'll never know but some fun junk for sure. thanks for sharing. DJ
  2. Thanks Rob for the link. By chance I ran across some of Adam's clips thru some youtube searches as well. Really good videos and compliment your clips nicely. I do appreciate that both of you show the pickers and nuggets in their natural environment while you prospect. And I say this as I find the desert geology as the most interesting aspect to me. For ancient placer type finds, it makes me wonder just how old some of these ancient deposits could be: 0.25, 1M, 5M, 30+M old? I imagine it does vary?. For that matter, under the right conditions, could any aquatic fossil remnants ever occur along-side gold deposits? Probably not I'd guess, but all of this is fascinating stuff. That's just the geology curious-side of me speaking here. Happy holidays to all here...and it looks like we may just get some x-mas rain here in the phoenix area. cheers, DJ
  3. It's a good question. The answer lies in our modern society being so diluted and uneducated. I bet if we could take a random sample of the Phx metro area and extrapolated the data we might conclude: <42,000 people know the current price of gold (and those that do only because they heard it on one of the alphabet news channels and only by chance). <4200 people realize that the current price of gold is at an all-time high (or nearly so per CPI adjusted inflation). <840 people realize that there are native gold deposits north of the Phx area. <420 people understand that native gold deposits can be detected using a detector. That being said, I bet 42,000 people could tell you the latest contestant on American Idol! LoL! To further my point, 2 years ago I was at work with a fellow I do respect (in his 30's) and even he didn't understand why his grandpa was loading up on silver! I'm about his same age, but folks in my generation don't have a clue for the most part. Along the same lines, I can't count (as I don't have enough fingers) the number of folks at work who are hoping for the company stock to carry them through. These same people haven't a clue that equity secular bear and bull markets have existed and continue to exist and couldn't name one recession and why pre 1900. Reading and or reading some history or geology might be a good start. Anyways, so much for them, all of us do have a clue and that's good! best.. dj
  4. Nice dinks Rob! Now if you enlarge them, they'll all pass for 1 oz+ 'er's... Curious, about how many dwt's altogether? --DJ
  5. Hi All, thx for the interesting info on Pt...good stuff! I didn't realize all of the characteristics of Pt mentioned by w4s. I'll still try chasing the yellow stuff, but if I see any strange, gray stuff (or some other color)...I'll take another look. --DJ
  6. ...slightly OT, but I saw a strange site coming home tonight. The Gila River at Hwy 347 south of Phx had flowing water--I think it had flash flooded somewhere maybe 50 miles to the east or so--I've never seen water in it over here before now. I checked out realtime stream flow and that was the most flow since January 1993 (4 ft at gauge). Just another reason to stay out of washes during flash floods I guess. I doubt it washed down any gold though --DJ
  7. Thanks Rob. I took this weekend off (reluctantly!), but did a little research instead. A while back before finding you I had purchased Jim Straight's book "Advanced Propecting & Detecting for Hardrock Gold" and dug into it more this weekend. I find Jim's explanation behind the various geology interesting...thx Jim if you happen to see this post! Very useful booklet and recommend to others... I saw your and Leaverite's nuggets...nice! Many dinks = 1 oz eventually, right!! But I have this feeling that Leaverite is just around the corner on that 1+ ouncer! I really prize that dink you landed me over with my 2100v2 last weekend. That trip made me appreciate how quiet the 2100v2 behaves in mineralized soil, although less sensitive to the GP's for sure. Talk to ya soon, --DJ
  8. Just curious, has anyone ever found any platinum nuggets? I can appreciate Pt's rarity... I believe the only commercial US mining of Pt/Pd is at the Stillwater Complex in Montana, all of the Pt ever mined on earth would only make a 25' cube, gold in contrast would make a 60' cube or so . Thought I'd ask, as after a bit of research, I've found a reference or two regarding platinum placer found in AZ., --DJ
  9. Thanks Lamar. That's good info, I had read about some of this in multiple posts, but this summary you did is helpful. Best... --DJ
  10. Rob, that will work fine. We'll plan on your place if that works around 5:30am. I plan on having my supplies prep'd and battery charged the day before. --DJ
  11. Thanks Rob. Really looking forward to the field instructions. It was good to get out this weekend, as this made me think of a bunch of things about techniques, geology, the SD2100v2, etc. I will definitely have some questions brewing. We'll talk to you soon:) Grubstake, thx much. I appreciate all your posts...have been very insightful. There's a good-size learning curve for a newbie like myself, but this forum should help. --DJ
  12. As promised, my first impressions of my new SD2100v2 at Lynx Creek. I don't know why I chose Lynx Creek as I've read plenty of stories of all of the junk up there...well let's just say I verified this again! I will say in summary, that if you're a newbie like me, the 2100 is probably a good unit to get, it's simple to use and seems to have good sensitivity. First we started out south of the lake down to the old BM dirt mine road taking us near Lynx Creek, which is dry now, only containing pools of water. There are some good size dredging piles on the west side of the creek bottom, I'm guessing these are the ones from the 30's-40's...? Although the SD2100v2 can only be balanced manually, I didn't find this a problem, it took me about a minute and I checked it in later locations and didn't notice any need to rebalance. I had heard that the 2100 was a quiet machine and after using this for the first hour I understood this. I kept the background level just decernable, about like a Mosquito level like Rob recommended. I first practiced on my gold ring and it about blasted my ears off. Next, I decided to go pursue targets with a similar level...before long I had my first target. About 6 inches later I found my first nail, a nice square nail from way back when! To cut to the chase, my wife and I found more nails, wire, bullet casings and yes, you guessed it a nice lead slug! We did search the dredgings a bit and then went to the shelf above the creek along some nice large boulders and a shelf with crevaces. Then out of no where came the thunderstorms from the south, looked innocent at first. We were too busy detecting to care. A few sprinkles, and then the downpour and pea-size hail. The 2100 case kept pretty dry with that Coiltek wrap as we ran to the SUV. It didn't stop downpouring for about 1 hr, I found out later that about 1/2" fell. At this point, we decided to head to higher ground back up the BM road and check near the south end of the lake which is paved. By now the rain had turned into a drizzle, but no way were we going to let that hinder us. I decided to check a gully feeding the end of the lake. First impressions, it looked clean. Well, not quite. More bullet casings, a shotgun shell and some nice wire! But we had so much fun, that before long we had to pack up after a good 7 hours of hunting. I think I may rename Lynx Creek to Skunk Creek or Dump Creek for now, although I'm sure there is still good gold up there! I think the 2100 will be a good unit for me. I'm looking forward to using it. I was most impressed with how quiet it seems to be, we really knew when we had targets, although these were the kind you pull for the EPA...(I really do want the kind you stash away in a safety-deposit box)! Best... --DJ