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  1. Hey nice haul, that gold looks familiar, ha ha, if that's in that same wash that it looks like, I am going to be absolutely amazed. I should be heading out that way as soon as the heat breaks, which could be awhile the way this summer has gone, it is still in the 90's here.
  2. When the magnet didn't hit it very good and I could see the silvery metal I didn't really think meteorite anymore, but you never know and there are several more fragments in the field so I figured we can sacrifice one piece to the hammer. When it broke the way it did I knew it wasn't man made but edges that looked like it was poured out kept making me wonder if it could have melted somehow, there are zero volcanics in this area so I can't figure where the heat would have come from or if it is just erosion, but I guess when I get back to az we will get it figured out and if it does have any value I know where it came from.
  3. Yeah it is always nice to get into the water for a change of pace, I found a great place to dredge last fall but I don't think you can get a big dredge in there, it is a fairly long pack in, but I was getting color in my scoop so I know there is fine gold along with the nuggets.
  4. Rob, I remember that day, man we were finding all those neat meteorite fragments until we realized they might be exploded ordinance, that was funny as could be. This piece of whatever it is has me puzzled but I was looking at it some more and it has a few spots on it that almost look like rust, so Rich might be right about it being iron ore, he saw a lot of it up in Minnesota and a lot of our surface material here was pushed here from that area by glaciers, it is just funny that there is no accompanying debris at all, usually you see river rock in the glacier deposits. I'll show it to you in a few weeks when I get back out there. Maybe we will get a chance to take that 7000 over to one of my depleted patches and see what it can do.
  5. That's always a possibility, I will be heading back to arizona in a few weeks so I will bring it along to see if I can get a positive I'd, needless to say I was hoping it was space debris, but not looking good for that idea.
  6. Is galena slightly magnetic, that is what keeps throwing me , because I can never remember finding any galena that stuck to my magnet, this can't be picked up with the magnet but it definitely is attracted to it. I have only heard of one report of silver here in Ohio, but I can't verify it as true, most of the gold is from glaciers and not really close to this area.
  7. I found this in Ohio, I have found lots of galena in Arizona but this is not galena, Rich thinks it might be iron ore, but the area is sedimentary with coal layers, I worked underground here 650 down and 7 miles back in, so lots of coal and deep. But I suppose it is always possible to have an iron ore layer in there.
  8. i found this on an Amish farm today, it is very heavy, slightly magnetic, feels and looks like a fusion crust, it took several hits with a large hammer to knock a corner off and it is bright silver and broke off the way a natural substance would not a clean break like metal, there is no history of any mining or smelting in this entire area. Not sure if it is a meteorite fragment or not, he told me he has seen several more when he plows the field. Any thoughts?
  9. Thanks for all the information, this area is full of old sites to hunt but most of it is private property. It is always fun to get out and swing your detector but it is kind of overkill using the 4500 in all this trash, I think I am going to have to break down and get a 3030 to weed through this stuff.
  10. I stopped to pick Richard the morning before he took his life and he was in such a fowl mood that I didn't recognize him, I left and went out without him, I think back and wish that I had hung around that day and tried to talk to him a little but he was so nasty and that was not the man I knew and had spent so much time detecting with that I just thought it better to leave him to work it out. I know now that when someone is that out of character that you have to be there for them, better that they vent on you than the alternative, but I had never been around depression of that level. Every time I hit one of those sweet tones I can hear him with his little "uh-huh" like he always did when he knew it was a good one. Anyone that ever hunted with him knew they were with a true master of gold hunting. Sure miss the old boy.
  11. I am in Ohio for the summer so gold detecting is out but I did find this, I am hoping someone can tell me something about it and some kind of an approx value.
  12. i normally detect for gold in Arizona but I am in Ohio for the summer and I have found a few coins, this one has me baffled, I would appreciate it if anyone can give me an idea of what it is and what kind of value it has, so I don't sell it too cheaply, lol.
  13. I watched an interview with the miner this morning. When the miner told the sheriff that he was exercising his constitutional rights the sheriff told him that he had a problem with the constitution. This from a man who took an oath to protect and defend that constitution. Federal government agencies all seem to be overstepping their authority on a more regular basis and becoming much more militaristic. This is a disturbing trend to say the least. The presumption of innocence until proven guilty seems to have been lost somewhere. This is no longer the country I grew up in. The declaration of independence states that when a government no longer serves the people it is their right and duty to replace it with one that does , the best way to do that is to elect constitutional sheriffs and all other offices on the state and local level. The sheriff is the highest ranking law official in his county, we need good sheriffs to defend our rights from over reaching federal communist as.
  14. I just got back from the Bundy ranch 1 year reunion when we were leaving we got an alert from the ranch that BLM is amassing agents at a mine in Oregon to throw them off of their land. For everybody that thought the Bundys were just a bunch of people that didn't want to pay their fees these miners are miners who have tried to comply but BLM has chosen to harass them even though their claims predate BLM's existence once again we have a government agency gone rogue and overstepping their boundaries even to the point of being unconstitutional I don't believe it's going to stop with just harassing ranchers and miners I think there's much more at stake hereif we all don't stand together we won't have any lands to prospect on to ranch on 2 ride our four wheelers or even to go hikinganytime any agency of the government feels they are above the law I believe it's time to bring in the oath keepers and force them to live up to their oath to protect and defend the Constitution. Hopefully this can also end peacefully.