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  1. Thanks Doc. Will do, It's going to go on a GP3500. I'll report back on it as soon as I can get back out in the field again. Mike
  2. "I have an SD/GP or GPX and I lay claim to Doc's new Nugget Stalker™ Model #SPX Cuff Cover." Mike Just send it to: Mike Thorn 1241 Shelby Ct. Chino Valley, AZ 86323 Thanks
  3. The restriction on sale of life memberships has been in place for over 10 years. I just completed paying my final membership annual dues in December, so now I'm a life member, but when I originally joined (10 years ago) I knew my eventual life membership would not be transferable. Mike
  4. I have a GP3500 I would be willing to let go for a reasonable price. It's in my shop right now so my information on it is a little sketchy. It has the Coiltek Li-ion regulated battery system, with 2 batteries and 110v charger for them. (Bought this battery system instead of the ML battery setup as the Coiltek was the "hot" setup when I bought the detector. I bought the detector new shortly after the GPX 4000 came out. I have two coils for it, the stock 12" DD ( I think it's 12") and one other one an elliptical I believe and I think it's a DD too I'm pretty sure it's a Coiltek, but not at all sure about the info on it. I have the ML carry bag for it. Not sure about the box and the instructions but if you show reasonable interest I will try to find that stuff. I also have/had one or two JP DVD's on this model. I'll get more information on the unit and the extra coil this afternoon when I go to the shop to get the RZR to fetch the mail. The extra coil also has an attached rod so it would basically be a plug and play deal. If I get a chance I'll either make a new post or edit this one with additional information on the extra coil early this evening. Let me know you interest level especially on the DVD's and Instructions - they will be the most difficult to find. I have 9 or 10 boxes of stuff to go through to maybe find that stuff. If you want to contact me my email is MikeT124@protonmail.com I check email first thing every morning, but generally only once a day. Mike
  5. Rob, They are gone. I believe the last day was Friday Oct. 5 (if I recall correctly). In any event the doors are now closed. Mike
  6. Not a member. The pictures are at the bottom of the post. Lots of great gold, species, etc. Mike
  7. Mike I totally agree with on this. My father went through several passes of bypasses in his life. Like Gary one of his was 5X, damn near killed him. Probably would have if he had been several years older. Mike
  8. You know, I've never really wanted to smell bear scat, but if the opportunity comes along who knows? Mike
  9. That's Really the secret right there! Mike
  10. I see it on all the posts after my last post ( at least on this thread). Hmmmm. If I don't see it on other threads I'll come back here and whine about it. Mike Edit: It looks to be working fine on all of the active topics - Way to go Rob!
  11. No like button either. There is a ghost "X" with a heart next to it right side of your post about the height of the first line in your signature. If I arrow over it a pop up box says "Ignore Signature Preferences". Mike
  12. Doc, you are not the only one to buy a truck right sized for the job at hand, then found that a new job came along and the truck no longer fit the task. I bought an 07 Tundra (Small V8 engine). It worked great, the wife (I can blame her because she will never see this post) found a 21 foot toy hauler. As per usual the sales folks told us what we wanted to hear - "Sure your truck will tow it just fine." made several trips with this set-up, The straw was a trip to Moab, Got 4 mpg coming back home most of the time turning 6500rpm. Found a 2006 used Ram 2500 Cummins Turbo Diesel for a decent price. This truck tows the trailer with a RZR loaded into it almost like it wasn't there. Get good fuel mileage loaded and unloaded. Couldn't be happier. Mike
  13. Been asking that question for years...I doesn't help, they still just keep saying "hot water heater" Mike
  14. Just what I was going to say. Winchester has used the "H" in their .22 rimfire ammo for many years to honor Henry, they have dropped it probably 10 or so years ago. Mike
  15. In my experience in the Prescott, PV, Mayer, Cleater, Crown King, Congress areas Verizon has the best coverage, AT&T the poorest, everybody else somewhere in between. As I recall T-Mobile was pretty low on coverage too, but no personal experience with them. Mike
  16. Usually the country they eventually die in Doc. Survivers didn't die in the crash. Sheesh. Mike
  17. Have to agree with Doc - Kind of sad to see all that evidence of effort just disappear. Mike